Berachah – The Valley of Blessings

August 6, 2021


Good evening Brother Gbenga.
Meeting you wasn’t by chance but the Spirit of God led me to you during my moments of despair and disappointment. I saw your teachings on Twitter sometime in May and immediately my spirit connected with you. Initially, I forwarded your programmes that I saw on Twitter to my Old Student’s Association WhatsApp chat group for whosoever wanted to connect to do so but, I later realised that the programme was actually for me and even nobody in the chat group responded it.
I sent a message to you on WhatsApp on Wednesday May 26th that I wanted to join your prayer group and you asked Sis Olufunto to respond to me. She did and connected me to GSWMI Intercessory Team and like a beginner class to relearn who I was in Christ Jesus. I remember my first day of attending the class, I wasn’t happy as I considered it too low for me as a born again Christian of many years. It was just like taking me through the rudiments of being a believer all over again. In fact, on that day, I deleted myself from the class, but thank God for brother Ubong who later contacted me requesting to know why I left the class and imploring that I should continue. I’m really grateful to God that I did. My spiritual eyes were opened, my mind was opened, what I heard and learnt in those classes were completely different from what I was taught and had believed for more than 29 years of being born again.
I was facing a difficult period of my life. I had resigned from my work in February 2020 just before COVID-19 became serious in Nigeria. I had thought that being an Engineering & Project Management Professional with more than 20 years of experience, it would be easy for me to secure another employment elsewhere.
Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out the way I had expected.
There was no job!
I was indebted to a bank and another financial institution to the tune of about 9 million naira and since there was no salary again, I couldn’t pay back the loans I took and it became a serious financial situation for me.
I couldn’t disclose this to my wife, even though, she knew I was owing she didn’t realise that the amount was huge.
I have two daughters in the University and my last daughter was in senior secondary school. I couldn’t afford to pay their school fees any longer. Even to pay for my wife’s medical school was an issue. She’s presently in her 4th year in a private medical school. The loans I took was to support her studies and the children’s education. It was a thing of joy for me when my wife decided to take on this medical programme despite her age and despite the fact that she graduated from the University in 1993 with a degree in Zoology.
To cut the long story short, when I was hit with financial pressures and after staying at home for more than a year without work, I became desperate and fell into despair and contemplated suicide many times. I shared my unemployment situation with brother Ubong.
It was on a Thursday, during one of the Firebrand’s 6-hour weekly prayers that I made a prayer request and a sister actually prayed with me about my joblessness. Also, I kept reading messages from the GSWMI Intercessory Team and one message, in particular, hit me. The message said, “someone was going to get three job offers and he should accept the second offer”. I immediately believed that the message was for me.
During the course of searching for work, I had written uncountable applications for work both locally and internationally but didn’t get any response. It was a shock to me when almost 3 weeks ago, an Oil & Gas Company – P****** Oil & Gas, contacted me about an Engineering Manager‘s role I applied for in their company. I was shocked that out of 1,100 candidates that applied, only 2 people were eventually shortlisted for final interviews and I was one of the 2 people. I was never interviewed prior to the 2 people being shortlisted for final interviews. I had my first virtual interview inside my car! I wasn’t prepared, it came all of a sudden. Last week, I met with the MD/CEO of the company for what the HR called, “A Chat with the MD”.
Everything went fine and the HR Manager called me yesterday to request for what I wanted as my remuneration as I didn’t tell them during my interview. She promised that a package was being prepared for me and begged me not to take any offer elsewhere and that by next week, my offer letter will be sent.
Last Sunday, a former colleague called me from Canada that there was a role that they wanted him to recommend someone for in an independent power company in Asaba, Delta State and he wanted me to please consider the role. He called another colleague who had contacted him about the role that he should talk to me that I was willing to consider it. These guys were my juniors when we were working together in the same company and the one in Canada had not spoken with me for more than a year after he moved to Canada. Eventually, they linked me up with the company and one of their executives wanted me to visit their office in Lagos for a chat. I couldn’t make it for the time he had put the meeting because I considered it too early for me. Fortunately for me, he had to arrange a virtual video meeting on WhatsApp for us to chat. I was surprised that after the chat, he wanted me to travel with them to A**** the next day. This was on Tuesday 3rd of August. They arranged tickets for me immediately. I was a bit scared of the possibility of being kidnapped. But, I encouraged myself and my wife, despite being scared too, encouraged me to travel. I travelled on Tuesday to see the power plant and had the opportunity of meeting the Chairman and the MD of the Company. They took turns speaking with me and were thoroughly satisfied. Yesterday, I had a virtual interview with the HR Manager and today, I have received my offer letter as the General Manager of the Company with fantastic considerations.
Please find the letter below:
Just to say that by next week, I will be receiving another offer from the Oil & Gas Company for the role of an Engineering Manager.
Other companies have contacted me for other roles too.
A British guy called me last week that there was a role of MD for a power company in Kaduna. A kind of joint venture between Kaduna D**** and another international power company and that he wanted to present me to the company for employment. He begged me not to take up any offer from another company. I asked him how he got to know me, he said he saw my profile on LinkedIn and knew I was the right person for the job.
A recruitment company also called me on Monday about an MD’s role for a Renewable Power Company in Lagos. The person who spoke with me asked that I should send my CV to him and I immediately did so. He later called me to ask some questions and told me that I had the right experience and credentials for the role.
He called again the next day saying he’s presented my CV to the company and they will be happy to see me.
I don’t know what to say. I can’t even sleep
I’m so happy and grateful to God that He’s heard my secret cries in the nights…
When I showed the package of the first offer I have got to my wife, she almost fainted…
I am a member of the PSSBC School 10.
You have been of tremendous blessings to me and my family
I wish to meet you in person if possible Sir
May God bless you and may He fulfil every of your heart’s desires in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen

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