January 20, 2021


Have you ever heard the saying
“Everybody lies”?
It is a saying that liars use to justify
their unwillingness to tell the truth
or to act the truth but it is not true
The liar expects others to be honourable
and gullible, for a lie to fool anyone,
it’s victim must believe it
The moment one becomes wise to
a lie, its hold on the person withers
It doesn’t wither slowly
It vanishes the way darkness flees
at the sight of light
The liar then expects his or her victim
to overlook the lie or make unmasking
the lie too expensive for his or her
victim to walk away from it.
He was a non-literate hunter who
stumbled into Christianity because he
found himself in a jam
He had a land dispute with some
He was being cheated
He decided to put up a fight
To fend off the land grabbers
One of them hit him with a charm
The charm made him dumb
He was taken to several places for
help to no avail
Eventually, out of desperation, his
mother took him to a church
They were non-Christians and had
never believed the sweet words of
the “Kiriyo” folks but desperate
times called for desperate measures
The moment they stepped on to the
prayer mountain, he began to speak
in tongues
Just like that
Nobody prayed for him
It was as if he was overwhelmed
by the Holy Spirit
He struggled out of the company of
those holding him and began to say
strange things on top of his voice
They thought he had gone mad
but the prophet of God on that mountain
rushed down to them with another
young lady holding a pen and a big
The prophet listened to the strange
words being said and told the young
lady the interpretation
It lasted for about an hour
When he was done speaking, he
They laid him somewhere on the
mountain for about two hours, when
he woke up he was no longer dumb
The prophet on the mountain told
them what they saw earlier was
the evidence that he had the call of
God on His life and they should leave
him on the mountain to be trained in the
things of the spirit
They were quite glad that he had
been healed and they agreed
In all, he spent two years with the prophet
He became a believer, he got filled
with the Holy Spirit and he began to
do greater works
The anointing on the Holy Spirit upon
his life was undeniable
At the right time, the prophet that
trained him sent him forth into the
city to start his own ministry
Within a year, the community saw
and acknowledged that God was
with him
He became a kingdom asset
Like the Ark of the covenant
His relatives and friends started
coming around to identify with him
If there is one thing we all must
know about the anointing, it is the
fact that human beings pretend to
love it but they loathe and sometimes
envy the one that has it
They see it the way some promoters
see talented artists and do everything
to sign them and milk their talents for
commercial and selfish purposes
When people see the “real” anointing,
their primary desire is to manipulate
and control it
If they cannot do that directly, they
end up trying to control and manipulate
the one who has it
It is a natural reaction
The anointing is a guarantee of
success for the wise
When it is given to a “fool” or an asset
without much education or enlightenment,
those around him become concerned
They say something like “If you know
the value of what you have, you will no
longer be poor”
“You are on the same level as this G.O
and that G.O if only you know how to
manage what you have”
They will do anything to organize religion
around the anointing
Religion is the legal means through which
the anointing is milked for the benefit of
its managers
We see this in our world every day
G.O’s surrounded by thieves and crooks
We all talk about it
Some of us will say “As anointed as that
man is, how come he didn’t know that
those around him are doing all these
evil deeds? Are we going to say God
didn’t tell him or show him?
I have heard people say things like this
so many times about the popular men of
God in Nigeria
The evidence of the power of the Holy
Spirit in their life is obvious and at the
same time the handlers of the anointed
one and those around him were profiting
off it like a gang of thieves.
The anointed is the asset
Assets must be managed and owned
for the sake of profit
This prophet refused to be owned
He would often say that he had been
warned by the Holy Spirit that His enemies
are members of his household and friends
His church was doing quite well but he
was not rich
He didn’t have the sweet words that
would open purses and bring out
fat checkbooks
He acted and lived like someone who
had a treasure within but will die in
His friends and relatives tried very
hard to help him turn the anointing into
a profitable asset
He fought them off
Eventually, they decided to get him
a minder, a Delilah of sorts
They were sure he needed to get married
The argument was always that a man
of God who is not married is vulnerable
to temptation and a swift fall
Once people identify the anointing
upon your life, they make it their duty
to be pointing out the possible traps
and holes to avoid
They needed someone in his ears
Someone who would control his
bedroom and his heart
They found one eventually
They took the one they found to the
prayer mountain for the scrutiny of the
man of God’s father in the Lord
They know if the Prophet on the
mountain endorses it, the one
the city would fall for it
It was a manipulation of the highest
People surrounding men of God are
usually good manipulators
Deceit is never far from the truth
Men of God are often simple-minded
and people take advantage of their
simplicity to hatch wicked plots and
The prophet was convinced by the
argument that the man of God was
vulnerable to a fall if he doesn’t get
Those who brought the lady sold
the story as “We are looking out for
his good”
The prophet endorsed the union
The man of God was invited
The prophet sold the lady to
him as a product of his prayers
“You know I want only the best for you.
I have been praying for you and this
morning your friends came to see
me with this lady.
They said God told them you are her
They said they prayed and fasted.
When I spoke with the lady, i realized
she had also been prepared by the
Holy Spirit for you.
She is a believer, she speaks in tongues,
she is educated and she is enlightened!
She will be a good balance for you and
through her doors to richer and more
educated people will be opened.
They sold him a packaged lie and he
bought it
He told them he was going to pray
(This is another thing about people
expecting God to tell the Man of God
everything at all times!
It doesn’t work that way
Sometimes a man of God with good
intention will be led astray by the pressure
and demands of those around him
This man of God felt everybody acted
in his best interest and it would be an
insult for him to tell all of them they
were lying
He married the lady
On their wedding night, he discovered
the lady had two surgery marks on
her tummy
She claimed she couldn’t remember
how she got them
After another week, he discovered the
lady was ten years older than she
He had been duped but the lady
expected him to be a honourable
Man of God and stick with it
I wonder why many unfortunate
ladies do this?
They assume nobody can have them
if they told the truth, so
they package themselves as walking
lies and expect the one who fell for
their ruse to remain foolish or act
honourable when they are found out.
Many men also do this…
Lie in order to convince a woman to
marry them and then expect the woman
they deceived to deal with it!
The prophet fainted for the first time
three months after his wedding
His hair was all white and his ministry
was shrinking
He had become overwhelmed by the
fraud that was planted in his life
They went to the hospital for a series
of tests
The wife kept claiming the doctor said
her womb was too small
She was also dealing with some mental
health challenges which she didn’t
disclose before the wedding
What was the man of God to do?
God hates divorce
Society will see divorce as a huge fall
from grace, a sign of irresponsibility
A blight
A but
A failing!
And yet the marriage was killing him
He couldn’t pray
He started developing high blood
pressure issues and the “Anointing”
was no longer flowing due to the
overwhelming cares of this world!
Fellow believers saw that the man of
God had taken a one chance bus
They prayed for him
Within a week the deceiver packed
her bags and left the marriage
She left the same way she walked in
Like a thief in the night
As soon as she was gone, the
schemers returned claiming the
man of God cannot remarry
If he decided to remarry, he must
leave the work of the ministry
The man of God stood up and said
“All those who had a hand in my
previous fraud of a marriage shall
not live to see the next seven days”
That was all he said
They all ran to the old Prophet
to report
The prophet called a meeting and
apologized to the man of God
He also warned
everybody to keep out of the
affairs of the man of God if they
want to live long.

PS: The man of God remarried in 2017
God blessed his home with a set of twins in 2018
His wife is a banker
A quiet and spirit-filled lady
The man of God said “Tell young
ministers to pay attention”

GSW’s notes: I recently came across another
case like the one above
The stories were similar and the
circumstances similar
I was asked for my opinion
I did what I know to be right
A marriage based on deceit is
null and void
If you tell the truth and you are accepted
you have done the honorable thing
But to execute a deception and
believe the doctrine of the church or
religion will uphold your deceit because
it led to a vow is to be delusional
Your partner has a right to the whole
truth, anything short of that renders
your union a sham.

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