Cesspool Relevance

January 8, 2022


This year began well, we made declarations
and we are seeing the power of the
Holy Spirit working in us.
And you, for retweet and without any
evidence whatsoever decide that you will
start the year writing a thread about a
pastor who did nothing personally to
offend you…
Because he is the hot topic of the day,
you had to have a go!
Now you have people retweeting and
commenting but they wouldn’t have
done all that if you had been wise enough
to investigate the matter and expose
the truth or keep your mouth shut.
When will you learn not to be the
undoing of your own rise by keeping your
mouth where it ought to be?
If a pastor is doing evil, expose him and
ensure that it is done from a place of love
I do this often, without remorse, especially
because I love the Lord and cannot
watch as a thief or hireling misled his sheep
John wrote the epistles in response to
Cerinthus, a heretic who denied the virgin
birth and insisted Christians must follow
the Mosaic law
Apostle Paul didn’t hesitate to call Peter
out in the book of Galatians
There was nothing like “Touch not my
anointed” in that but to write like an
Amalekite claiming to have killed Saul is
a very unwise thing to do.
Believers must watch out for these
pitfalls and refuse to be led by the nose
into them
There is punishment for a pastor who
mis-use the sheep and in the same vein
you cannot scandalize a minister and
expect your head to rest on your neck in
peace (Not my words pls, David said this
to Solomon about Shimea)
It is not everyone that attends a church
that will feel at home in that church, that
you didn’t feel comfortable in a church or
fellowship doesn’t give you the right to
write rubbish about the church
Pastors also grow!
There are some things a young pastor
could do in error that as he grows he will
get wiser and regret plus never do again.
I worked with a pastor once who had
issues with land grabbers, the things he
did to secure his land that year were mad!
The elders of that church had to write
to him that they had no hand in his action
but he stayed the course and built the
Years later, he would say “I will never tow
that path again”
Many who saw what he did the first time
could have gone about saying all sorts
about him but their words would today
be rubbish!
He was no longer like that.
If you are not a direct victim or furnished
with concrete evidence of wrong, please
keep away
Do not be a partaker of any man’s sin.
It is all fun now to throw stones at him and
feel all vindicated but if he had
done no wrong, your action will not be
seen as harmless.
Would it be worth it? To peg your own
growth and rise for 1000 retweets and
Is your self-esteem that low?
I am forever glad that God didn’t call me
into a conventional ministry where I have
to run a church
Thank you, Jesus
I would have failed you woefully.
You are very mindful of me
Pastors are victims of a different sort
nowadays, they are at the mercy of every
empty head who can type on Twitter
Imagine this!
I employed a driver whom I met on Twitter,
he was desperately in need of a job and
he lied to me that he was living close to
my house
After he got the job, he would tell me all
sorts of stories to get money out of me
If his daughter was not sick, his
wife’s mother would be down
He was not driving me directly, and yet
I ended up paying more than his salary
every month whether he worked or not
Whenever I dared to protest, he would
say “You’re a public figure sir, how do
you think people will take it if I show
them how my life is on Twitter.
He was always sending pictures of
one pathetic situation or the other and
he would ask for support, help, whatever
without thinking of my own well-being or
even if I could afford it or not
When I was a staff member of a church,
I know how entitled all the staff members
We were always assuming that because it
is a church, we can do whatever and get
away with it
The church does not want a scandal and
people are the breeding ground for scandals
This driver eventually told me he was
leaving after a while
The month he did, he demanded
for two months pay and I obliged him
I just wanted to see him gone, since
that time I stopped employing drivers and
other staff members directly so that
I won’t find myself in such a snare
If he comes to this street screaming
my name now, many who didnt even
know me will start screaming blue
This is the nature of Twitter, a place
where autopsy report is still being
disputed despite providing irrefutable
proof of the cause of a death of a young
People want blood and once they sink
their teeth in emotion, logic must hang!
Imagine someone employed by a church
and sacked
The church decides that the person should
give up church property and vacate his or
her official residence
Next thing, it is the pastor’s fault!
One man of God sacked 1000 pastors for
their incompetence, Twitter responded
by saying “It is the house
of God so they should have been kept”
If you tweet A, some people will be
replying in Latin, and you’d start wondering
what you wrote and what they read!
A guy commented on a lady’s breast
both of them came to Twitter to report it
The comments were like engine oil in the rain!
The age of spin!
The feet of clay
A pastor advised male pastors not to
employ members of the female gender as
their secretaries/PA anymore
He was roasted on Twitter that day
On the same Twitter a lady boasted that
she would end her Pastor boss’s career in
a week if he does not give in to her demand
She said she would drag him from
Abakaliki to Kano and she is sure everyone
will believe her
I pity pastors a lot, once they are in the
crosshairs of these woke people, everything
they touch is a scandal
What am I even saying?
I have made it to instablog
And PSM in the last two months over
incidents that didn’t really make sense
as news
The age of spin and herd mentality
I remember one lady saying “I am waiting
for him to come and explain himself” as a
comment on a thread someone did about me
I couldn’t believe it…
and foolishness
I suddenly owe her an explanation for my actions
Supreme Court Justice Saliu
I am praying for pastors today, that the Lord
will give them the wisdom to navigate
these times
I pray for those waiting for the downfall of
pastors too, you won’t prosper until they fall

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