Defining Reality

March 15, 2022


This is the system most of
us have come to rely and
depend on. A system that can
be rigged against anyone of us
as individuals, as part of a
corporation or as members of a
nation at the drop of a hat.
This is the system of this world,
the system that human civilisation
is built upon, the whims and
caprices of men.

A system that can be rigged
to take billions away from a
legitimate owner by the stroke of
a pen or to deny men access
to their own money and other
resources because they didn’t wear
“a mask” which the system would
later agree didn’t prevent anything
from spreading.

A system that can ask you to
pay so much to bring in your
own products but give your rival
a waiver to bring in the same
material for free because he or she
is a friend of the government.
This is the system we got an
education for, this is the system
we travel abroad for.

This is the system that would
frustrate an Abramovich into giving
up all his investment in a football
club he loved and cared for most
decently. Just because the powers
that be can do anything they
like to anybody they like.
He willingly walked into this
system but his money and
goodwill did not protect him
from the jackals.

Imagine putting your money into
your passion for the benefit of
millions of people all over the
world and making no profit from
it and yet getting threats and
sanctions because you’re a victim
of the system.

Nobody turned off USA’s access to
SWIFT when they invaded Iraq on
false evidence. Remember how much
France was owing Gadaffi? He got
paid with a bullet to the heart.
This system chose to lock up
the whole world a few months
ago over nothing but lies.
It is simply a system of the
powerful flexing their muscles
just because they can.

I have seen this system reduce
billionaires to nothing.
I have seen this system reward
the lazy with the sweat of the
hard worker.
I have seen the powerful get
away with horrible things while
the weak bore the consequence
of their actions.

Remember the Russian Hoax that
Hilary planted in Trump’s campaign
after spying on him!
The very thing Nixon did and
had to resign. Hilary did it
without consequence even after
millions was spent investigating a lie.
She is powerful, like Nimrod
the great warrior of old.

Many said why did MKO Abiola
fight to be president. He knew
that with all his money, he was
still subject to the decisions of
the powerful. No man who built
his wealth within the system of
this world is entirely safe.
America will get away with anything
it does under heaven. Like the
old Roman Empire it has become
a law unto itself. We are all
scapegoats, the excuse he can
use at any time to do whatever
it wants wherever it wants.

Ask Hiroshima and Nagasaki if
anyone was punished for the nuclear
bomb America unleashed on them…
Why did America invade Iraq again?
You must know these things,
you must be able to reason and
come up with a clear position on
issues devoid of your western bias.

The solution does not lie abroad,
it can only come from above.
The only one whose throne is
righteousness and justice is Jesus!
There is no Justice anywhere else.
There is no righteousness anywhere
else. True prosperity, unlike the
one acquired by the west from Africa
after killing, raping, pillaging
and enslaving
Our continent is from above.

When the epignosis of the believer
is sound, he or she is liberated
from the lies of the world.

There is another system, a system
that is independent of circumstances
and the elements of this world.
That system is the habitation of God.
I dwell in this city.
I was born there.
From this mountain top, I see the
truth for what He is and this
defines my reality

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