Blazing Realities

February 24, 2021


When we look at the scripture in
Revelations 4, Revalations 5,
Ezekiel 1, and other parts of the
scripture where a prophet saw a
vision of God or a vision of the
throne of God, we will be shocked
to see that throughout the scripture
there was no sighting of a dove.
Not even once!
We were made to see a lot of
strange sights
A lamb, beings with eyes all over
their bodies, beings with four
different kinds of heads, beings
with six wings, twenty-four elders
with crowns, cherubs and seraphs,
angels, a wheel within a wheel,
a being with the form of a man that
looked like he is on fire, a throne
made of lapis lazuli, a full rainbow
(Rain circle) with beautiful colours
surrounding a throne and so on
But never a dove
Not even a pigeon
The closest we got to any kind of
bird in heaven was the description
of the being with four different
kinds of heads.
(One of the heads looked like the
head of a flying Eagle)
apart from this the dove was
conspicuously missing.
While I was growing up, we had a
neighbour who does his things
quite slowly
When he is walking, he walks very
slowly and gingerly that those of us
who were prone to talk without
thinking earned a knock or two on
the head for laughing at him
I don’t know his story, I was 9 years
old at the time but I do recall
someone quite older than I
describing the man’s walk by
saying the man walks like a
That description was very apt
Does that description then give
me the right to draw a chameleon
whenever I want to talk about
this man?
So that his permanent symbol is
that of an animal whose only
crime was that it walked slowly
and was used to describe how
one human being walked.
I think that will be unfair
would probably not be a true
representation of the man.
Walking like a chameleon and
being a chameleon are two
very different things.
We are all very aware of the
expression, keeping his head in
the sand like an ostrich
It means someone somewhere
is not facing the reality
of the situation on ground
Would it be proper then to start
calling such a person an Ostrich?
The best I can do is say such a
person is “playing the ostrich”
Dunsin Oyekan calls himself “Asa”
(The Eagle) and you’d hear him
scream it while ministering in some
of his songs.
Does that mean Minister Dunsin is a
physical eagle?
Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo is the
Pneuma, the wind.
He calls himself that and he carries
the name with signs and wonders in
his wake.
Do we then substitute him for the
image of a wind?
The Holy Spirit is not a dove
Luke 3: 21When all the people
were being baptized, Jesus was
baptized too. And as He was praying,
heaven was opened, 22 and the
Holy Spirit descended on Him in a
bodily form like a dove.
And a voice came from heaven:
“You are My beloved Son; in You I
am well pleased.”
He is not a dove, He
descended like a dove
This description was given to the
Holy Spirit by John the Baptist
John 1: 32 Then John testified,
“I saw the Spirit descending from
heaven like a dove and resting on
Him. 33 I myself did not know Him,
but the One who sent me to
baptize with water told me,
‘The man on whom you see the Spirit
descend and rest is He who will
baptize with the Holy Spirit.’
(John said… like a dove…)
The fact that you talk like a parrot
does not make you a parrot
The fact that you run like a horse
does not make you a horse
The fact that you work
like a donkey does not make you
a donkey
In literature, we call it a similie
simile /ˈsɪmɪli/ a figure of speech
involving the comparison of one
thing with another thing of a
different kind, used to make a
description more emphatic or vivid
(e.g. as brave as a lion)
In the book of Acts chapter 2, the
disciples experienced the same
baptism Jesus had when he was
baptised by John the Baptist in
the Jordan river
The Bible did not saw many doves
descended upon them, this time,
they experienced it themselves and
it was the sound like a mighty
rushing wind…
Acts 2: 1 When the day of Pentecost
came, they were all together in one
place. 2 Suddenly a sound like a
mighty rushing wind came from
heaven and filled the whole house
where they were sitting.
3 They saw tongues like flames of
fire that separated and came to
rest on each of them
and they saw “Tongues” like
flames of fire that separated and
came to rest on each of them
This time what they saw was
TONGUES like flames of fire!
Nothing like a dove…
As many of us who have received
the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the
body of Christ can attest to the fact
that we dont feel like doves
I have asked many people
Did you feel like a dove in any way
after the Holy Spirit came upon you?
Did it do you like clucking or flapping
your wings and cooing?
People usually laugh and say no but
when you ask them if they felt their
hearts burning within them, or their
hands vibrating, or their bodies
shaking or their spirits overflowing,
they are quick to say yes and describe
other similar experiences that testify
that the Holy Spirit is nothing like a
I know some ancient human spirit
guided priests and prophets
went to study the dove and came
back saying the Holy Spirit is a gentle
spirit because the dove is a gentle bird.
I know one that kept doves in a
cage and would study them for two
hours every morning as a form of
learning the Holy Ghost.
We indulge in a lot of carnal methods
in the name of knowing the things of
the spirit
1 Corinthians 2:14, NIV: “The person
without the Spirit does not accept
the things that come from the Spirit
of God but considers them foolishness,
and cannot understand them because
they are discerned only through the
I know some will read and keep
calling the Holy Spirit a dove
Later when they pray and they don’t
get any result they will run to those
who know Him in Spirit and in truth.
When you are indulging in a practice
that has been proven to be wrong,
the wise thing to do is to change.
This was the thrust of the
confrontations between Jesus and
the Jews
They decided their traditions, and
culture and customs are more
important than any man and must be
preserved at all cost even if it means
killing the advocate of change.
In Acts 10, an angel of the Lord
to Cornelius while he was worshipping
God the Jewish way and told him to
sent for Peter who will show him the
new way of worshipping God
That you had always believed an error
does not mean it is must remain so
When the wise is shown the error of
his ways with verifiable evidence
he must adjust
No matter how many hymns or songs
you know where the Holy Spirit was
called a pigeon or a cat or a dove,
the fact remains that the claim of
such is in error
If you don’t know him as you should,
you cannot walk with him as you ought to
The person of the Holy Spirit
is inviting you to Night of Glory
A fellowship of His kind on Friday
26th of February 2021
Theme of the fellowship is “Blazing
but not Consumed”
Time is 6pm
The zoom link is on the flier
It shall also be aired on mixlr
and all GSWMI platforms
Come and fellowship with the Pneuma!

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