Beauty and The Beast

February 8, 2021



One of my fellowship leaders while i was
in the University was invited as a resource
person on one of the live TV shows
running at our television station.
As soon as i saw his name, i became
excited at the thought of seeing him again.
He was an inspiration to me as i transited
between nominal Christianity and
becoming a true citizen of the kingdom.
His sermons are down to earth and real.
Even though i had not seen him for
over seven years, i could see from
his profile that he has equally grown
in the ministry and had been ordained
as a Deacon.
He arrived and had a wonderful show,
i waited for him at the exit and
introduced myself, he recognized me
and we chatted for a few minutes
before he departed.
As soon as his vehicle drove away,
the producer of the show came to
ask me where i knew him from.
I saw an opportunity to witness and
told her the story of my conversion
and the role he played.
The lady listened patiently and as
soon as i concluded she began to
I was at sea. I had witnessed to
many people in the past and have
experienced a lot of reactions but
hysteric laughter was never on the
Why are you laughing?
Did i say something? I enquired and
she turned around and said ‘i do not
doubt that you are a believer but
that man is no Christian!
He is married and he demanded to
sleep with me before granting me
this interview, Please don’t call him
a pastor or a deacon, he is nothing
of such!
I was shell shocked!
It is true that all around me i see
Christian leaders whose salts have
lost their sweetness, i see believers
whose light has become darkness,
i pray for many but i live with the
reality of the hypocrisy that abounds
in every denomination of the Christian
Scandal selling tabloids continue to s
ell because the beast in man continue
to dominate the beauty of Christ in
many Church leader’s souls, and as
the head is, the body has also become.
Pastors ‘password’ their phones from
their wives, prophets blatantly lying
of attending business meetings while s
atisfying their lustful desires in lush
hotel rooms
Deaconesses clubbing till mama calls
and General Overseers overseeing
the anatomy of ladies whose souls
they ought to be burdened to win
for the Kingdom.
At first they try very hard to keep it
a secret but as their hearts harden
they become blunt and uncaring.
One man came to a very large church
as a first timer and confessed that
he never knew the pastor in charge
of that church who happened to be
his boss at the office for over fifteen
years was a pastor.
He was dazed that it is so easy for
the pastor to separate his spiritual
life from his secular life.
What such church leaders do not
know is that people see them and
talk about their escapades in
hushed tones.
Their drivers, secretaries, assistants,
friends, relatives, children and some
church workers are in on their
open secret.
The warning signs are there, they are
too consumed by self to see it.
Instead of them to take a decision to
protect their souls by confessing their
sins, they cover it up, thinking of the
scandal and the disgrace to their person
– like Esau, they wanted to eat their
porridge and have it- they forget that
even though grace speaks for
everybody in Christ, you cannot join
Christ and Baal and expect and positive
I agree that many struggle as Christians,
but if a preacher is an adulterer?
What is he preaching?
Christ the adulterer?
If a pastor is cheating on his spouse?
What is he preaching? Christ the cheat?
If you say you are for him and none of
him is found in you? What are you?
Little wonder our churches are full of
bitter souls instead of better souls?
No wonder we lack the moral compass
to bring sinners to a point of dismay
and repentance.
Our actions encourage sinners to
say, ‘at least I don’t pretend’!
Put your ears to the ground and observe
those around you!
Do you inspire them to sin?
Pastor! What do you inspire?
The beauty of Christ or the Beast in
the fallen man?
It is never too late to run to the feet of
the master, like Peter your restorer liveth,
put aside your ego and pride.
Open up to the restorer of our souls,
confess and plead for his mercy.
Take time out to eat the bread of life,
rest until you are dissolved into him
and like a phoenix you will rise again,
better, greater and with wings to soar
above your weaknesses.
Remember, every time you assume
you have escaped with a sinful deed,
you walk deeper and deeper into
the snare of the fowler!
You cannot be cleansed from iniquity
through your self-will or efforts
Rekindle your walk with the Holy
Spirit, let him teach you how to live
the Supernatural life in Christ
He is the one that will keep you from
falling by training your human
spirit to become more and more
like him
You can live far above sin and its
You can live a life full of power and
might in the Holy Spirit

Tunde F.




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