Call To Worship

August 15, 2021


Raise the golden shofar high
Blow it and let the sound reverberate all through the universe
A call to saints to welcome the king
For He’s right here riding the white horse at the cloud of glory.

Worship in the beauty of his holiness
The lion and the lamb
Let the fiery red flame burn taking away the dross
For golden smokes shall rise from the golden censar to the one on the throne.

Gawk in wonder at the rainbow of his glory
Lift the hands in worship and hearts in full surrender
As you join all creations in adoration
From Him all things were made
And nothing was made without him.

Hold the scepter of your authority
For you are seated with the risen King
Open up your heart to see your true self
Eyes of fire, hairs as white as snow, brass limbs
For as He is, so you are.


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