May 11, 2021



Joseph stretched as he got out of bed.
He waited for his cell door to open.
His body and mind had gotten used
to the routine: wake up, roll call,
morning exercises, bath, breakfast,
work, lunch, work, leisure/visiting time,
dinner, roll call, back to the cell.
These take place from 6am to 9pm daily.
He usually wakes up an hour before
the cell doors open so he would have
time for his morning devotion.
He is alone in his cell, other cells
have 4 inmates.
He has been in prison for 2 years, he
has been the Head of Prisoners for
20 months.
He used to share a cell with 3 other
inmates until his promotion to Head
Prisoner, an unofficial office in the prison.
The position allows him to stay alone:
He was the First among Equals.
The cell doors opened, every prisoner
stepped out to be counted.
After the roll call, they moved in a
straight line to the gym for some light
The 30 minutes they spend there
always amused him. “What are we
exercising for?”, he always thought;
“Are we going for the Olympics?
The way some of these guys take this
gym thing so serious.
Well, if you will be stuck in here forever,
why not make the best use of it?
If getting 6 packs will make you happy,
go ahead!
My job is to make sure there are no
brawls and all prisoners are well behaved.
I have been doing that effectively for
20 months, there has not been any
jail break, riot or gang fights.
Thank God for that!”
After the gym session, we all moved
to take our baths and headed to the
dining hall for breakfast.
From breakfast, we all moved to our
various work stations: laundry,
woodwork, blockwork, cleaning,
farming, etc.
Everything was going as it has been
for the past 2 years, no incidents.
A few of the prisoners have visitors
who come to visit them: wives,
husbands, children, friends, parents…
It’s ironic nobody has ever come to visit
Joseph for all the time he had been in
the prison. He used to feel bad for a
few months, but he had gotten used
to it.
He was in Egypt as a slave, his family
was in Israel. His brothers sold him
here, anyway: he wouldn’t expect
them to come visit him!
The day panned out normally and at
visiting time, Joseph usually spends
the time in the library, reading books
to keep his mind occupied.
Suddenly he heard his name from the
PA system: he was asked to come to
the office of the Head of Prisons.
He got up immediately and walked
briskly there, wondering, “who could
be in trouble? I hope nobody has
escaped? Or there has been a fight
and someone is seriously injured or
worse, dead?
As he entered the office, he saw the
Comptroller of Prisons himself!
Ok, this seems to be bigger than I
thought for the Comptroller himself
to be here, he reasoned.
“Good evening, sir”, Joseph said.
“Good evening, young man!”
The Comptroller stretched out his
hand to shake him.
He shook it reluctantly, wondering
what was going on…
“Joseph, your attention is needed in
the Palace immediately.
You need to quickly go shave, take a
bath and put on these clothes.
You have an audience with His
Majesty in an hour!”
An aide of the Comptroller handed
him a new suit, shirt, tie, socks,
shoes and all.
Now, this is getting interesting!
He glanced at the Head of Prisons.
He gave him a “I have no idea” look.
Joseph was ready in 30 minutes and
they drove off to the Palace.
That was his first time out of the
Prison walls in 2 years.
To think his first visitor would be the
Comptroller of Prisons and his first
trip out of the Prison is to go see
King Pharaoh!
This script could not have been
better written.
In another 30 minutes, he was in
front of King Pharaoh.
The King sized him up for a few seconds.
“I understand you can interpret dreams?”
“Yes, Your Majesty”
Pharaoh was skeptical.
If this young man is that smart, why is
he in prison? Well, let’s find out…
Pharaoh told him his dreams.
Joseph closed his eyes for a minute.
Inspiration came.
He opened his mouth and started talking.
When he was done, he opened his eyes:
Pharaoh’s mouth was agape!
Pharaoh turned to his Chief of Staff,
Potiphar standing next to him and said,
“I have someone like this in my kingdom
and he’s in prison!
I want this guy in my team!
I want this guy running my country!
I want this guy in the palace!
How in the world was he imprisoned?”
Potiphar’s face went red.
He was tongue-tied.
“Pharaoh continued: “I want his
sworn in as the Prime Minister
Potiphar- make the arrangements, let
him take the Oath of Office in today!”
“Y-y-y-yes sir”, Potiphar stammered.
Pharaoh turned to Joseph.
“You will be sworn in as the Prime
Minster of Egypt.
Your wisdom and insight are assets
I need to run my Country.
I grant you amnesty: You are now the
number 2 man in Egypt!”
Thank you, your Majesty, Joseph replied.
Potiphar ushered Joseph out of
Pharaoh’s presence.
As they walked out, he said, “Joseph…”
Joseph patted him on the back.
“Don’t worry about it, sir.
God used you to elevate me.
If you did not buy me, I would not
be here today.
All things work together for good,
to those who love God and are called
according to His purpose, sir!”
Potiphar thought over what Joseph
just said. “Well I honestly don’t
understand your philosophy, Joseph.
But I guess they do work out for good…”

Haruna Daniels.

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