April 28, 2022


I had borrowed a 7-day loan
laptop from the library (mine’s been
awfully slow). As usual, there was
the warning about handling with care.
So I managed to keep every
liquid away from it until the
night before I was to return it.

I didn’t realize a cup of tea was
placed behind the laptop when
I pulled down the lid to shut it.
The cup fell and the tea spilled
on the table seeping into the laptop.

It stopped working!
Ha!! I was looking at £700 in
payback to uni.
I was upset at myself.

The battery was undetachable
I laid hands on it and declared
healing. It came on for
a bit that night, so I went
to bed satisfied that all was good.
I tried it on the next day when
I was ready to go to uni,
but it didn’t work.
I started panicking

I got settled in the train on
my way to university.
Then I took it to the Garden.
I sat beside Him.
He asked me to lay my
hand on the laptop and hold
it there for a while.

Then He placed His hand over
mine, While reminding me of our
reading of Romans 8:2 and His life
flowing through me.

When I got to class, I turned
on the laptop, NOTHING!
I felt disappointed.

I told my SS group and @OlufuntoP
asked me to lay my hand on it
and leave it there for a while.
Just what He had asked me
to do that I forgot to do
in my worry. So I did, and
held my hand there.
I imagined His hand on mine
and life flowing through to the laptop.

After a few minutes, I pushed
the power button and it came on.
Turned it on and off a few times.
The laptop worked!!!
Returned it to the loan cabinet,
plugged it, and it worked!!!

Nothing to remind you of today,
save that Abba always loves you!
I’m just thankful that the laptop

Again, Abba loves you!
Live loved!!!


  • Jessica Essien

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