February 11, 2022


I went to the Garden.
I was in the middle of
preparing a sermon to minister at
the GSWMI Super Sunday Service during the

recently concluded Word and Tongues Fest.

Although I had gotten direction
from my earlier study, it didn’t feel complete.

Part of the sermon was supposed to be a prophetic

ministration for healing which I had struggled
with lately. I also hadn’t had
enough sleep so I was tired.
I asked Him what to say
to His children especially as I
wasn’t getting any prophecies.
I wanted to minister His heart.
Just the day before, He had
told me to minister from the
heart and not the head.
So I told Him I wanted
His heart. I stood there and
just waited while He let my
heart swell with His love.
Then He said, “Let them see
and feel My love through you”
“Pray for them”.
It was sufficient.
I got emotional during the sermon
And it had nothing to do
with the recent issue I was
dealing with. The emotion from that
felt empty. This was a different kind
It felt really full. I hadn’t
felt that way before,
so I let it out.
Tears, sobs!
While speaking, someone sent me a message

saying I was speaking directly
to her. She wanted to listen
to the message again. I reached
out after the service to ask
how she was. She said she
had prayed and asked Him
for a heart encounter
and not just His power.
And she got it.
She said she became ‘undone’
when I started praying.
It affirmed His love for her.
God is mindful of you and
He loves you!
Do you have a relationship
with Him?
Or you already do and want
to know Him more?
Please send me a message on +2348072744871

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