Beg No More

December 26, 2021


If you notice a consistent pattern of
begging in your life, either on your timeline
or your life throughout 2021
If you notice that you are either constantly
in people’s dm or timeline asking for
giveaways or actively seeking to get your
hand in their pocket through one emotional
story or projected need
I am asking you to make sure that pattern
does not continue into next year
Begging is not a good thing, no matter
the need or the situation or the circumstances
because it is the prerogative of the poor
Jesus told the parable of a man who was
losing his job, this man began to consider
how to secure his future so that he does
not lack
There was something Jesus said about
this man that struck me…
“…And I am ashamed to beg” Luke 16:4
Many believe there is no harm in begging,
those who hold this belief lack spiritual
Beggars are the “decomposers” of human
Even if a beggar builds a mansion from
begging, his or wealth is never real
He or she cannot rise to any station of
note in life because the soakaway is
not void, it is just rich in waste!
I am not typing this from a position of
privilege, I have known poverty and lack
in a very serious way
I know how pressing needs can cause a
man to cast his pride in the dunghill and
throw himself or herself at the mercy
of all
I was never able to beg
Not when I didn’t have my school fees
or when I didn’t have transport money
to go from one location to the other
I have gone 21 days without food
(Drinking only custard) while I was in
100 level and never visiting the
cafeteria because I didn’t have any
Niyi Jenrola, a roommate of mine
noticed and insisted that he would buy
me lunch on the 22nd day
He said “You ought to have asked”, and
I said “You ought to have offered”
Some people hide behind the “a closed
mouth is a closed destiny” slogan to beg
shamelessly all the time
When you are before someone who can
sort out your destiny, you don’t need to beg!
You only need to ask.
Jesus said “Ask” he didn’t say “beg”
There is a big difference between both
Beggars develop a mentality that is very
difficult to change
At a point, they consider the fact that they
are begging a privilege you “their target”
ought to consider.
One will say “Look at me, someone like
me is begging you…”
Once you’re begging, you’re no longer
someone “like anyone”
Whatever parameters you’re using to
measure your worth is down the drain
I cannot count the number of times
I walked several kilometers rather than
beg people to help pay my transport fare
as a primary school pupil
I saw many of my mates hanging around
bus stops begging conductors and passengers
I know where most of them are in life right now
You develop character and insight into life
issues when you go through certain
difficulties without looking for a cheap
I have gained more wading through the
waters at such times than clinging to others
to bail me out of tight situations
I remember meeting a very wealthy woman
once, she wanted to arrange me for her
daughter in marriage
She knew I was poor and she baited me
with money
I walked away
A friend of mine took the bait and the
woman wasted five years of his life
The difference was our mentality
From the moment David was anointed king,
he started acting like one
Kings don’t beg!
That you don’t have certain things today
does not mean you have to beg to have
Often we are trained through travails to
master resources!
Begging is not fun
The worst of them all are the ones
pinning suicide notes on their timelines
all in a bid to elicit positive responses
from their targets
How can you position yourself as a vermin
and not expect to be swatted!
Being a giver is such a wonderful thing!
Try that!

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