May 14, 2021


Some mechanics reached out to me
at 7 am on Thursday 13th May 2020
They said they needed help to complete
the chapel in their mechanic village.
They had started the project but
abandoned it for years due to lack of
I asked them how much they needed
to complete the project
They said 302,000 Naira!
I told them to send me their account
number, I spoke with my team about
the project.
I really wanted to help the mechanic
village with the project.
The Holy Spirit said “Go to the mechanic
village and see what is going on with
your eyes. If you want to help, do it
I drove to the mechanic village at about
1 pm to inspect the site, I called Engineer
Akindele, He is an excellent engineer
whom I have worked with on several
I asked the mechanic village guys if I
could build the chapel for them instead of
giving them money.
They said Yes!
The builder arrived and gave me an
estimate of 2,955,000 Naira!
I said “What!”
He said the chapel will need two toilets
(The mechanic village doesn’t have a toilet)
and the structure that had put up will
have to be pulled down totally if we are
to build something worthwhile
I said “There is nothing God cannot do”
I sent a message to a brother Fabian Ohaneche
He is an engineer and the Head of the
GSWMI Missions Board.
We chatted for a few minutes
He said “We can do the project”
I said “Amen”
I dropped the call
My phone rang
A foreign number
The lady said “Brother Gbenga, what
project are you working on now?”
I told her about the mechanic village project
She said “I like it, please send me your
account number”
I sent it
She sent me one million Naira immediately
Oh wow
I told my team
Money started flowing in by the
Power of the Holy Spirit
I paid the contractor his advance fee and
the project will commence tomorrow
I sit here bemused by the power of the
Holy Spirit
He had something to do and he quickened
the whole world to get it done!
Blessed be the name of the Lord

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