Blue Black Beating

January 30, 2022


Some years ago, I was walking my
then-girlfriend home around Mobil
bus stop, close to Agbowo/Orogun
in Ibadan.
It had rained relentlessly for many
days and the road was flooded.
There was a narrow path that was
dry, the path can only take one
person at once
This guy, tall huge guy, and his babe
were walking towards us Myself and
my babe got to that dry path first.
My babe went ahead and I followed
her, expecting the couple opposite
us to wait.
This guy’s babe didn’t wait she walked
straight towards us, my babe had
reached the other end by this time and
I was a few steps away
This lady charged at me, I dodged to
the left to give her some room
She crossed
I also crossed
I got to the other side, her boyfriend
gave me a dirty slap
He said when I passed by her babe
my hand touched her bum bum
I was 5 ‘11 in height but I looked
like a dwarf beside this guy
That slap was crazy
I locked his shirt
He gave me another slap
I move back and gave him a head butt
on the chest
This guy got angry and carried me
He was going to slam me on the floor
Inside the muddy pool
I clung to him with all my strength and
bit his head
He shouted and put me down
A blow landed on my left eye
He released me and took a stance
of “let’s go”
I assessed my options
He will win
I was sure of that
He had the upper hand at every level
I moved back, close to the pool
Some people had placed stones in
the pool so that one can jump from
one to the other in order to cross
I carried one of the stones
I was doing to smash it on him
He assessed his option too, looked
around and saw nothing he could
use as a weapon
He moved backward and said
“You these small guys in this
neighbourhood, you tap my babe’s
backside and you are now carrying
My babe walked towards me and said
“Please let us go, this man is an
unfortunate man”
I dropped the stone
I started walking my babe home
When we got to her house, I realized
my face had been remodeled
That guy really did a number on me
My left eye was filled with blood
My babe and her sisters started talking
about the guy and how he is prone to
getting angry and fighting
I don’t live in that area and I didn’t
know him
I asked my babe if she knew his house
She said yes
I left her house and hurried to the
police station
I went to report
A police man followed me and I got him
That was where my power was
With the law!
His babe started begging
They brought a lot of people to beg me
I was the only one showing any form
of damage
The teeth mark on his head was covered
by his hair
The police looked at both of us and
concluded he had unjustly molested me
They locked him up
I paid the police people 5000 Naira to
keep him locked up
I told them I will pay them 5000 every
day to keep him there
The begging increased He brought many
people including his landlord
Eventually, they paid me 50,000 Naira
and I got hospital treatment
The beating no be here o
That was the last time I got in a fight
This was 2005

PS: I was not a believer at this time
The reality I described was as a result of
my life choices at that time.
The same can never ever happen to
me again
Since I have come to know the Lord,
my life has been crisis-free on every level!
I am the seed of Abraham, a blessing!

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