Choosing Battles

February 9, 2021


I saw the greatest of all injustice earlier
this year
It happened in a nation where many
of us assumed such an injustice could
never happen
It happened right at the time I had
assumed that due to the advancement
in technology and the “All Eyes on Me”
position of the nation concerned in
global affairs that such can never
I was wrong.
It happened and nobody could do
anything about it, not even the fact
that the victim was occupying an office
deemed to be the most powerful in
the world.
Power, true power, works from behind
the throne.
For many years the balance of power
in the world was controlled by a few
faceless people who will back someone
bold enough to step into the limelight
as long as such did their bidding
Even presidents have sponsors, campaign
contributors, endorsers, constituents,
and organizations they must remain loyal
to if they are to remain in power
That is the secret of power, it is usually
behind the throne and it does not belong
to the people
It is wielded by a few who will crush
opposition like a bug for daring to
inconvenience it
Recently one of my brothers walked up
to me at an event and said “We know
the five pillars holding this ministry
We know the ladies pulling the strings
in your ministry behind the scene
We know the ladies backing you up
financially and he proceeded to mention
five ladies
He even mentioned the name of the
minister he had a conversation with
who told him i was a puppet with five
I told him he was right but the numbers
were way more than five, so i proceeded
to name the ladies who work tirelessly
with the ministry whose names he
I did this deliberately
I knew he came to push my buttons
so i decided it will be best to humor him
He smiled and walked away
I knew he went to deliver the message
that he was bold enough to say the
things usually said at the back of the
leader to his face
It has most likely backfired on him
Those who enjoy good gossip hates
a telltale because once gossip was
taken to its subject it becomes backbiting
and backbiting is not fun.
During the campaign that ended up
producing the injustice mentioned
above, i watched carefully for the
reaction of people
I paid attention to the words of
God had spoken to me about some
things and God was clear
I shared this with some people who
are quite close to me
What they didn’t know was that it
was a Gideon’s test for me

Soldiers watched intently as they drank                                                                                                                  and picked based on how they drank                                                                                                                   regardless of their precedence
If you drank water the wrong way-
you’re out
I have known the voice of God since
I have walked with him through all
the seasons of my life since then and
i have come to absolutely depend on it
what he says for me is LIFE
If anyone took a stand against it, even
in a subtle way, i keep away from such
I have never been a friend of ideologies,
common sense or any of the realities
that come as a result of partaking of
the tree of the knowledge of good
and evil
Where you stand on God’s word
determines if i remain your ally or if
we parted ways
I do not keep friendship or alliance
with any individual or organization that
stands openly or secretly in opposition
to God or God’s will
As long as I am clear what that will is
and you are not on the same page
with me it will be bye-bye
I waited after the obvious injustice for
those who saw it to say “Even though
i do not support this guy or i dislike
this guy, he is being robbed and
that is not fair.” If i was in their shoes,
that is what i will do
If we say we are God’s people, we
should insist on fairness for all and
not turn a blind eye simply because
we hate or dislike a particular
personality enough to override those
senses in the name of the greater good
Some are still baffled at the speed
with which communications ceased
between us
Men moved by an inordinate sense
of “I know Good” usually ends up
not knowing “God”
Good was conspicuously spelled out
by the law of Moses
None could do it
The Bible says there is none that
is good, no not one!
When Jesus came, he taught us
how to do “God”
He was a model of God to all those
who believed in Him and being a
Christian means being like Christ who
himself acted like God on the earth
Being “God” and being “Good” are
two different things
You can be good without knowing
God but you cannot be God without
being good.
Goodness without God is morality
and self-righteousness, when you are
motivated by these factors you will
most likely make decisions contrary
to the will of God but such a decision
will look pleasing to the eyes and will
be cheered by many
Many men of God, like the Pharisees,
are led by their human spirit to live
this way.
Ironically, they will argue that they
are also doing God’s will but they
are not
Common sense is not God’s will
Israel once asked for a king so that
they can be like the nations around
It wasn’t God’s will and yet Israel had
her way
The Long term effect of their rejection
of God was their exile and the
destruction of their cities
A nation not led by God will be led
by men into error over a period of time.
A spirit-led believer who keeps the
company of sense led believers will
find himself making a lot of compromises t
hat will continually grieve his spirit
The sense usually makes sense while
the spirit confounds
Like King Saul, Error is constant in
the reality of a sense led believer
He or she will find himself or herself
jumping from one crisis to the other
Seeking common-sense solutions to
spiritual issues and blaming others
who are walking with God in their own
capacity for not falling in line behind
his or her schemes
I woke up to two trends that were
designed to cancel each other out
this morning
Some want to occupy while some
want to defend
Both sides are clamoring for social
justice but from two different points
of view
Neither of them is right and neither
of them is wrong if we have not
learned anything from recent history,
we must learn this
Violence and agitations will not bring
Those who advocated for black lives
in 2020 made a lot of noise globally
but changed nothing in human
behavior or history
You must choose the side of God and
do the will of God
Do not be driven to act by sponsored
hashtags and the few powerful people
behind the thrones of power and its
Before Achilles was to set off for the
War at Troy, his mother called him aside
and told him if he went to the war he
would not return but he would have
glory and fame
She told him if he stayed away from the
war, he would have a good life
She told him he would get married and
be a father to many children and a
husband to a loving wife with whom he
would grow old and be at peace
She told him she would bless whichever
decision he made
Achilles went for glory
He went off to war and he killed Hector,
the greatest warrior of Troy
He was celebrated but he died at Troy
just as his mother predicted
You must choose your battles and
do so consciously while weighing
the consequences.


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