Chronicles of Mercy

February 10, 2021


(2nd Samuel 11, 12)

10th January:
Kind David stood on the pent house,
The pent floor of the palace was the
highest point, overlooking the city.
Suddenly, he saw her: she was
ravishingly beautiful. And naked.
He knew he should look away.
But there is something about a
beautiful woman’s naked body that
takes hold of a man’s senses.
He hurried inside and came out again
with a pair of binoculars.
He stood there, watching her through
the binoculars as she took her bath.
And he was hooked! Who is she?
He later found out she was the wife
of one of his mighty men: Uriah.
He wanted her.
He sent for her.
He got her.
He took her.
He kissed her.
She resisted briefly.
She succumbed.
They had hot, passionate an
d mind-blowing sex…

22nd January:
Bathsheba sent a Whatsapp message
to King David: “I am pregnant, your
majesty.” David read it.
He responded: “Don’t worry, Sweetheart.
I will figure something out”.
Bathsheba replied, “Ok, your majesty.
Would you want me to abort it?”
David typed back: “I will get back to
you asap.
Trust me- I am King David,
I handled Goliath, I can handle this”.
Bathsheba loved his confidence.
Indeed, he is King David- why else
would she sleep with him, despite
having a husband?

24th January:
“He’ll be on his way immediately, sir”
General Joab said. He cut the call.
He had no idea why King David asked
him to send Colonel Uriah to the palace.
They were prosecuting a war and he
needed his best soldiers on the war
front- and Uriah was one of the best.
He sent for him. “The C-in-C asked
you to report in the Palace.”.
Uriah left the battlefield immediately…

27th January:
Joab read the note again and again.
He wondered what was going on.
A few days ago, the King sent for Uriah.
Today, Uriah is back- with a note
from the King, asking him (Joab) to
put him (Uriah) in the hottest battle
and make sure he is killed by the
Joab wondered why the King wanted
Uriah dead. What did he do to have
fallen out with the king? Well, he
was not in a position to disobey
orders, so, he did as the king
commanded… Uriah died in battle
that day.

15th April:
There was another Royal Wedding in
Jerusalem: King David got married to
Bathsheba, Uriah’s widow.
General Joab was one of the Grooms
As he stood there watching the king
take on another wife, his mind was
filled with thoughts of his gallant
soldier, Uriah.
So, this is what it’s all about, he thought…

15th October:
Bathsheba fell into labour. She was
rushed to the hospital and she
delivered a baby boy.

30th October:
Prophet Nathan paid King David a visit.
He told him a parable to let him know
the gravity of his sin against God.
THE LORD!!!!” (2nd Samuel 12:13).
Prophet Nathan said something
David just ACKNOWLEDGED his sin!
He hadn’t even asked God for
God had forgiven him! When exactly?
January? February? March? April?
May? June? July? August? September?
October? God forgave David
BEFORE he asked for forgiveness!
David understood this, so he wrote,
“Blessed is the man whose sin
the Lord will not hold against
him…” (Psalm 32:2).

I have come to realize the reason
God will not count a man’s sin against
him is because of His MERCY.
God is a merciful God.
I have also come to realize mercy is
like airtime on your phone: you can
load it, you can exhaust it.
It’s like your prepaid meter: your
units can reduce to zero and the
lights go out: but you can buy
more units.

Recently, I was at home and power
went out. Naturally, I assumed
there was a power cut.
I went out an hour later and I
noticed my neighbors air conditioners
were on!
I went to check the meter: my units
were down to zero! My neighbor’s
meter had over 200 units!
Same building (a row of terraces),
different amounts of units in our meters.
Ethan the Ezrahite wrote,
“Mercy is built up forever…” -Psalm 89:2.
That suggests to me mercy can be
increased and decreased, just like
the units in my prepaid meter.
David committed adultery with
He also committed murder.
But God took away his sin- he had
a large dose of Mercy Units!
King Saul did far less than David and
God took away the Kingdom from him.
Apparently, Saul had zero Mercy Units.

Now, why were David’s Mercy Units
so much? If you read those Psalms he
wrote, you will understand why.
David prayed. David wrote and sang
songs to God.
David was vulnerable before God.
David loved God.
David depended on God…

It is instructive to note that when
Prophet Nathan told him God’s verdict
concerning his indiscretion, David
penned Psalm 51 as his prayer for
forgiveness: he started with
David knew his Mercy Units have
depleted seriously and he needed
to build it up again.

I have come to understand that a
man can commit a sin and God deals
with him: another commits same sin
and God overlooks it.
Is God partial? No.
He says, “I will have mercy on whoever
I choose to have mercy on” -Romans 9:15.
It’s simply the mercy units of both
men that decides God’s reaction.

How then do we increase our Mercy
Units? Mercy Units can be increased
by toeing David’s path: prayer,
fellowshipping with God, praise and
Paul and Silas realized this when
they were jailed: they prayed and
sang- Mercy showed up! (Acts 16:25,26).
Scripture says, “Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall obtain mercy” -Matthew 5:7.
Mercy Units can also be increased
by simply showing mercy to others.
May we drink from the fountain of
God’s mercy when we need it!

Haruna Daniels.

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