Changing Lanes

April 23, 2021


Their oldest sister was a witch
of sorts
Not a flying witch with blood on
her mouth
But a manipulative witch with
venom in her heart
The entire family did not know
how she turned out that way
Their mother said she was exactly
like her paternal grandmother but
it was a huge issue
Whenever their parents were not
at home, she would starve all her
younger ones
When they start crying due to hunger,
she would give them bowls and tell
them until their tears fill it up she
wouldn’t give them food
After so much torture, she would give
them half their portions
claiming she gave some of their food
to neighbors or fed it to their dog
because it was hungry
They reported her to their parents so
many times but the more they rebuked
her, the more she grew more malicious
towards her younger one
It got so bad that their mother bought
plates where she dished the meal of
each of the children so that their sister
wouldn’t be able to tamper with their
food anymore
At that point, whole plates started
disappearing from the unused stove
where their mother kept their food
The person whose food got missing
was usually
the one in the bad book of their sister
for that moment
Soon they grew into teenagers
Their oldest sister and the one next to
her went to an all-girls secondary
He and the last child went to an
all-boys secondary school
By the time their sister had outgrown
the food thing
and graduated into telling lies and
cheap blackmail
If she wanted you to do something
for her and you refused, she would
cook up a story about you to your
friends and neighbours
She told everybody that her immediate
younger sister was bedwetting
because she looked prettier than
one sunday afternoon
She told everybody that he was a thief
because he refused to borrow her his
maths set and she told everybody their
mother was having an affair when their
mother beat her for breaking an
expensive ceramic plate
There was a day she told their mother
that she
saw her father kissing their neighbour’s
younger sister
Their mother went to meet the neighbour
to discuss the issue
The neighbor insulted their mother
When their father got back home from
the office, their mother transferred the
aggression to him
They had a fight that day
It was a terrible sight to see
Later that night, by the time her father
got back home from the office she was
outside the house waiting with another
hot news
She told her father that while he was
away, a man came home to see their
mother, and the man went into the
room with their mother
Their father became suspicious of
the information
He knew his wife was not a cheat,
they had been married for several
years and he could vouch for her
When he got to the room, he told his
wife what their daughter said
His wife got very alarmed and told
him where she got
information about the kissing thing
The two of them invited into their
room and made her serve punishment
until late in the night
The next morning, her father told her
mother that they must find a solution
to her problem
That was how they started taking her
from church to church
The pastors saw all sorts of visions
One called her an ogbanje
Another said it was the spirit of the
They did all sorts of prayers and
She didn’t change
In their mother’s assessment, she
became worse
The one thing she had in her favor
was her academics
It was a saving grace for her at that
time as she gained admission into
the university
Her parents heaved a sigh of relief
when she eventually left home
She was also very glad to be gone
She hated the family she was born
into for several reasons
There were too many children and
too little resources in her opinion
They could have been richer if their
parents gave birth to only her or just
two of them
How could two educated and
enlightened teachers give birth to
four children?
SHe had mentioned it to her mother
once and instead of getting an
her mother slapped her
She always counted the days to
when she would leave that house
The University was a good place for
her to start all over
She chose her friends carefully
She wanted to befriend only the rich
and connected
and she did
Her brilliance earned her a good
with the rich and lazy students
She finally found a place where she
fitted right in
She told her rich friends she was
an orphan
She said her family was very rich
but relatives took over all their
properties when her parents died
in a motor accident
She said her poor late father’s
younger brother adopted her and
raised her
Her rich friends believed the story
One of them took a deep interest in
her and practically adopted her as
a sister
She met rich young men who were
living in her friend’s estate in Lagos
She began to put in motion her plan
to marry her
way out of poverty
A companion of the wise is usually
wise and a companion of fools is
usually foolish
Her plan was to keep company with
the rich and marry into good money
In her final year, she finally got what
she wanted
A rich guy who studied abroad whose
younger sister was
her close friend
She begged her best friend to convince
her parents to stand in as her parents
for the introduction
She was too ashamed of her parents
to reveal them in any way
She had known her best friend for four
years by this time and spent most of
the holidays in her parent’s
Everybody believed her “I am an orphan
story” especially because no relative
came looking for her on campus
She had told her parents not to bother
visiting because she didn’t really have
a room of her own
She told them a friend was sharing bed
space with her in the female
hostel and it was illegal
She went home once in a while to show
them that she was still alive but she
really didn’t want anything to do with
On the day of the introduction, her
friend’s parents stood in for her
The occasion was all bliss
Later that night, her friend’s
mother got a visitor
The visitor told them they shouldn’t
have done the wedding they did the
way they did it
The visitor said at least one of the
lady’s relatives ought to be present
at the ceremony to fulfill all righteousness
The next day, her best friend’s
mother stylishly
asked her where she was from & all
She didn’t suspect anything
The next day, her friend’s mother set
out to visit her foster parents
When she got there and introduced
She apologized for not carrying them
along and told them about the
Her parents were shocked
Her parents told her best friend’s
parent the whole truth
They told her they were not offended
in any way, they just wanted what was
best for their daughter
Her best friend’s parent was shocked
by what she heard
She couldn’t believe her daughter’s
friend could be that mean to her
own parents
When she got home she called her
daughter and her daughter’s best friend
She told them what she discovered
Her daughter was shocked
Her daughter’s best friend went to the
room and packed her bags
She left without saying a word
Two weeks later, they saw the
invitation with a family friend
Her friend called the groom’s younger
The groom’s younger sister said “We
heard that your daddy wanted to
molest So and so, that was why she
left your house abruptly.
We also learned you guys saw
everything that happened and you
tried to cover it up because she is
an orphan!
Shame on you”
That was the story she went to tell
her man, that was the story she told
When she told her mother what she
heard, her mother almost fainted
They agreed between the two of
them to leave things be
There was no way
to fight back without resorting to
They let it go
The wedding was done two months
after she left their house, partly
because she was an orphan who had
nowhere to stay and can only stay
with the groom as a wife!
She successfully manipulated the
situation to her benefit
Six months after their marriage, she
traveled to the UK with her husband
She went to nursing school and
started earning some income
She met a doctor at her place of work
He was a dashing young man, the
man of her dreams
She decided she wanted a divorce
One morning, her husband
was just waking up when the police
officers arrived
They told him he had been accused
by his wife of molesting their
two-year-old daughter
Her husband couldn’t believe it
The police officers also told him his
wife had also gotten a restraining order
of 500 meters against him
it was a heavy allegation
Everybody believed his wife
She told them she saw him inserting
his finger in their daughter’s private part
The news spread like wildfire
He lost his job and had to move from
Kent to Liverpool in order to start afresh
One year later his wife married the
On July 11, 2020, she started behaving odd
She was pregnant with her second child
(The first one for the doctor by this time)
It was a psychotic issue and she had to
be committed to a psychiatric home
Her parents were informed but they
were not moved by her situation
husband (The doctor) called the Brother
in Jeans and T-shirt
He said he believed his wife was being
afflicted by her former husband through
fetish means
He wanted a fire for fire situation
They prayed
The Holy Spirit said “Talk to her parents!”
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt
got her parent’s phone number and a lot
of conversations ensued
The trail led to her friend and her
On September 10, 2020, the Brother in
Jeans and T-shirt prayed with her
The Holy Spirit took over
She delivered her baby in November
2020 through a caesarian session
She arrived Nigeria on April 18, 2021
with her husband to make peace with
her parents and her best friend’s family
She had also made peace with her
ex-husband and lifted the restraining
order before leaving the UK
Everybody testified that the Holy Spirit
had transformed her life
PS: It is true that we inherit both
desirable traits and undesirable traits
from our parents
It is also true that when we give our
life to Jesus, we inherit the nature Christ
If we desire to change into the express
image of Jesus, we must do this by the
power of the Holy Spirit
Her younger brother came to see
me earlier today
He told her story over and over again
He spoke about the hatred and bitterness
he and the other members of the family
had against her for many years
He was overwhelmed by the change he
saw in her
He gave his life to Jesus too
Just like that
No sermon, no plea
The change he saw in his sister was
more than enough evidence to him that
God exists and is at work in his children.
You can change too
You can change for the very best
by the power of the Holy Spirit
Remember, He makes all things new

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