February 28, 2022


John 8:1-11
“Is she the one?”
“I think so!”
“Well, I am not sure…”
“She is! See the scar on her cheek!”
She turned to see the people talking.
She was already getting used to it.
She would probably spend the rest of 
her life like this, she thought…
She was in a store, she just bought 
groceries and was on the check out 
queue to pay when she heard the 
whispers beside her. 
She knew they were talking about her, 
but she could not care less!
The Master had told her: 
GO AND SIN NO MORE! And that was 
enough for her.
Having another chance at life 
superseded any shame or embarrassment 
she may face everyday for the rest of 
her life.
Her mind went back to the event last 
week that changed her life completely 
and showed her the grace and love of 
The Mob broke down the door and 
rushed in!
Felix grabbed his clothes and jumped 
out of the window in a flash.
She grabbed the bed sheet to cover herself 
just in time before they grabbed her and 
pushed her out of the house.
They taunted her as they led her to the 
nearby park.
Phones came out, pictures and videos of 
her soon filled cyberspace.
She became the #1 trending topic on 
Social Media in 15 minutes!
She wept bitterly: she knew what was in 
store for her.
By stoning.
What a way to die!
The mob started picking stones as 
they led her to the park.
She assumed they planned to stone her 
She said her last prayers as she sobbed…
What would her family say?
Her husband?
Her friends?
Her Church folks?
She was caught in the very act of 
There was no way she could spin it: 
she was guilty and she was going to pay 
for it with her life! 
There was no Court or Jury: it was 
instant Justice! 
And there’s no Appeal or Supreme Court 
to carry her case to.
The Mob ushered her into an open space 
in the Park.
And she saw Him:
He was sitting on a park bench, eating 
some shawarma with some friends.
In that moment, someone hit her with a 
blunt instrument on her cheek and she fell, 
tumbling over and landing by His feet. 
She held the bed sheet close to her body 
so as not to expose her body as felt blood 
drip down the side of her face…
The Head of the Mob called out to Him: 
“Hey, dude! Your attention is needed here!”
He smiled, wiped His hands with a 
handkerchief and stood up.
“How can I help you guys?” He asked.
“This woman was caught in the act of 
“Ah! Really…”
“Yes! The Law says to stone her to death!”
“You don’t say!”
“Yes, that IS the Law! So, should we go 
He looked around.
He saw about five dozen men, armed with 
stones, ready to hurl them at the woman.
He smiled and stoop down for a while…
The Head of the Mod laughed!
“It seems like you have nothing to say, 
He stood up and smiled.
“Actually, I do: go ahead and stone her 
according to the Law, gentlemen! 
But let the man without sin throw the 
first stone!”
He stooped down again…
One by one, the men dropped their stones 
and walked away.
By then, the park was filled with people, 
a lot of whom were streamlining it live 
on Social Media. 
After a few minutes, He got up again and 
saw the woman standing there, still wrapped 
in the bed sheet, blood streaming down 
her cheek. 
But the men armed with stones had all gone!
He gave her his handkerchief to clean her 
face and He asked, “Where are your accusers, 
ma’am? Has nobody condemned you?”
She replied, “None, sir!”
He smiled at her. “Neither do I, ma’am: 
Just like that?
He walked back to his lunch.
She turned and walked away, the paparazzi 
following her all the way…
“I AM FORGIVEN!” she thought.
She couldn’t believe it!
Just few minutes ago, she was sure she was 
going to be executed!
But now, she is walking away a free woman!
Her heart was filed with gratitude to Him.
She could not be bothered about what 
anyone may say or think about her, what 
the blogs and gossip magazines would write 
about her. 
SHE WAS FORGIVEN, that was he only thing 
that mattered to her.
She paid for her groceries and walked out 
of the store.
As she opened her car, her phone beeped: 
it was a Whatsapp message.
She got into the car and opened the 
message: it was from Felix!
“Hey, Babe! How are you doing? 
It’s been a while! Would you like to hang 
out tonight? 
We could go see a movie and chill at 
my place later: what do you say?”
She deleted the message and blocked him.  
Haruna Daniels

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