February 11, 2022


I had an awesome time with Jesus this
My bestie @sicamoore shared a video
with me 2 days ago to aid me in practicing
the presence of God/Jesus.
I felt a strong urge to spend time with
Jesus this afternoon.
So I went to my study/workspace to shut out
life and all its distractions and spend
time with Jesus.
Oh what a glorious, awesome, beautiful
time I had with Jesus.
He came to me in a garment which was iridescent,
translucent like.
It reminded of the “sparkles” my niece always
spoke about.
It was an absolutely beautiful sight.
His hair was white and his eyes were blazing
like fire.
He had this beautiful, loving smile on his face.
His eyes were full of love, like he was really
pleased to be with me.
So I asked if I could touch Him.
I stretched out my right hand to him.
He immediately held my hand with both of his and
I started to have this burning sensation in my
My left hand started tingling.
I started experiencing vibrations in my body.
I touched his hair and it was surprising how
soft it was.
It was softer than my grandmother’s hair!
I wanted touch his eyes to see if I could feel
some heat.
But I pulled back at the last minute.
I don’t know why I did that.!
Anyways, I asked Him to tell me something
He would like me to know.
He said He wanted me to know “His presence”.
I was like “yeah I want this to!!!”.
Tears welled up in my eyes.
I was just staring at His beautiful face.
The song “my beloved is the most beautiful
amongst thousands” started playing in my head.
I said “Jesus you are so so beautiful.
How lovely you are”
I asked Jesus to take me
to the garden; the garden of
Eden where it all began. He held
my right hand and immediately the
scene changed.
I found myself in this beautiful
garden with lush grass, very green
leaves, and lots of fruit hanging
down the trees. A monkey came
to me and handed over a banana.
A little bird came and sat
on my left shoulder. I could
hear the birds chirping away.

The place smelt so fresh!
So clean. Then amazingly, the animals
started coming towards us.
They walked with us like they were eager
to be in our presence.
A lion came close to me and
I wrapped my arms around it.
I was unafraid of it.
It licked my face.
A white horse came before me
so I asked Jesus if we were
going on a journey. I did
so because we had gone on
journey before on a horse that
looked just like this one.
I felt the urge to sit on
the horse and I suddenly found
myself on it riding swiftly
through an open field.
I immediately wondered how I was supposed
to control the horse. Was I supposed to
know some horse language or was I to use
my knees to control it?

Jesus told me that I didn’t have
to know any horse language or
use my knees to control the horse because I
was now one with
the horse and my mind or
my thoughts would control it.
Wow, wow, wow!!!!!

Was this how Adam controlled
the animals before the fall?
I immediately began to consider
how to use this knowledge the
next time I came in contact
with animals and plants in the future.

I sensed Jesus was about to
leave the garden so I asked
Him if He could let me see
myself the way He saw me.
I wanted to see how I
looked in the spirit.

I looked down and I saw
that I had this iridescent appearance
but with a kaleidoscope of colors
that seemed like white light emerging
from a prism.
It was so beautiful!!
With tears in my eyes,
I said “thank you, thank you,
Thank you, Jesus”.

Thank you for this lovely time
in your presence. Thank you
for this awesome experience.
As His image faded away, I quickly
told him I would like us
to go to heaven the next
time. I know he heard me.

Would you like to experience Jesus’
in this dimension?
Then send me a dm.
Let me lead you to Christ
and get you filled with His Spirit.

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