April 9, 2021


I’ve heard so much about him.
I’ve heard stories and fables and even rumors
I’ve felt goosebumps and seen people fall
at his presence
I always thought all there was to him was
a strange language only a few could speak
and even fewer could interpret.
I felt out of place not having this feeling,
this energy and hype everyone in church felt.
On this beautiful day I met him not in
the manner I thought.
He introduced himself and said I’m
the one who you seek to know.
I was shocked it didn’t look like all I’ve come
to believe in religious circles
He said I’m the Holy Spirit
I’m the comforter and the pneuma
I’m more than just the tongues or
I’m more than falling down and displays
I’m the life giving spirit of the living God, the
embodiment of all knowledge and wisdom.
Then I realized I had limited him in my life
I realized he was all I needed in life
and eternity
Sweet Holy Spirit thank you for all that you
are to me and the body of Christ

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