February 3, 2021


She grew up in the farmsteads of Ijebu
in Ogun state
Her father was a farmer and an herbalist
Her father inherited his father (Her
grandfather’s) herbalist practice when
his father died in the 1950s
They have their family house in Sabo
Her father was married to two wives
and had many children
She was the seventh child
Since her childhood, she knew her
father cared deeply for his family
Whenever her father went for his monthly
meetings with fellow herbalists where
the practitioners compare charms and
share knowledge, he would come back
home to practice
any new knowledge on his family
He would cook all sorts of concoctions
for the entire family to eat at odd times
of the day and night
He would prepare incantations for them
to recite and fortify them against the
powers of witchcraft, vehicle accidents,
snake bites, scorpion bites
animal and human traps, food poisoning,
spiritual attacks, and all sorts of afflictions
There were a lot of people in their
community who had charms and used
them for various reasons, every family
had a way of securing themselves
against the wiles
of the devil and his agents. Evil
was real and everyone was scared of it,
including her father
In spite of her father’s best efforts, she
remembered some tragedies that
happened to the family while she was
going on
These devilish events only made her
father intensify his effort to seek power
to protect his family
from evil at all cost
It was impossible to hear, or see any
member of her immediate family getting
bitten by a snake, scorpion or attacked
by any wild animal
Even bees and wasps keep away from
Her father’s charms were very effective
The only caveat was that some of them do
expire and the rituals to renew them had
to be done every year or every other year
Some of the concoctions were foul-smelling
while some tasted as bad as they smell
As she grew older, she came to hate the
incisions and incantations more than she
feared being attacked by any form
of evil
Then she fell in love and married a Christian
That was her escape from all forms of
her husband introduced her to the God of
the Christians and she embraced his God
with all her heart
Even though her husband was a nominal
Christian who attends church three times
a year, she didn’t mind
She felt he had life so easy and as a result
didn’t know the horrors of darkness and
therefore took God with levity
She had seen her father handle all sorts of
cases and knew she needed to take God
seriously in order not to be a victim in life
She went to
church as many times as there was a
service which was thrice a week
Morning and evening worship on Sundays
and midweek service
She was a baptized and dedicated member
of the choir
She was sure she was safe and secure
from all alarms but it was not so
One day, at 5am in the morning
she got stung by a scorpion which was
hiding in her bathroom slippers
It was as if the scorpion was deliberately
sent to attack her
She screamed in pain
The scorpion was killed and she was
rushed to the hospital in time but the
attack shook her
How can the Bible say clearly that
those who believe in Jesus shall tread
upon snakes, scorpions, poisons and
every attack of the enemy for nothing
shall by any means hurt them and
those words had no effect upon her life
Her family members who heard about
the attack and visited her at the
hospital all told her she was attacked
because she didn’t go home to renew
the fortifications which had expired
To her, it didn’t make any sense that
her father’s demonic charms would
be more effective than the Word of God
Was Jesus lying?
Was it mere words?
Is God really powerful?
She was confused & hurt
She stopped going to church after
she was discharged
The Reverend couldn’t answer her
questions satisfactorily
She was sure something was not right
and she didn’t want to be a victim the
second time
Then one Monday evening, an evangelist
with his prayer bell came to her street
and started preaching about a Jesus
so different from the one she met
through marriage
She decided to give that version of
Jesus a trial
She met with the evangelist and asked
her questions about the efficacy of the
gospel and the power in the name of
The evangelist didn’t
say much
He laid hands on her and baptized her
in the Holy Ghost
He told her to study the scriptures daily
until the word comes alive in her by the
power of the Holy Spirit
The experience changed her life
She had been a Christian but she didn’t
know the difference between Genesis
and Matthew
All that changed after her encounter
with the Holy Spirit, she began to
understand the word and walk in the
reality of the Holy Spirit
She became an initiate into the assembly
of the saints in light
Around this time, she got pregnant with
her fourth child
Her husband
was a teacher
They were struggling to make ends meet
as a family
She didn’t know her husband had been
considering other metaphysical options
to their financial issue
Her husband was given some charms to
take home in order to attract wealth
The only caveat was that the charm must
not be touched by a pregnant woman
Neither she nor her pregnant knew she
was already pregnant
Her husband brought the charms home
and she was the one who carried the bag
in which the charms were placed to the
Later that night she began to bleed
and was rushed to the hospital
The doctor told her she had lost the baby
Her husband began to weep when he
heard the news
He confessed to her what he had dabbled
into in the name of making money
She rebuked him for not standing firm in
his faith
Unlike before, she chose not to be a victim
She declared that the
devil cannot take anything that belonged
to her
She declared that she was pregnant and
her baby must thrive
She registered for ante-natal that same
day by faith
One week later, she went for a scan and
the scan revealed that she was carrying
eight weeks old baby
Unlike the first
incident that happened when she was
merely religious and powerless
The Holy Spirit made all the difference
The Word came alive in her and her reality
shifted from sensory perception to the
dimension of faith
She had begun to grow in spiritual stature
through the knowledge of the
Lord Jesus Christ
She delivered her baby seven months later
to the surprise of the doctor and her husband
Her husband had been told that the pregnant
woman who handled the charm will never
be able to conceive again & if she did,
she would die in the course of delivering
her baby
The prediction failed woefully.
The word had come alive in her and she
was no longer living by her senses
From there she only grew to become a
dispenser of eternal verities of the
kingdom of God in Christ Jesus
Snakes, scorpions& other enemies of
mankind avoided her like a plague
She was able to build her home and
raise her children in the true knowledge
of the Word
Not as religious practitioners but as
true ambassadors of the gospel
walking in the reality of the Holy Spirit
and the Supernatural realities through
the living word of God.
Knowing Jesus made
all the difference
Romans 8:6 The mind governed by
the flesh is death, but the mind governed
by the Spirit is life and peace.
7 The mind governed by the flesh is
hostile to God; it does not submit to
God’s law, nor can it do so.
8 Those who are in the realm of the
flesh cannot please God.
9 You, however, are not in the realm of
the flesh but are in the realm of the Spirit,
if indeed the Spirit of God lives in you.
And if anyone does not have the Spirit
of Christ, they do not belong to Christ.
10 But if Christ is in you, then even
though your body is subject to death
because of sin, the Spirit gives life
because of righteousness.

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