February 8, 2021


Last week, I saw my grandmother
I was supposed to collect some cash
to give her but the queue at the ATM
was quite long
So I decided I’d transfer the cash gift
to her account
After I had greeted her and had some
chit chat, I transferred 50k
The bank app said “unsuccessful” so I
Transferred another 50k
This time the app said “successful”
Suddenly I got the alert
Both transfers had gone through
Grandma got 100k
I said “Maami, I have credited your
account with 100k
My grandmother smiled and hugged me,
she began to call me by my names, she
prayed and prayed
Somewhere in my heart I was feeling
the pinch
If I could I would have told her to give
me 50k back but I couldn’t
My intention was to give her 50K
But she prayed a prayer of more than
100k worth for me
This morning, I asked the Lord to help
me regarding a project we were doing
I want it done with speed
The Holy Spirit said “Your grandmother
is still blessing you. She is calling your
name and asking for good fortune and
favor to come your way.
You cannot buy her blessings with
I got the message
I called my grandmother and told her I
wanted to
Send her 50k but ended up giving her
100k and instead of feeling like I blessed
her, I felt a little bit like I was robbed of 50k
I told her I was sorry, she deserved more
than 1billion
She laughed and said “Ori mi gba re ni”
Meaning “my head was quite fortunate”
I laughed with
her and I felt the burden lift
I didn’t know something as small as
that feeling of misgiving was standing in
the way of my blessings.
After my discussion with her, the floodgates
I was bombarded with cement and blocks
cash and pledges
The issue was taken care of.

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