August 30, 2021


There was this case that was brought to me, weird stuff
This woman had two children in the ’80s and then started having a series of miscarriages
Her mother got worried at a time and took her to one spiritualist for help
The spiritualist gave them a banana tree and three other trees to plant in their compound
He promised them within three months, she would be pregnant if the banana tree and other trees are well planted and thrive in their compound
They got to work immediately, digging out the concrete floor on one part of their government compound and They planted the trees
The trees grew and she was pregnant three months later
She delivered a healthy baby girl
The girl is brilliant and very beautiful
She grew up to become a medical doctor
That was the success story on the surface
Behind the scene however, she is a seriously Afflicted lady
All sorts of strange visitors come to her in the middle of the night for sex
As soon as she slept most night she would find herself in another life
In this life she is a mother of three and a wife
In real life she couldn’t get a suitor
It got so bad that her mother
told her to find anybody to impregnate her so that she can have a child to call her own
Nobody would touch her with a long pole
Men simply won’t look her way, the two that had said hello is her 38 years of existence faded after the first week
As soon as she noticed this problem
she told her mother
Her mother went off to consult as usual and she was told the girl will never get married
She came to this world as the wife of a being and she didn’t have an agreement with the being to have a husband in this world during her sojourn
The woman told her daughter
The daughter rejected it
She went to a church for@prayer and deliverance
The pastor told her the banana tree and other trees in her parent’s house must be cut before she can be delivered
She went home to tell her mother
Her mother said the trees cannot be cut
Once they are cut
She will die
The trees are to her what water is to a fish
She left home at twenty and eight and had never returned
She felt she needed to keep far away from the fetish tree her mother kept in the compound in the name of keeping her alive
Nothing changed for many years, ten years
To be precise
Last year, I met this lady
Her parent’s house is in Lagos state, somewhere on the Island
I met her at Surulere
She told me her story and I felt “What sort of crazy talk is this”
She told me that was her story and I better believe it
So what do you want me to do for
you? I asked
She said she wanted to be free of the situation
She wanted to get married and have a home of her own
She wanted the strange spiritual visitations, sexual activities in the dream and seeing herself in another life to stop
I said “Okay”
Then she said “Please don’t tell
Me to go and cut the tree in my parent’s compound! This is what most pastors have been saying but my mother will never allow it so it cannot be done!”
I said fine!
She said she had given her life to Christ
I told her I find that hard to believe, demons don’t visit and sleep with
Christ to the point of having children somewhere in another world
I don’t know how Christians lead people to Christ and yet such a person remains in their spiritual state of darkness rather than get translated!
Oh I know!
They don’t get their converts filled with the Holy Spirit!
I don’t make the same mistake, I joined my hand with hers and I began to pray in the spirit!
The drama that followed took four hours
She cried and screamed and got to a point where she couldn’t stand on her feet
She was shivering and sweating at the same time
Eventually, the Tongues bursted out of her belly
She vomited all sorts
It was crazy
Well, after she had recovered, I told her she is now in the light and only the light can happen to her
Darkness can no longer lay claim or access her in the new reality she was translated into by the power of the Holy Spirit
Three days later, the banana tree and other plants began to wither!
It was strange
Her mother became alarmed and asked her to come back home
Her mother thought she would be sick or dying but she was healthy
The trees died off within seven days
That was the first sign Of freedom
All the visitations stopped too and she stopped having nightmares and dreams of another life
This is the better news, she got engaged two weeks ago
The guy was a medical doctor too. They were classmates but he moved to the UK over fifteen years ago
They reconnected On social media and things moved quickly in the right direction for the both of them

PS: There is a way to be plugged into Christ through the Holy Spirit and there is a way to be plugged in through religion or mental assent.
If Christ is not your riddance, what is?
2. Stop dabbling into the occult!
Stop looking for advantage in the wrong place
Be contented with your lot
It is better to be single, broke, or childless than to make deals with the devil in the name of measuring up
If Christ is not your advantage, nothing else can suffice!

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