Bitter Pill II

January 28, 2021


After she got married and relocated to
She kept an eye on the marriage of her
first love
Not in a peeping tom manner but
because of the prophecy from her
pastor and his pastor that nipped the
bloom of their relationship in the bud
She prayed for him and his home once
in a while
She really wanted him to do well
They didn’t stay in touch
After the prophecy and her text message
that he should stop coming around,
he texted her three times
Once on her birthday, the other time
on Christmas day and the third occasion
was when she went to sing at a
church’s jamboree festival
He was at the occasion to cheer her on
but he didn’t come around to say hello
He sent her a message congratulating
her on the success of the ministration
After he got married, she didn’t hear a
word from him
Marriage does that to most old friendships
It changes the dynamics of communication
You don’t want to continue certain types
of communications because it makes no
sense to continue them
What would he say he wanted to talk to
her about?
The one thing they had in common was
love and he had given his heart to another
She sent him a congratulatory message
She wished him and his bride well and
prayed for them right after she recovered
from the shock and returned to the
studio to finish her album
He didn’t reply to her message
Not even a “Thank you
but she didn’t take offense, as much as
it hurt her that
the door of his love had been effectively
and firmly shut in her face, she bore him
no ill will
It was God that decided two of his
children wouldn’t find joy with each
other in His own wisdom and even
though it was a bitter pill to swallow,
she swallowed it!
After she got married
life happened
A pregnancy from the first week of the
wedding, her husband’s return to the
USA to resume his job, and her
relocation process
Her husband was an American citizen
It made things quite easy but she still
had to wait until she delivered her
baby before everything fell into place
His thought barely crossed her mind
Three years after she got married, she
got a message on Facebook
It was from him
He said he would have called or sent
her a WhatsApp message but he had
lost her phone number
He said he desperately needed to talk
and went ahead to
pour out his heart
The crux of the matter was his mother
His mother was a witch
His mother had five children, four of
them were married and none of them
had been able to have a child
He was the third child and the first son
He said he had a dream on his wedding
Right after
consummating his wedding with his wife
He said he saw his mother harvesting
his semen from his wife’s body right on
their honeymoon bed
He said the dream was so real
In the dream he was on his knees, in
tears and powerless to do anything
while his mother told his wife to open her
legs and called the seed in her to come
into the calabash she was holding in
her hand
He said his wife couldn’t resist too
She did as she was told and he saw
with his eyes his semen pour out of
her into the calabash
He said once her mother finished
harvesting, she looked at him
and said “I have done you no evil.
You didn’t give me my due and I
came to take it!
I have pledged all your children to
the initiates, it is in your sorrowful
quest to become a parent that my
ascent to the realm of greater power
lies. So strive hard and fight hard,
your struggle is my crown”
He said he watched his mother walk
out of the room afterward and
immediately jerked awake from sleep.
He was in the same hotel room, his
wife laid naked beside him but the
atmosphere had become so dark that
he couldn’t even pray
He just found himself sunk in a pit of
He said when his wife woke up, the
first thing she did was ask him to
change their hotel because she was
suddenly feeling unsettled in that room
He had been scared she had the dream
too and would give him grief about it
but she didn’t
She only sensed that the atmosphere
had become ominous
They changed hotels but the honeymoon
had become “bitter”
He couldn’t share with his wife what he
saw and it was eating him inside
Every time he made love with his wife,
he felt he was empowering his mother
in witchcraft because his mother had
said all his
efforts at having children will be the
reason behind her ascent in wickedness
It made lovemaking lose its allure for him
His wife noticed his reluctance and felt
she had done something to offend him
He wanted so much to tell her the truth
but he felt it would do more harm than
When they got home from the bitter
honeymoon experience, he reached
out to his older ones
He told them what he saw in his dream
The eldest child, laughed and said
“Why do you think i keep far away from
your mother? On my wedding night,
she came into the room and gave me
a portion to drink
The portion was as bitter and sour as
water from the grave.
She made sure i drank every drop, and
then she said to me three times
“Your cup of struggle is my cup of glory”
I told my husband about it – I cannot
say if that was a mistake or not but
he lost interest
in the marriage immediately and it
showed in his mannerism
The marriage did not last up to a
year after the experience
It was a shocking revelation
He wondered why his older sister
didn’t at least warn her younger ones
His older sister said, “Would you
have believed me?”
He wouldn’t have
His other married siblings all confirmed
in their own way their suspicion about
the source of their affliction
They said they had prayed and fasted
and cried to no avail
His marriage had become a nightmare
by this time
His wife was constantly unsettled
especially around the time of the month
when her expectations would be high
regarding pregnancy only for her period
to show up
She felt he didn’t care about her getting
pregnant and was too nonchalant about
the marriage
Knowing what he knew, and his inability
to tell her the truth was the
bane of the marriage
After five years of sorrow and despair,
his wife finally walked out of the marriage
She said rather than the marriage adding
to her, it was draining her
She didn’t feel any joy beyond her wedding
She was right
He couldn’t even argue with her
He felt
letting her go was an act of love
It didn’t seem fair to keep her in bondage
especially when he couldn’t bring himself
to tell her the truth so that she can know
what she was contending with and make
her own choice whether to fight or to flee
His wife left on the morning of the
day he sent her the lengthy message on
It was while reading his message that it
dawned on her what God saved her from
when the message came that she shouldn’t
marry him despite being in love with him
At that time she was bitter and angry but
she didn’t want to live her life in regret
So she grudgingly complied
She didn’t know that there were battles
beyond the emotion in a marriage
His message made her cry like a baby
In her reply, she sent him the phone
number of the brother in Jeans and T-shirt
She had ministered at Night of Glory
and seen
The power of the Holy Spirit at work
She urged him to reach out to the minister
and see what God can do
He did.
He replied her message immediately
after he did
He told her he had secured an
appointment with the brother
She encouraged him to do everything
the Holy Spirit tells him to do

PS: On the day of the appointment, it
was discovered that this brother was
not filled with the Holy Spirit and had
very little knowledge of what it means
to be a believer beyond dying and
going to heaven
He was taught that a joint heir with
Christ cannot be afflicted because
Christ cannot be afflicted
He got baptized in the Holy Ghost and
he began to correct his mindset by
confessing and practicing the word.
21 days after he met the brother in
Jeans and T-shirt, he went to Ibadan
to see his mother
Immediately his mother saw him, she
shouted “Korede” and fainted
She was rushed to the hospital and
diagnosed to have been afflicted by stroke
He told his mother he wouldn’t let her die
until she becomes a believer
He told her he would keep her on the bed
of affliction for as long as it takes in the
place of prayer and he would
also tell the Holy Spirit to make sure she
does not recover
His mother resisted for 32 days but when
the pain became unbearable she sent for him
He showed up with the Brother in Jeans
and T-shirt
His mother said it was polygamy that
drove her into witchcraft and the only
way she
lived that long was by pledging the unlived
lives of here grandchildren to the initiates
She gave her life to Christ and recovered
from the sickness within seven days
It’s been two years
Korede’s older siblings, the ones that
were married 7 the last child who got
married in 2019 had all become parents
Korede is still trying very hard to regain
favour with his wife and remarry her
Korede’s oldest sister relocated to
Ireland in 2020
The Lord restored the good fortune
of the family
She said she wasn’t sure she would
have been able to cope if she married

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