March 31, 2022


That Tuesday, she called him.
They had been friends for a while,
they got quite close while they
were attending the same church but
then he traveled abroad for his
Masters and they lost touch. Her call
was as random as finding the
proverbial pin in a haystack.
He picked and they had a short chat.
She said she didn’t know he
was in the country. He said
he didn’t know she still had
his number. They chatted and promised
to keep in touch. Two days later,
at about 5 pm she called him,
“Where are you?”
He told her he was lodged in
a hotel. She said “I am at the office.
I think I will close earlier than
usual today, I wanted to come
and see you and perhaps
say hello”. He told her he
was busy. He worked as a sports
agent and most of the players he
had on his radar preferred to meet
in the evening. Unlike most people
who work during the day and relax
in the evening, he is usually free
in the morning and busy in the evening.
She said she’d just breeze in
to say hello. He said okay.
She arrived at about 7 pm.
He was in his room, having a
conference call via skype.
She waited at the reception.
After a few minutes, she called
to inform him for the third time
that she was waiting. He asked
her if she wouldn’t mind coming
to his room. She said okay.
He called the front desk and a
concierge led her to his room.
He hugged her and welcomed her warmly.
He ordered a drink for her (non-alcoholic)
He apologized for keeping her waiting.
He told her it was nice
to see her but he had to return
to work because he had a big
transaction going on.
She said she understood.
He hugged her again and apologized.
It felt really nice to see her
She didn’t leave as he anticipated.
He continued his meeting while she
pressed her phone. He finished his
meeting by 11:30 pm. He was dead
tired. She said she had been
waiting for him to be done so that
they can at least have some quality
They left his room for the reception.
It was too late for
him to eat so he ordered a drink
for both of them. They caught up,
but within twenty minutes he was
dozing off. He told her he had
to go to bed. His body was still
adapting to the time change
and the jet lag. He was really tired.
She said okay and they left
the reception. Then she said she
would like to book a room in
the hotel because it was too late
for her to return to her house.
He checked the time and realized
it was past midnight. They went
to the front desk but they were
told all the rooms were booked.
She told him she would sleep
on the couch in his room.
He said okay.

They got to his room, he got on
the bed and slept off. He didn’t
even remember if she got on the
couch or not. He didn’t know
for how long he had slept
when he felt something prick his ears.
He startled awake and saw her
holding a pen and laughing.
Apparently, she was playing a prank,
but he didn’t find it funny.

Why did you do that? He asked
She laughed and said he was
not a gentleman for sleeping off
while she was still in the room.
He told her he takes exception
to such pranks and doesn’t feel safe
around her anymore.
She said it was only a joke.
He told her it was inconsiderate
of her to disrupt his sleep
like that. She apologized and swore
she was just being playful.
After a while, he returned to bed
She asked if she could sleep
on the other side of the bed.
He said okay.
She did.
Then she said “I want to cuddle
but I don’t want you to touch
me sexually”
He said okay.
He opened his arms (He was
fully dressed and so was she).
She slid into his arm.
They laid there for a while,
then she said “You have so
much resistance”
He said “I live in America,
I have learned a lot about how
not to end up in jail due to
lack of self-control”
She laughed.
He pecked her on her cheeks
as one would do to a little sister
before bed. She smiled and kissed him.
He kissed her back.
The train took off from Kano,
Somehow her gown disappeared and he
realized she had no undies on.
The alarm bell in his head began to ring,
he realized nothing that happened was
spontaneous, he was being played but
It was too late by that time
to turn the train back.
Even though they had not “had sex”
His finger was already in the cookie jar
and removing it would be a sacrilege.
It took a while but it happened
Then they slept.
The next morning was a Friday
She woke up at 10 am.
She said it was her day off.
When she was gone he did
a recap of the previous night and told
himself off.
He was played too easily.

He checked out of the hotel and
moved to another. She called him
at about 6pm. He picked and told
her where he was. She came
around with an overnight bag.
She said “I am not trying to
entrap you or marry you or force
myself down your throat.
I have been dying of loneliness,
I am depressed and I feel empty
inside. Nobody in my world will be
with me this way and I really
need this. I hope you understand?”
He did. He understood it much
more than she could ever say,
He was in the same situation.
All his life he had met all
sorts of ladies that he would
consider his spec but there was
never any real connection.
He was 38, she was 35.

He wouldn’t have picked her as
a mate and yet she was the
only woman he felt a stirring
for all of a sudden. He hugged her
and they took a stroll within
the hotel complex. Playing like little
children into the night.
He couldn’t remember the last time
he laughed
that much or felt unrestrained joy
bursting forth so freely.

When they got back to the reception
of the hotel, he noticed she was
looking a bit worried. He asked her
what was going on? She said
she felt guilty. She had been
celibate for so long that she
felt she couldn’t behave as
recklessly as she did
with him. She knew better and
allowed her emotions to get the
better of her. He knew what
she was talking about but he
also didn’t want that one indiscretion
to ruin what they had found.
They had a proper talk and
decided to keep away from physical intimacy
until they talk to a counselor
and set their crooked course straight.

Four hours later, she called the
brother in Jeans and T-shirt and
explained everything. He set up
a call with her and her man
via Whatsapp. They talked, laughed,
and agreed on the steps to take going
Three months later, the love
birds got married.

Today, after five years and two children,
they are celebrating their wedding anniversary
in good health, and they
are full of the joy of the Holy Spirit
It is my pleasure to write their story.

PS: We have a lot of ideal relationships,
we also have the ones that are not so
ideal. If you’re in an ideal relationship,
please be in it with God.
And if you are in a relationship that is
not so ideal, don’t isolate yourself from
God out of guilt. The one thing you must
never forsake is the fellowship
of the Holy Spirit and fellow believers.
No matter how far gone you are,
know this: God is not angry with you.
God is not punishing you and
his arms are ever wide to receive
you as soon as you come to
yourself and turn to him.
Note that being outside the fold
exposes you to wolves, foxes,
snakes, and other dangers
Your Home is in Christ!

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