Chaff is chaff

February 16, 2021


What does it take to make somebody
to hate God? or lose their faith in Him?
or start ignoring Him, or even come
to loathe and hate Him?
It is religion, every religion
All the 4550 religions that existed
Religion is human being’s relation
to that which they regard as Holy,
sacred, absolute, spiritual, divine
or worthy of special reverence.
It is also the way people deal with
the ultimate concerns about their
fate after death.
There is a desire in man to seek
God out and worship Him, that
desire is innate
King Solomon referred to it as
eternity being woven into the fabric
or coded into the DNA of mortals
In Genesis 4:26, we saw the
definition of religion “Seth also
had a son and he named him
Enosh. At that time people began
to call on the name of the Lord
That is religion
You will notice that God didn’t
respond to them in any way
Their lives and conditions were
not the better for it.
They felt nothing of God and yet
they called and called because
the call was to satisfy a yearning
in their hearts.
They were calling upon the name of
the Lord for their own selfish
reasons and God ignored them
While they were calling upon the
name of the Lord, they lived reckless
and unholy lives
They made unholy decisions
They were wicked and unreasonable
and their imagination was riotous
In Genesis 6, while they were still
calling upon the name of the Lord,
they married fallen angels and did
so much evil
At a point while they were still
calling upon the name of the Lord
religiously, God saw how great the
wickedness of the human race had
become on the earth and that every
inclination of the thoughts of the
human heart was only evil all the
time (Genesis 6:1-5) Wow!!!
That men are calling on the name
of the Lord does not mean they are
holy, righteous, God-fearing or that
they even know that God and have
a relationship with him.
Recently, we were negotiating with a
non-Christian cleric about the
purchase of a piece of Land
I called him on the phone and we got
The conversation lasted over three hours
He was an easy man to talk to
He was in his 60s and he had been
married thrice and has 13 children
He asked me how old I was
I told him
He said so what do you do?
I told him
He said “I have a son who is slightly
older than you
He is also well to do
I raise clerics every forty days to sit
and pray for him that he might prosper
in his endeavors
I got curious
What could the son be doing to
warrant raising clerics to sit and pray
for him every forty days
Why not raise the clerics to pray for
the entire family?
He said the children from his third
wife were still in the university and
he was approaching his retirement
as Deputy general manager of a
government parastatal
Money was no longer coming in like
before and his son had been the
financial backbone of the family for
the past four years
He said such an asset must be
committed to God’s hand often and
constantly so that he will continue
to prosper
So I said, “Is he in the US Army?
“Soldiers face danger constantly and
my mind could only plot the graph
from his words in that direction
The man laughed and said his son
is into the internet fraud
He said it as a matter of fact
He said “He is very good at this
internet thing, yahoo yahoo but his
own is higher class.
He is plugged into the system and
he is milking it as much as possible
In the last four years he has built
hotels and other businesses here
which his younger brothers
(His siblings from the same mother,
the first wife) are managing
He is also helping me with the school
fees of the ones in private university
and he is buying landed properties
and keeping them as investments
for the future
I was short of words
This was a deeply religious man
A man who was given many religious
titles as a pillar of the society
A man who could summon important
clerics of his religion to his house for
special prayers at will
He didn’t see anything wrong in what
his son was doing
Heeven had the audacity to petition
God to protect his son from arrest and
any form of “harm”
That is how religion works
Temples will have prostitutes who will
have sex with men in the name of
cleansing them of their sins
Priests will be given bans to go sleeping
Popes and Bishops will have illegitimate
children and mistresses
The so-called proclaimers of righteousness
and judgment would themselves be
workers of iniquity
That is religion
That is the outworking of the reality of
Every religion is like this
Jesus called the Pharisees whitewashed
tombs with a clean exterior but
rottenness within
The practise of religion in the book of
Genesis came to ahead in Genesis 11
Men had called upon the name of the
Lord for generations and they were
tired of being ignored
Who does God think he is?
How could they be calling upon his name
and offering Him sacrifices constantly
for his attention only to get the cold
The sons of men wouldn’t stand for
that rubbish anymore
They decided to build a tower that
will take them to heaven and dethrone
Enough was enough!
At it’s peak, religion is the worship of
self or other men who disguise as
priests of the gods or God
Till this day, many so called born again
christians still run to spiritualists,
pastors, priests, prophets, clerics,
and so on in the name of seeking
God’s counsel or His face
In doing this, they seek a supernatural
advantage over other men or to
subdue a puzzling issue
In religion, god remains elusive and
could only be reached through the
instructions and shepherding activities
of other men
Religion whipped the men at the tower
of Babel in line.
They were so brainwashed that they
worked feverishly and in unity to
achieve their goals
Even God was impressed by their
oneness but any gathering that set
its purpose against God was bound
to scatter
The tower of Babel uprising ended in
God saw that when the desire for
divine attention is misplaced, man
can so easily become misguided
In Genesis 12, God by himself went
to a land called Ur of the Chaldees
and called out Abram
Notice that it wasn’t Abraham that
began to call upon the name of the Lord…
It was God that sought Abram out for
a relationship
Notice that this is for a “Relationship”
not for “Religion”
In religion, man rules over god
Mankind makes all the rules in the name
of God
Man determines when to worship God
and How to worship God
Man determines what and/or who to
sacrifice to make god happy
The god of religion is the devil and his
demonic agents hiding in darkness
while their priests (Humans) mesmerize
and cajole fearful and brainwashed
men into submission
In the relationship God had with Abram,
we saw mutual respect, communication,
friendship, communion, conversation,
and intimacy
The relationship changed Abram
It changed his name to Abraham
It changed his identity to the Hebrew
Abraham believed God’s word and
he was made righteous as a result
He didn’t have to sow seeds or offer
sacrifices and he didn’t have a
temple or a shrine where he offered
religious oblation
He was a FRIEND of God who God
talked with freely
The same principle was adopted by
Jesus in the new testament
He offered friendship and relationship
to the sons and daughters of men
He ate with them, drank with them,
had deep conversations with them,
learned from them and taught
them His ways.
There was no intermediary, no gap,
no lacuna for anyone to exploit,
no intermediary
He offered association, intimacy, and
ultimately assimilation
Immanuel -God with us
Religion couldn’t stand it
Where would their gains come from
if God bypassed them to deal with
men directly?
What about the sacrifices and the
The seeds and the fatlings
What would the priests and religious
leaders eat?
It became a battle for relevance and
Jesus was offering God to mankind
for free
All those who met God that way
were cured of sin, guilt, shame, yokes,
and heaviness
Jesus was crucified for being so daring
Everybody expected the brouhaha
to die down afterward but a radical
and unexpected twist came upon
the events
Another like Christ, the spirit of
communion and fellowship came
upon the church and put religion to
the sword
Mankind never recovered from the
A new set of being arrived on the
The Christkinds, born, raised, and
taught by the SpiritThey turned the
world of men upside down by the
power of the Holy Spirit
Men had been trying so hard since
then to put Christkinds under the
yoke of religion so that they can
control and milk this new way
They succeeded in many cultures
Bringing their version of Christianity
to such places and indoctrinating
the people in religion but the spirit
will not be silenced
He is ”awakening and quickening
sons all over the world to bring in
the sheaves!
Religion is a yoke that offers only
empty words while fleecing its prey
Jesus is life more abundantly
Jesus makes the living waters flow
out of our bellies
As heirs of his Kingdom, we carry
divinity in our genes

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