Dearest Abba II

August 3, 2021


Dearest Abba,
I am so glad I came to know you. the overwhelming gladness that filled my heart reminiscing on that night that started out as restless, with ponderings on how I could follow a path to experience real life devoid of error, pain and failures, amidst heart palpitations that just would not go away every 3am in the morning. Oh! How I ended up in your embrace as you welcomed me into your marvelous light, love and peace.
How I thought it was too simple for a salvation story because no one acknowledged it. If only I had known that it had to be unique because it was the beginning of our love story. A story written by you about me since the beginning of the ages itself.
How you gave me promises for my life and wellbeing and fulfilled all of them to the letter. How the thoughts of my heart became a reality just because you heard my heart say it. How you held on to me even when I went far away, how you would embrace me when I get back, again and again and again. How you got rid of everything that could stop my shine, that shine that you so willingly gave me, even myself and old habits.
How you always talked to me through your word to comfort me when I felt sad about the circumstances I have had to deal with. Oh! I didn’t know that time neither did I acknowledge your presence with me at all times just loving me through and through.
How you protected and preserved me even from the mistakes I had made in blindsight and on purpose. Even when I almost didn’t care about you anymore. How you held out your arm waiting that I might look back and be reminded about just how much you love me. How you have made me worth all of it.
Dear Abba, reminiscing on this story tells me how enduring, far-reaching your love is. That love that left the 99 to chase after me, “the one”. All for me you moved the universe and I didn’t know it. My heart is full of immense gratitude and awe of the beauty of your glory. So Daddy, should there be that “one” who is searching frantically for something to fill that void they feel, who wants life but are not sure how they might get it. Show yourself mightily once again in their lives. Love always.
Your Dearest Daughter

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