February 24, 2021


Her husband was caught in a crossfire
Armed robbers and the police were
having a shoot0ut in front of a popular
commercial bank in Lagos
He was waiting for the tricycle that
will transport him to his father’s house
He was deeply engrossed in his own
thoughts as he waited
He didn’t see or hear the commotion on time
The next thing he noticed was that
free fall
It was as if something hit him on
the chest that flung him off his feet
He was dead by the time he landed
His body was left there as the police
and the armed robbers engaged
each other for another two hours
The armed robbers eventually ran
away with the loot
The police pursued them
The coast was clear for people to
check out the victims caught in the
Three were wounded but he was dead
Someone got out his phone from his
pocket and called his wife
Another person called the ambulance
His “remains” was taken to the
hospital in a tricycle
Everyone felt he could still be revived
if rushed to the hospital as soon as
The doctors pronounced him dead
on arrival
His wife arrived at the hospital
She saw the tricycle that had his
body in it
She was shocked
She called the Brother in Jeans and
She said “Sir, he is dead!
My husband is dead. I am looking at
his body, I am standing by his body
now, I am seating beside his body now.
I am touching his body now.
Please sir, say a word of prayer.
My husband must not die like this.
I told him not to go out this morning
We agreed he will not be going out
He lived a life of suffering and
His whole life was one of lamentation
He tried very hard to catch a break,
to have a day of joy
If he died like this, it would be a life of no
reward and no victories
A life of unending cycles of pain and
Please, sir, I don’t want this for him
Let us pray and raise him up from the
Please, sir, let us restore him to life
Don’t let the enemy take the glory
over his life
Dont let the devil win
Please sir, let us pray
He told her to calm down
He told her to lay hands on her husband
He told her to pray as he also prayed
over the phone
They prayed for about twenty minutes
A relative came to the tricycle to call her
The relative said they needed to see
the doctor and clear the dead
certificate issue
She had to go
He said he would wait until she was done
She went with the relative
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt
prayed on in his office
He had never met the couple physically
The husband reached out to him on
Twitter regarding the relentless and
cycle of failure he was going through
They prayed together
The husband mentioned his wife too
They all prayed together over the phone
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt gave
them some scriptures to pray together
with after praying in the spirit
They read the scriptures the night
before that day
By 5 am the Holy Spirit told her to tell
him to stay at home
She heard the instruction loud and
clear and she told him immediately
She told him the Holy Spirit had
charged her to inform him that he
should stay at home that day
He agreed and promised her he was
not going to step out of their flat
By 8:15 am his father called him
His father told him they needed to see
Her husband told his father he would
be with him within the hour
He left the house by 8:47 am
He was dead by 9:15 am
He died at the age of 35
He was a father of two children
He left behind a young widow
aged 32
He left behind two church fellowships
that mourned him dearly
One in Abuja and the other in Lagos
What was he going to see His father for?
An issue which could easily have
been discussed over the phone
It was a sad end
By the time she called
the brother in Jeans and T-shirt to
give a situation report, he had been
moved to the mortuary and plans
were in earnest to bury him
The tears flowed ceaselessly
He was gone.
Preparations were made to support
the young widow in cash and in-kind
Two Sundays later, she met with the
Brother in Jeans and T-shirt in
company of all her husband’s siblings
The dead had provoked the living to
do better
They prayed together in the presence
of the Lord
The Lord settled their cases one after
the other
She was able to settle down to a job
and she began to fend for
herself and her children
She also didn’t have the mentality of a
victim or a taker
She gave some of her earnings to
help and support other widows in the
GSWMI Widows ministry
She became an inspiration to many

PS: This tragedy is gradually creeping
towards the one year mark
thought of this amazing young lady
came to my mind and I felt she should
be able to read this and remember
that Faithful is He who has promised;
He will do it.”
There are many destinies being
catered to and nurtured back to hope
through the GSWMI Widows MInistry
The ministry is run by a chartered
accountant with a proven reputation
for godliness and excellence
We also have a board that oversees
the activities of the ministry
@GbengaWemimo does not have
direct access to the account apart
from contributing to it and getting
reports on its operations
Jesus told us to take care of the
widows, the orphans and the
We have done so and we will continue
to do so as a ministry and as individuals
The vulnerable ones in the society
do not have to stay that way, please
support the GSWMI widows ministry
The account number is
2036549625 First bank
You can also nominate a widow for
us to support.
Kindly direct your inquiries to
[email protected]
or call, whatsapp, telegram or text
+234 813 806 5267
God bless you. Amen

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