Blessed Assurance

January 30, 2022


While running errands in late 2017,
I noticed a pimple-like rash on my
right forearm resting on the steering
wheel during a traffic stop.
Unlike my typical self, I was drawn
to it.
I just had my bath a few minutes earlier,
and I was sure that rash wasn’t there.
The nuisance claimed more square
centimeters of my beautiful skin by
the next day.
In a matter of days, the rash was all
over the prime estate of my body.
No part of my body was spared, safe
for my face and hands.
Thankfully, those parts I couldn’t hide
under any fabric were spared.
Maybe it would have been different
under the current Covid regime.
But I was grateful it didn’t trespass the
prime estate of the face.
If memory serves me correctly, this
happened around the same period
measles outbreaks were a hot topic
in Europe and the US.
So, I rushed to my PCP, who assured
me it wasn’t measles, and promptly
prescribed allergy medication.
However, before this period, I had
noticed unusual pain and lethargy
in my lower extremities.
My feet were unique problem spots.
My first and last toes deserve honorary
mention here.
The pain in these toes was excruciating.
My limbs would simultaneously feel
heavy, numb, rigid, and crampy.
Initially, I attributed this to a lack of
exercise and excessive travel.
I traveled a lot, shuttling between two
The weekly trips can take between 6-7
hours each way, depending on traffic.
Sometimes within 3 days intervals.
Thinking it was because of the rigor of
my weekly travels, I excused it away.
Eventually, the foot pains got unbearable
from what I thought were bunions,
corns, and calluses.
A week or two before the mystery rash
invaded my body like the Allied Forces
during the Gulf War, I had booked an
appointment to see a podiatrist.
In fact, my emergency visit to my PCP
was like a day before the scheduled
Consequently, the appointment with
the podiatrist was rescheduled and later
A day or two later, I was back with my PCP.
I was bloated all over and with swollen
feet and legs.
The pain was everywhere.
My PCP subsequently referred me to a
The story got interesting from thereon.
The dermatologist and his team could not
immediately determine or diagnose the
Although I got a skin ointment prescription,
the dermatologist and his team were as
befuddled as I was with the cause of
the sudden breakout and its effects.
Needless to say, I became a guinea pig
of sorts.
They sent me for various tests, all kinds
of tests just to determine what went wrong.
All tests yielded nothing.
At this point, I have had to buy new pairs
of shoes.
My shoe size, typically 11, made walking
So, I bought new pairs, a size up, which
were somewhat more comfortable for
my feet.
Still, I struggled to walk well, and standing
up after sitting for longer than 30 minutes
became a chore.
My knee would be stiff and cramped, my
lower back stiff and painful.
Then there would be this painful pull and
discomfort along my spine.
I would feel sore all over.
It was a treble season of my life.
Eventually, the doctors performed a biopsy,
that’s a procedure to remove a piece of
tissue or a sample cell from your body
to be tested in a laboratory.
They removed a piece of flesh tissue
from my left leg sometime in mid-2018.
When the dermatologist got the test
results, he got frantic and reached out
to me when he couldn’t immediately
reach my PCP.
I noticed that he was reluctant to
discuss the biopsy with me.
But he recommended I go see my PCP
as soon as possible, as the biopsy
results have been forwarded to the
Medical Office.
Long story short, I was diagnosed with
Multiple Sclerosis.
While my PCP and the dermatologist
were alarmed and advised immediate
treatment, I wasn’t.
Possibly because I knew next to nothing
about the disease, and as a Christian,
I was careful not to be immersed in
the diagnosis. I was more preoccupied with
understanding how it came to me.
So, I did little research, nor did I talk
about it until now.
Expectedly, not minding my enthusiasm
or the lack thereof, my PCP scheduled
an appointment for me to see a
foremost expert.
Like most people in this part of the world,
effortlessly, you could get too comfortable
with certain life’s privileges.
You could get so caught up that you
rarely think of or approach God in
situations like these.
I have excellent insurance and access
to the best treatment so, why border, right?
Like Bishop Benson Idahosa once said
in one of his ministrations in Australia
a few years ago.
The availability of certain life’s privileges,
especially in the west, would make
most people focus on what the system
affords them in times of crisis, rather
than going first to God for answers.
They would probably sing “blessed
insurance” instead of “blessed assurance”
in times of crisis.
They would gravitate toward the arm of
flesh than to God.
I found myself singing “blessed Insurance”
I have good insurance, so accessing the
best treatments wouldn’t be challenging.
So, I didn’t really go to God.
Don’t get me wrong, I muttered a few
words of prayers here and there, but I
never really went to Him.
However, following another appointment
cancellation sometime in January 2019,
like the prodigal son, I suddenly came
to myself. I was just fed up; I declined to
reschedule the appointment or another.
I stopped talking to the doctors and
decided to focus on God.
And on God, I focused!
Gradually, over time, relief came.
Then later in 2019, for something
unrelated, I was forced to reach out
to @Gbenga Wemimo,who then introduced
me to @pssbcnigeria, where I learned
how to live the supernatural life.
I subsequently joined the @GSWMI_Healing.
Then I started praying for and healing
the sick. I started working miracles.
Effortlessly dispensing eternal verities.
I can’t pinpoint when my healing was
complete, but I realized that the size
12 shoes no longer fit.
I had to revert to the old shoe size.
The joint stiffness, muscles pull, and
all muscular discomfort disappeared
after a while.
I give all glory to God for my total and
complete healing

Brother Segun (USA)

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