Celebrating Daddy G.O at 79

March 2, 2021


In 2008, I was a fresh graduate who
found himself living in Lagos after
having spent all my life growing up
in Ibadan.
My first weekend in Lagos was terrible
There was a church directly opposite
my older sister’s flat
(She had relocated to the USA with
her husband in 2004) and
had kept on paying the rent
That was where I got the effrontery
to travel from Bowen University to
Lagos after my final examinations
I had some money on me with which
I could buy foodstuff and I felt I
would get a petty job to do before
I got called up for NYSC
This church had this crazy idea that
if you dont come to their church or
attend any church service on a Sunday,
you have no right to rest in your own
Their megaphone was directed at
my window and they turned on the
noise mercilessly
I was a believer but I do not support
their irritating tactics
Their prayer was demon guided and
fear ruled
It wasn’t church birthed in knowledge
It was just an excuse for the ignorant
folks living around that environment
to gather and give a voice to their
superstitious beliefs
I knew all about churches like that from
my days in Ibadan
Churches, where fighting battles was
the game and the good news, was the
I tried to increase the volume of the
television set to no effect
The megaphone was dangerously loud
After several minutes, I got out of the
house and sat at the steps of the shop
underneath my flat
I was deliberating within myself
whether to walk up to the pastor of that
church and give him a piece of my mind
after their service or to dress up and
look for a church that suits my level
of exposure the following Sunday when
I heard my name
I looked up and saw a lady
She was a graduate of Bowen University
She greeted me and asked me what I
was doing on her street
I told her I lived there now
She laughed and said she was going to
I asked which church
She told me
I smiled
I had been to her church the previous
Tuesday in the company of my younger
He had graduated a year before me and
settled down a bit in Lagos
He was already attending the church
and teaching their teens church
It was a pentecostal church
I wanted to stay in the Baptist church
The church opposite my flat was a
pentecostal church
Many of such churches are no help to
the educated
Most of their pastors and founders are
The illiterate end up corrupting the
level of enlightenment of the educated
It is in one of those churches that I
heard that if you are anointed and you
sit on a seat previously used
by a lady who was on her period
The potency of your anointing shall
reduce drastically
It was rubbish that came from the
days of idolatry and fetish belief
system when men kept charms away
from ladies because ladies can render
charms impotent
As a fellowship leader on campus I
met many believers with all sorts of odd
I preferred to stay elitist and enlightened
So I had deliberately decided against
going to that church
My brother had left home as early as
6:30am that day in order to make
worker’s meeting
That was another issue I had with the
pentecostal churches
They always tow the extreme path and
it felt they would rather cut off members
from their family members in the name
of church activities
All my excuses flew out of the window
because of the persistent noise from
that church’s megaphone
I went into the flat
and dressed up
I went to the church with the lady
Her father was the pastor and he was
a very well educated man but the man
leading the prayer when I walked in
was a semi-illiterate
The first thing I heard him say was
“Father, turn my scarcity to surplusity”
It was embarrassing
I noticed that someone went to correct
him but he shook his head and continued
saying “Surplusity”
I got turned off
It was as I feared
I didn’t even wait till the service was over
I walked out of the church and took a
long stroll
The following week I met a lady in Anthony
Bidemi, I told her about the church issue
and she invited me to her church
somewhere in Oshodi
I went to the church the following Sunday
and my Baptist mind couldn’t cope with
the type of skirts and trousers I saw the
ladies wearing
I was convinced I wouldn’t do anything
but stare at arrows and backsides all day
if i joined that church
So I returned home and I felt terrible
about wasting two Sundays
Staying at home was not an option
because of the megaphone manic
opposite my house
The closest Baptist church to me was
located at Mile 12
The area was too rough for me
I didnt know what to do
I slept off on the couch in the sitting
room weighing my options
As I slept my eyes opened and I saw
myself in Brothers Hall
It was the primary hall where Mass
Communications students had their
lectures while was in the University
As a rule I always sat on the front row
I was the only male student doing this
and I was the oldest male student in
the class
I always got to class early and I was a
very well behaved student but on this
occasion, I was everything but that
I was behaving like a tout, disturbing
the class and causing all sorts of ruckus
I was standing with my back against the
marker board and making a general
fool of myself
I didn’t know when the lecturer walked
in from the side door right at the
entrance of the class
Suddenly the whole class went silent
The lecturer called my name
I turned
around and greeted him with my hands
covering my face in shame
He looked at me and called my name
three times
“Gbenga, Gbenga, Gbenga If you don’t
sit down and learn, you will carry this
course over and that will be a shame”
I woke up sweating and perspiring
That lecturer was Pastor E. A. Adeboye
Like Apostle Paul, I did not disobey
the heavenly vision
The church that the lecturer i saw was
overseeing was the one where I was
taken to by my former school mate
The same one attended by my younger
It was the Redeemed Christian Church
of God
I joined the church the following Sunday
and grew
There are many worthy examples of Christ
to our generation
Daddy GO is undoubtedly one of them
I celebrate with all of my being the God of
Daddy Enoch Adejare Adeboye as he
clocked 79 today
Happy Birthday sir
Thank you, sir
You’re a blessing to me

PS: GSW and the Pssbc Ministers
will be coming to Benin this weekend
We invite you to a fellowship of His
Kind in the Spirit
The Gathering
March 6, 2021
Omoreggy’s Event Center
Opposite Hifly Filling Station, Iriri
along Estate Gate road, Benin City
Time: 10AM

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