Burn or Burst!

September 7, 2021


Why do many believers disdain the
Why do we behave like Esau, the sense
ruled man who despised his birthright?
A friend got a new job recently, before
taking the job he made his findings and
was told the CEO was a wicked man
who fired anyone who dares consult for
another firm or individual while under
the employ of that company.
He is an auditor and had a lot of private
clients before taking the job.
He called me yesterday morning to talk
He said he got a 250k gig in Abuja for
this Saturday.
A friend had invited him to come do a
job and the duration will be only one
day but he does not want to lose his
job, so he declined the offer
I said “Did you talk to your boss about it?”
He said “No, I was told he would fire
me on the spot”
Did you even speak to the Holy Spirit
about this?
He laughed and said “I am not assistant
Jesus please, there is a rule here that
has never been broken, why would I
rock the boat?”
I said “Do you want to go to Abuja to
get this 250K, easy money?”
He said “Yes”
I prayed with him for psychological
I meant nothing of the words I uttered
in prayer
All I wanted to do was convince Him
that we have prayed and God will
Thirty minutes later, his boss got a call
from the office of someone politically
The person told his boss that they
needed an accountant with a certain
pedigree and he was told he has such
a person working for him
His boss called him and told him to go
to Abuja this morning and get the job
He called me at 1 AM screaming
“People we’re just looking at me, it
has never happened before, God
broke protocol for me”
I couldn’t believe how childish his
comprehension of God is
Was it God that broke the protocol for
Daniel and the three Hebrews when
they refused to eat at the King’s table?
The protocol was for Daniel and his
friends to eat as directed by the King
Daniel was the one that said “We will
not eat this food”
Who broke the protocol?
It was Daniel
Why did He break it?
Because he had confidence in the ability
of the God he belonged to!
That Daniel, who was not filled with the
Holy Spirit, who didn’t pray in tongues,
whom Jesus said was not as great as
those of us who received eternal life
through him did that!
Tongue talking Christians who are not
greater than Daniel in manifestation
ought to look at themselves and
wonder why…
If you undervalue your God, you cannot
walk beyond your level of conviction
Many serve common sense and they
call Him God!
It is a pity
When I was a PA to a pastor, things
started happening around me that
were beyond my control
It started with a brother called Bode,
he was in a relationship with a lady and
they were planning to get married
when he discovered he was impotent
It wasn’t natural
His wife to be’s mother had handpicked
a husband for her and she had rebelled
by insisting she would marry Bode
One night Bode had a dream in which
his testes was smeared in a strange oil
by a strange woman and the affliction
Bode came to our office looking for senior
pastor but pastor was not around
He broke down and started crying
The receptionist called me to attend
to him
I listened to His story and we prayed
Two days later, his babe’s mother called
him and his babe and confessed to them
that what she did was a temporary
thing to dissuade Bode from marrying
her daughter
She apologized and gave Bode the
Bode told her not to worry about the
antidote because he was never afflicted
by her charm
(He had been made whole after we
prayed and didn’t need it)
The woman was shocked
Bode told a pregnant lady who wanted
to relocate to Canada with her family
about me
The lady came and the issue was resolved
The lady told someone else and before
you know it people started coming from
all over to my office to see me
I was not employed to pray for people
or counsel them but it was a church and
there was no rule against what I was doing
It however affected my work in many ways
Sometimes I have to leave the office to
deal with some cases and I was a 9-5
My boss couldn’t complain, in fact, he
would call me to step into some cases
that he felt needed “special anointing”
One day my boss needed me to change
some Naira to Pounds and Dirham
He got to the office and I wasn’t there
He needed to travel to the UK and Dubai
with his family
He called the office driver and they went
to a black market at Ikeja
He gave them the Naira and he was
given the foreign currencies!When he
got to the office he discovered that
both the Pounds and Dirham given to
him were in fake notes
He had been seriously swindled he got
the police involved immediately
but they couldn’t do anything about it
Some called him greedy, others called
him careless
The naira value of the transaction was
about 11.4 million Naira
My boss’s wife had always felt I was
not doing my job as I ought to
She is a big shot with the state
government and she had PAs running
everywhere for her
When she was informed, she packaged
the blame and dumped it on me
My colleagues in the office called me
“You’re in soup”
“Your boss has been swindled”
“Tbe boss’s madam is calling for your head”
I usually handled such transactions for
him and it always went very well
It was my duty as His PA
It was my fault but the scriptures said
“that you may be found blameless and pure”
I went to the office the next morning with
springs under my feet
When I got to the office, my boss was
He told me what happened
I told him to give me the fake currency
and the card of the dealer
The office driver took me to the same
I walked up to the guys and told
then I want to exchange Pounds and
Dirham to Naira
We negotiated the price, I got 11.7M
I have them the money
They transferred the Naira equivalent
to my account and I left
(I prayed in tongues and made my
declarations all the way there)
I was so sure of the power at work in me!
When I got to the office, I told my boss
what had happened and showed him
the alert in my account
He almost fainted
He had taken the money to four banks
the previous day and their machines
flagged the currencies as fake
How were you able to do this?
He asked me
The word of God is at work in me
The Spirit of God is alive in me
The pneuma is not dormant in me.
I transferred his money to him and
he gave me a large compensation.
I cannot have the Holy Spirit and
be at a disadvantage
I didn’t receive the spirit of logic and
common sense
I received power!
Just Like you did
Why you have refused to walk in it or
would laugh at those who do is a
wonder to me
Why receive the Holy Spirit if you won’t
allow Him to change your reality?
This Spirit is the one advantage a
believer has over the elements of
this world
If you don’t walk in power what then
are you walking in?
This has nothing to do with Special
Daniel was not called a prophet until he
started acting like one!
Some were called and they acted while
others acted and became!
Start acting as Daniel did, your tongues
is not for fashion!
Use it now!

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