By The Spirit

February 7, 2021


Dear PSSBC team,

Thank you very much for the opportunity
to share these few testimonies.

I live and work in Australia.

I got born again at the age of 12 years and
got baptized in the Holy Spirit around my
13th birthday.

The Lord gave me the opportunity to serve
in various capacities while in the Secondary
School, University and when I began to
work in various churches

I know that during prayer sessions in church
services and fellowships, we would pray
and speak in tongues.

But it’s NEVER been a routine for me that
I would spend specific times of the day
to pray in tongues.

In 2010, while living and working in the UK,
I went through ‘ a storm’ that stripped me
of everything a young man with a young
family would want in life between 2010
and 2015. But despite ALL of the events
of the storm, THE PRESENCE of the Holy
Spirit was there with me and

1) He covered me up when everything was
stripped away and my life was left naked
with nowhere and no one else to turn to.

2) He would send people to me at cross
roads to either encourage me or provide

3) He would position specific people at
specific junctions of my life as divine
and destiny helpers –

4) He raised specific people to teach me
specific things during and after the storm –

5) He also raised specific people to pray
with me particularly towards the end of
the storm itself.

The Holy Spirit has been very patient
with me and has been drawing me closer
to himself even while the storm lasted.
Although my preoccupation then was
for my prayers to be answered and for
the storm to be over.

But I did not discern that the Holy Spirit
was drawing closer to himself to a life of
intimacy with Him and a life of prayer.

On 26th May 2020, Dr Funto and I were
chatting and she was sharing her
experiences with the Holy Spirit with me.
I was both challenged and motivated to
do the same.

I recently shared some of these testimonies
with Dr Funto and she encouraged me to
share them here

(A) As I listened to the testimony of the
lady at the end of the online service
yesterday on the 25th January 2020

I can say that the Holy Spirit has transformed
my life in very many ways

1) my prayer life and my quiet time

I started to spend time praying in tongues
the very day we had the conversation in
May 2020 and I told the Holy Spirit,
I desired to spend a particular time every
evening to pray in tongues and my
motives for this desire.

It was initially a bit hard but progressively,
the Holy Spirit changed my tongues and
in October 2020 it was like breaking
through a dam, I remember that day
very well and the Holy Spirit transformed
my prayer life completely

2) Physical transformation –

The more I spent time praying in tongues,
I would be drawn to messages – particularly
from Apostle Joshua Selman, about the
Holy Spirit, Intimacy and many others.

As I began to pray for transformation, the
Holy Spirit began to transform my life and
change my mindset.

And much more……

3) My appetite

i) I started drinking coffee in 2008, when
I was preparing for my licensing exam
– PLAB in the UK. I never touched coffee
back in Medical school.
During my postgraduate days in Scotland
it was so bad I could go three or four
cups a day sometimes.

June 13 2020, I had just finished spending
time praying in tongues and that night, I
just knew – coffee goodbye. So I emptied
ALL the jar of coffee through my sink and
that was it.

ii) I have always loved current affairs and
there are three conservative shows on
fox news that run back to back on weekdays
that I love to listen to – a 3 hour news show
Monday to Friday. At work I will open my
youtube to still listen to the show.

And since Nov 2020, the more time I have
spent praying in the Spirit, the less desire
that I have to actually sit down three hours
daily following those new shows.

iii) During my days in the UK, I would go
on the BBC app or website regularly for
updates, news to be conversant with
current and political affairs.
It used to be the VOA – voice of America
when I was in University and CNN.

Today, I have seen my appetite for current
and political affairs totally changed and

4) Burdens – there are burdens I have
borne following some experiences and
things I witnessed in my childhood and
one in my early teens in high school .
That my parents are NOT even aware of.
The more time I have spent praying in
the Spirit, the Holy Spirit took care of
all of those burdens and lifted them off
me completely.

My Spirit, soul and body all feel very
light because the burdens are lifted off me.

(B) I was listening to Dr Lolade’s testimonies
about her patient, and the Holy Spirit had
done this for me just the day before.

A few weeks ago, I saw a mum with her
three daughters – rashes on their feet and
the rashes were mirror images for two of
the girls and one slightly different.
I had NO idea what I was dealing with here.

But the logical thing for me then was to
treat the three girls for soft tissue infection
with antibiotics after taking history and
examination. Which was what I did.

But Leptospirosis came in my Spirit and
I said it out during consultation and I had a
quick check on it online and requested a
blood test for the three girls including
bloods for leptospirosis

Earlier this week or so, I saw two of the
results which were negative and on
Friday 5th Feb 21, I got a third result –

Exactly what the Holy Spirit said it is,
I was stunned with the result myself,
because I can’t remember much about it .
I only requested for the test, just as the
Holy Spirit said.

(C) During second day of tongue and
word fest, sister Gbemisola gave a
testimony similar to what the Holy
Spirit did in my life on 29th January 2021

One of the many things I have learnt from
a number of teachings from Dr Funto is –
she would hand everything she would
say to the Holy Spirit.

I cannot say that I have always done
this prior now. But for a few months,
I decided to specifically ask for the help
of the Holy Spirit with my consultations
at work and on my way to and from work
and when I am going shopping.

I have cleared the front passenger seat
leaving it clean and tidy – For the Holy
Spirit, so I would ask for His presence
as I go to work daily.

This I have done for a few months now.

Today, 29.01.21 as I was getting out for
work, I asked the Holy Spirit for his
presence with me.

And on my way to work – the Lord saved
me from an accident that would have had
very far reaching consequences for the
motorcyclist and even for myself if I had
hit him..

A motorcyclist just ahead of me suddenly
stopped, while we were trying to merge
from a two lane road to a single lane.
Because the car ahead of the motorcyclist
suddenly slowed down and the motorcyclist
did the same while we were all trying to
merge on the single lane road!

My car stopped just at the point of impact
with the motorcyclist

The presence of the Holy Spirit with me in
my car averted a Catastrophe on the road.

I return all glory to God for His wonderful
mercies and loving kindness for saving me
from killing or badly injuring a man.

(D) Structure –

Dr Funto took a teaching in October last
year and she started – using the work

I have always been a man of structure,
everything about me has structure and I
do not like people breeching my structure
at all.

From the moment I started to spend time
praying in the Spirit, I have seen the gentle
hand of the Holy Spirit create a lot of
flexibility around my life for other things .
A gentle demolishing of the rigid structures,
without me having to worry,

I am thankful to the Holy Spirit for being
very mindful of me and for His amazing
work in my life.
I am NOT there yet, I am still growing
to be what He wants me to be and do
what the Lord wants me to do.

Thank you very much for the opportunity
to share my testimonies.

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