Body and Blood

February 12, 2021


They called it elephantiasis
A disease said to be caused by a
strange mosquito
I was at the Bible College at the
I had been sent for my Teaching
Practice at a church located at
Ogudu Ori-Oke
The pastor of this church was a
He and his wife were chartered
and they were blessed
I was a personal assistant to another
pastor and the coordinator of the
Bible College had to practically beg
my boss to allow me to observe the
Teaching Practice at another church
(He had insisted I do it with him and
I would have spent the time carrying
his Bible and practicing nothing)
When I reported for duty, I was
assigned the duty of follow up and
My primary assignment was to liaise
with the follow-up lady and visit all
the members who have not been to
that church in weeks
I was also given the altar to minister
Sunday a month (sermon) and other
Sundays in various capacities like
leading the church in prayer, taking
testimonies, and closing prayer
We met this brother on the way to a
member’s house early one Sunday
He was sitting outside a building,
wearing yellow slippers and
looking hopeless
We had walked past him but my
spirit reached out to me, so I asked
the sister to turn around with me so
that we can minister to this brother
He was happy we came around
He said he had spent everything he
had on the leg and he was desperate
enough to accept any form of help
He was a non-christian and usually
wouldn’t listen to a male and a female
dressed up in church attires on a
Sunday morning
He told us he knew we were strangers
the moment we stepped into their
compound (Not fenced but demarcated)
He said no Christian who knew his
family would dare because of his
father’s disposition towards every
In asked him where his father was at
that moment
He said His father was ill and was
inside the house
I asked if we could talk to his father
He said No
I said he should let us talk to his
father all the same
When we got into the sitting room we
found his father lying on the mat
He was all bones
His eyes were sunk and he was very
Everybody seemed to be waiting for
him to die
He had tuberculosis and had lost
his sight a bit
He couldn’t really see us
So I asked him in yoruba
language that if i offer to heal him
right there and then would he accept
the healing
He said yes
I said If he had to do anything to
gain his healing would he do it?
He said as long as he does not have
to kill anybody, he would accept
any help
I said all you have to do sir, is
repeat the following words after
me “Lord Jesus, I accept you as my
Lord and saviour today
I confess that your body had been
broken for me and your blood was
shed for me to live in divine health
As I take on your body as part of
my inheritance as an heir of salvation,
I drop this sickness and disease
ravaged body.
I leave it behind and accept by
faith a body full of life and the
pulsating spirit of God. Amen.
The man said it without stammering
Then I laid hands on him and said
“Lord Jesus, I establish by the
authority of the Holy Spirit at work
in me that I am a witness to the
sincere conversion of this man and
I affirm that he has relinquished his
old life and accepted the new life
he inherited in Jesus.
I hereby rebuke this sickness and
disease and declare his body
changed into a Healthy body in
Jesus name. Amen.
I left my hand
his body for about two minutes
I was silent and so was every other
person in the room
Then I said “Can you see me sir?”
The man smiled and said “Pastor, I
see you clearly”
But he was still weak and coughing
and didn;t look any better
If not for the clear eyesight, it would
have seem as if there was no change
I wanted to tell him to keep praying
because the angels of the Lord are
at work and would perfect his healing
but the Holy Spirit restrained me from
I felt in my spirit as if I had left something
out or forgotten something
I waited in silence
Then it lit up in my spirit
I turned to the young man with
elephantiasis and said “You are about to
witness a miracle but before I go-ahead
to do what the Holy Spirit has said to
me, would you be willing to give your
life to Jesus too?”
The young man nodded and the
sister with me led him to Christ just as
I did
Bear in mind that GSWMI had not even
been conceived as an idea at this time.
I was an altar minister in church and
she was a sister I met in the church
two weeks before that moment
She was confident and unshaken
I felt more confident
heard her pray
(Her name is sister Rita, she was
learning how to bake at the time.
She was also a student of a
polytechnic in the East.
She came to Lagos for her IT)
After she had led him to Christ,
she laid hands on him and prayed
for him just like I did
While they were praying,
the leg affected with elephantiasis
became so heavy that he had to
sit down while screaming in pain.
I told the sister not to remove her
hand from his body
We might not be able to explain
what was going on with him but
one thing was sure, he didn’t
have that reaction before we
started praying.
I asked someone to get us cracker
biscuit and a beverage
The person came back with a
bottle of malt
I blessed it and said “Thank You,
Father, for the gift of Your Son.
By the stripes that fell on His back,
my body is healed from the crown
of my head to the very soles of my
feet. Every cell, every organ, every
function of my body is healed,
restored, and renewed.
In Jesus’ name, I believe and I receive.
(The man repeated after me and I
broke the bread and gave it to him.
He ate it
Next, I poured the malt in a cup
and said:
Lord Jesus, thank You for Your
precious blood. Your sin-free,
disease-free, poverty-free life is
in Your blood. And Your shed
blood has removed every sin from
my life.
Through Your blood, I am forgiven
of all my sins—past, present and
future—and made completely
Today, I celebrate and partake of
the inheritance of the righteous,
which is preservation, healing,
wholeness and provision.
Thank You Lord Jesus, for loving
me. Amen. (The man repeated the
words after me and drank the cup.
His son did the same)
I began to pray in the Holy Ghost,
the sister joined me.
By the time we said Amen, the man
had slept off
His son’s leg was vibrating but he
had stopped screaming.
We had spent about 45 minutes
with them
We were already late for the worker’s
We hurried to the house we were
headed to before our detour
The lady told us she had started
attending a church where they sing
a lot, dance, and feast every Sunday
especially when there are birthday
It was a branch of the same
denomination but obviously richer
and more invested in music and
entertainment (These are good
things please, I am just stating
facts, not opinions)
That afternoon, i was with the pastor
trying very unconvincingly to explain
what happened in the morning when
the father and son arrived at our church
The man had stopped coughing and
regained enough strength to walk by
They came because the son’s leg
was still vibrating and they didn’t
know what to do
After they had settled down in the
I took my bible and read three
scriptures out loud from the book
of psalms
The vibration stopped
I told them they would both be
back the following Sunday, totally
recovered to give thanks to God
And so it was.
They joined the church
The man’s entire family joined and
were baptized by immersion and
with the Holy Ghost
After my Teaching practice, I
returned to the parish where I was
an altar minister
The family continued to wax strong
in the Lord

PS: Today

is another GSWMI Global communion
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to work wonders in His church by the
power of the Holy Spirit
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