Children of the Night

November 10, 2021


The children of the night are having a field day,
promoting what they inherited from their father,
living the life of darkness in this world
Their ideas, ideologies, mindsets and belief
systems are not challenged, in fact they are
given free course to express themselves
and speak
Was it not on Twitter that they started a
silhouette challenge?
Was it not on Twitter they did a mammary gland
display challenge?
Was it not on Twitter they did a moaning
Was it not here that they displayed and
celebrated a mother carrying her son’s baby
with joy?
Jesus said it is the hour of darkness!
The children of the night are thriving in
their hour
One came out to make a case for pedophiles,
another has boldly made a case for incest
All sorts of taboos are being touted as right
in the name of modernism and openeyeism
What can darkness do but be dark?
What can the night produce except mayhem?
The children of the night do not know day,
they have no understanding of the light for
it is not in their nature
Some of them even go to church but they
have not encountered the church
One of the reasons they are inventing new ways
of pleasing their father is because their father
gets bored easily and he is a hard task master
He hates all men with a venom and has elevated
things above the human life in every way
In his kingdom, men serve money and men can
do anything to have money as long as it denigrates
man and debases those around him
In his kingdom gold sits on the throne and man
is forever on his knees calling it King!
The children of the night are suffering but they
keep a straight face and drown their misery in
more acts of the night
Drinking, debauchery, drugs, porn and
Other pleasures of darkness
They speak like they own the world and act
like they know tomorrow
They even prophesy and they have their
cult leaders in institutions of learning where
they formulate ideas that fit with the
directives of the prince of this world!
Some believers are
easily carried away by the antics of these
children of darkness
Some even dim their lights so that they can
belong or act in concert with the children
of darkness
They don’t want to be a misfit, they don’t
want to be the odd one out, so they grit
their teeth and swallow their
Opinions so that the children of darkness
will not drag them on Twitter.
Jesus knew this, he said the elect might
be deceived by the drama of the children
of the night!
We do not know each other by our “humanity”
or “reasonableness”
The fruit of our lips, (our words in speech
and in writing), the fruit of our deeds
(what is the testimony of men about us),
the fruit of our salvation
(Are we more Christlike everyday),
the fruit of our faith
(Is my faith producing the right result),
the fruit of our love (Is my love nature
evident to all)
This is how we know the difference between
the children of the day and the children
of the night
Someone said “They gave that one a car,
they gave that one a house, they gave that
one an award, they give food to the hungry,
so they must be from God!”
Those are the fruits of self-righteousness!
Bad people do good things all the time
especially to their own praise in the eye
of the public
A good image can easily be built in today’s
“giveaway” culture
If you’re following people promoting taboos
and debasing humanity and decency in the
name of ideology and liberality
know that you belong to the camp of the Night
No matter how nicely darkness is packaged
and presented, it is still darkness
If the Kingdom of God is righteousness,
peace and joy in the Holy Ghost, it is natural
to note that depression, debauchery, and
chaos is the order of the
reality in the kingdom of the damned one
Don’t be carried away by the outward
appearance, the issues of life flows out
of the heart
Pay attention to the words and deeds of
those around you
Sort out light from the darkness
If you be of the light, walk therefore in it!

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