Blown Cover

July 8, 2021


I arrived at a season of my life when
I was living on a street where I made
a habit of watching football with some
guys at a viewing center located at
one of the densely populated buildings
on the street
I didn’t know these guys from Adam
and I can never have any of them over
at my house for lunch or dinner to meet
with my family but we watch football
and exchange football banter together
I was a believer at this time, I was the
youth pastor of a church
I wanted to be able to banter and argue
football with these guys freely, employing
any language i want and meeting them
as equals
From previous experiences, when you
argue football with people, they tend
to attack the man in order to gain
undue advantage while
avoiding the pertinent points raised
One of the weak points most
unsophisticated debaters have is the
mindset that a Christian must behave
or talk in a certain way while they are
free to lower their standards and
provoke the Christian mercilessly
I didn’t want to fall victim to this mindset,
so I hid my “Christianity”
I took a different road to the church and
i often do not wear my tie or take my
Bible to church in an obvious manner
Most of the guys were not born again
even though they were born into
Christian homes, some of them are
equally uneducated and unskilled in
any vocation, all we had in common
was football
For almost two years, we watched
football together on weekends and the
evening of weekdays and we would
argue together into the night saying all
sorts to one another in the name of fun
Then my senior pastor decided to host
a Christian Social Responsibility
programme and I was named as the
head of the publicity committee
I had to lead a band of musicians
through the streets creating awareness
for the programme
There was no way I could hide my
I did as I was required, I preached the
gospel and invited many people to my
church for the programme from one
street corner to the other
All my football friends saw me and
many were shocked
When we got to church after the publicity,
people began to troop into the church
for the programme
A young lady with a hole in the heart
also came to church in company of her
She approached me to pray for her
She didn’t say exactly what the health
challenge was, she just said “Whenever i
run with my friends i get tired and
sometimes i will be coughing, i cannot
help my mother with any work at home
and i am always weak, please pray for me)
I was not one of the ministers designated
to pray for people at this event, i had
concluded my own assignment by
creating awareness for the programme.
One of the designated ministers needed
to use the bathroom and he called me to
stand in for him)
I laid hands on her and the power of the
Holy Spirit overtook her
She started trashing and screaming and
doing all sorts, a lot of ushers had to assist
in supporting her as she manifested
By the time she calmed down, she was
completely healed
That was the first time I would pray for
someone and get instant healing through
the laying on of hands
I was as shocked as every other member
of the church was
The crowd quickly came to line up before
me, they have seen the person with the
manifest power of God
Many others were healed that day of
various diseases
Impaired hearing, short-sightedness,
colour blindness, watery eyes, etc
My football friends who came to see an
aspect of my life they had never seen
before were befuddled, my brother-in-law
who came visiting from Ibadan was
shocked, it was an unveiling of sorts
for me!
I could have dodged the assignment by
giving several acceptable excuses or
simply stayed away from church that
day so that my cover will not be blown.
I didnt! I always thanked God that I didn’t
I did what was required for the gospel to
thrive and my life changed
I had seen miracles of many types
happen in my ministry since my undergraduate
days but none like that
The young lady was completely healed of
the hole in her heart and it was caught on
video too! (They came back to the church
with the doctor’s report and all)
On wow!
I cannot explain what that experience did
for me in my spiritual growth
Was it the confidence boost or the air of
wonder that i felt in my heart?
Was it my desire to walk more with the
Holy Spirit and the supernatural encounters
that followed?
My football friends started calling me pastor
(what i didn’t want to happen) but they
said this with respect and not mockery
They started coming to me with their
challenges and the door of ministry was
open to them by the Holy Spirit
Of course, i stopped watching and arguing
football with them soon after this time
I noticed that they no longer felt free to
say unhealthy things around me or to me
and many of them became believers
This was an unexpected dividend of
knowing and walking with the Holy Spirit

GSW – My Season with the Holy Spirit at Ketu, 2014

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