Body and Blood 2

February 12, 2021


She couldn’t believe it was happening
to her again.
It was a sense of foreboding, a dark
cloud rising in her heart.
She was bleeding.
She was feeling the ache, short
sharp stabbing bursts.
This was her fifteenth week of
She had been extremely careful
this time.
Oh My God!
She called her husband.
Darling, I am seeing blood!
Her husband panicked, flew home
from work in twenty minutes.
They were both in their early 40s.
They had been trying to start a
family for four years.
She had miscarried five times.
This time she had been on bed rest
since day one.
Oh Lord, Not Again!
They were with the doctor the
previous day.
He was quite satisfied with the
condition of the babies.
Yes! They were having twins.
He had named them already.
His two baby girls.
He had a vision weeks before she
got pregnant.
That they had two beautiful girls.
He went out by faith and bought two
pink baby clothes and two pairs of
He was sure God had spoken to him.
When he told her, she murmured Amen.
They had been prayed for several
times over the years.
They were both good Christians.
He was quite sure of it this time.
This is God at work.
They got to the hospital.
The doctor confirmed it.
One of the sacs was empty.
The doctor called it “Vanishing Twin
‘We have to keep her overnight, be
sure that the other fetus is fine”
He stayed by her bedside.
The pain persisted.
That evening, his wife’s condition worsened.
The doctor was called in.
He was driven out.
She was bleeding all over again.
A D&C had to be done immediately.
He couldn’t believe it!
The two fetuses were gone?
Doctor apologized.
Husband: “Give us 24 hours before
you do the D&C”
The doctor shrugged and walked
The babies were lost either way.
As they drove home.
His wife cried.
He refused to cry.
He wouldn’t believe the doctor
so easily.
And disbelieve God so easily.
God said they will have twin girls.
He heard God himself.
Holy Spirit what do I do?
He drove on, as he got close to
his house.
He felt he needed to reach out.
He picked his phone.
He called the brother in Jeans and
They were family friends and had
known each other for over five
years as at then
Please can you come over to my
house right away?
The brother didn’t hesitate.
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt
got to their house.
Brother: Has it happened?
Are you guys pregnant?
He: Yes
Brother: Praise the Lord
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt
observed his wife was despondent
He: We miscarried!
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt
Brother: Get me anointing oil.
He rushed into the street to buy one.
Brother told his wife to cheer up,
His God is a specialist in the impossible.
He arrived with the oil.
He: The Holy Spirit said you
should serve us communion.
Brother anointed her.
Brother broke the bread and gave
her three.
Two for the babies and one for her.
She drank three portions of the wine.
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt sang
and prayed.
The pneuma was stirred
Brother pleaded with the Holy Ghost
“Please bring back those babies!
Pneuma made haste, spoke to nature.
Vomit them!
Nature trembled!
Brother told them.
“All those i have ever prayed for with
similar cases always have boys
He: God told me they would be girls.
Brother: You will have two boys.
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt left.
They never did the D&C.
She resumed ante-natal the next
Doctor said she was just being
Was she?
At six months
The scan began to show them.
The twins, growing normally.
Doctor was shocked!
How could he have missed this?
She delivered through CS at 36
They were boys!
He called the Brother in Jeans
and T-shirt
“I had picked female names and
bought girls stuff, but God gave
me boys.”
Brother laughed.
They named them a week later.
Zuriel and Adriel.
They are 3 years and 9 months old
Testifying to the supremacy of
God’s word.

PS: You can Lambano (receive with
your spirit) it right now
If only you believe!
As I held the bundles of joy in my
arms and wept for joy for the
couple, i was assured, NOTHING
is Impossible with God!!!
This testimony was first shared
on Twitter in 2018, it was later
posted on
with the title I’mpossible


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