Be His Little Children

June 19, 2021


Be His Little Children

When it comes to money, I am like a child, I learned about money from a minister of God who shared the same philosophy especially because when i was a Pastor I suffered from lack and the experience was very scary. It almost made me renounce my calling as a minister of the gospel.
The strain money brings to a minister of the gospel, his life and his marriage, and other aspects of his reality can cause him or her to start growing while hairs at an early age
One day, I asked the Lord about money
How do I get it and what do i do to keep it
The Holy Spirit said “Grown-ups do not depend on anyone but themselves they calculate because they had been trained to follow the scale of preference and to see resources as finite but children are unaware of cost and consequences, If they wanted a thing, they just take it”
I remember that day clearly, we went to my older sister’s house
While we were there, we saw some automated toy cars, the type that children can sit in and drive around
My sons sat in one and somehow it became a fight between them and my sister’s children
Sharing was the issue
Whoever was seated didn’t want to alight
I know for a fact that my sister didn’t buy those toys, an aunt of ours gave the toys to her
The aunt was very wealthy and buys a lot of expensive toys for her only son
When the young man lose interest in the toys, they are passed on and new ones were bought
My aunt will take him to the store so that he chooses whatever toy he wanted
The boy was adopted and treated like a demigod
I decided my children deserves the same treat
It is not their fault that i didn’t have money, why should they suffer lack?
So when we were driving home, i prayed
I said “Lord, i will be taking my sons shopping tomorrow, I want to buy them brand new cars and i know i have the resources to buy it
in Jesus name. Amen!
I didn’t have a job at this time
I had worked with a TV station for eleven months and had been paid for only three months
The MD felt he had a right to owe and we had to stick with it
I found no sense in that philosophy, so I resigned
So i had no natural source of income, although every month i get a certain amount of money in my account (Always between twenty and thirty thousand Naira)
I never knew where it came from till tomorrow but it stops whenever i had a job and continues to flow whenever i was out of a job
When i got home that day, I received a phone call from the public relations department of a University
They were organizing a community project that they wanted to put on TV
Somebody gave them my number
I went for the job the next day and i made two hundred thousand Naira
I had to go to the assignment with my children (There was nowhere to put them because we had to let the house help go once I lost my job. I was doing all the househusband roles and I was quite good at it)
So i left them in the car (I asked the security guy at the car park to please keep an eye on them, i made sure they had snacks and all. I did the interviews and all, got paid and got back to Lagos within five hours)
Of course, the children had cried and fussed while i was away, so i decided to compensate them
I drove to the supermarket and took them to the toy section
I asked them to choose whatever they wanted
My children didnt consider my cheap clothes and shoe and my car or my bank account
They went to the automated cars and chose one
The cost was fifty thousand Naira
I bought it immediately
When we got home, their mother (My wife) almost made me kneel down and face the wall
My mother-in-law also came visiting that day and could barely grit her teeth
They couldn’t believe that I would make some money and squander it like that
Spend a quarter of your earning on a toy when you didn’t know where your next income will come from?
It was a daft move right?
Yea, from an adult’s point of view
My children’s opinion was totally different
They were given what they desired
Their father was the richest man in the world
They were the only children in their school to have such a car
You need to hear my sons talk about me after i bought that car,
you need to hear it!
Totally inspirational
Stuff of Kings!
They saw and talked about me the same way I saw and talked about God
I was Jehovah Jireh to them!
The Holy Spirit came to me that same night and said “Can I be to you what you have become to your sons?
You could have considered your poverty but you refused to think poor for their sake
You could have considered your lack, but you refused to think lack for their sake
You prayed a prayer you didn’t pray for yourself in order to provide for them and you were answered speedily
The consequence of buying the toy meant my wife considered me a reckless spender and got to keep the rest of the money before i bought the moon with it for the children
I understood perfectly
She was an adult and I was learning how to be a child
Children didn’t know it cost so much to get things done, they dont understand the concept of money, it is only adults that have problems with money.
As a minister of the gospel, i ask you to refuse to be troubled with money
Don’t think like “How much do I give God? How much do I commit to a Kingdom project. How much do I get from this service? How much honorarium do i get to come and minister in your church…
Somebody once wrote to me and said “After the 70 days of PSSBC, will you do a one on one review and assessment with us, in the banking sector we call it an appraisal review session to measure progress, growth, and determine the next steps to take. I mean being a paid school and all, we shouldn’t have to end it without our financial needs and other expectations being met and all”
That is an adult right there
For the person it was not about the classes and the practicals of being a believer
It is about personal financial problems that needed a magic wand
and no wonder the challenges remained
A carnal mindset does not profit off the Kingdom because both system are opposite and just wouldn’t mix
Think differently about money.
Think like a child and that the money is always there in abundance. Think like that because it’s true. Refuse to think otherwise”.
Remember the humble beginning of David and how God blessed him so much that he was able to leave abundant wealth for his son, Solomon.
Wisdom without money is not good
A powerful message without resources is not good.
Sometimes you watch a Christian programme and you see so-called pastors manipulating people to give to God
They come up with bogus seed offerings
70 seeds of 7 dollars each, the seed of 352 dollars, the gift of 5000 dollars for spiritual covering over families
You will watch these shows and weep if you’re a believer
People fall for it and the pockets of those in such ministrations are full but it is of no impact to the giver’s life
I am a teacher of the gospel and I know when lives are blessed because it is always evident
I also know when people are being manipulated and cheated out of their resources
When you ask pastors why they resorted to exploitation, they will say it is because people refused to give
Well, God loves a cheerful giver
The ministry of Jesus was wealthy because he was going about doing good and being a blessing
My hand will never withhold a blessing from the Lord
All the days of my life, I shall be a blessing to the kingdom of God
On April 24th, 2021, (My birthday) I was lodged in a hotel somewhere in Ikeja by a couple getting married
Before this time i had always come to Lagos to minister at various churches and I always paid for my hotel room
I think it was only when I ministered at New Heritage Baptist Church that I was lodged into a hotel by the church
I felt extremely uncomfortable with the arrangement
Like i won’t get any blessing after all the time and effort i have put into ministering
I had come to know that God does not owe me and whenever i give to his work in any of His churches, I am saying “Your work shall not suffer all the days of my life. As long as I am living, I will be a blessing to the church of Jesus Christ and even after I have departed, i will be a blessing to the church of Jesus Christ!!”
So after my ministration at New Heritage Baptist Church (January 2019) they sent me a cheque as honorarium
I asked for the account number of the church and sent some good money back to the church
Since that time I had ministered in many cities and churches and I always paid for my welfare
So this wedding was the only other time I didn’t pay for my accommodation
When I was in the hotel, I found myself having a very long and interesting conversation with one of the Heads of Ministry of PSSBC
I remember i was hungry and we talked until i got to the restaurant where I wanted to eat
I was asking this minister for something very important and we dragged it on and on until she finally conceded
When i got back to my room I said “Lord Jesus, I did it! I did this for you! Oh Glory! I have brought something special to your minister’s heart and nudged her in a direction that I am convinced you wanted her to go! I did this for you. I am a blessing to your body, I am a blessing to your church, I am a blessing to your children. Thank you for making me such a joy to many homes and destinies”
It wasn’t an unusual prayer or attitude
My sons will go to school, win medals and come running home to me
They wanted me to see what they had achieved and they desired that I delight in it and celebrate them for it
Usually, whenever they came home with a new win, I would reward it by taking them out for lunch and making them tell me all about it, especially if i was not there when it happened
If i was there, i would take them to lunch or for a walk and we would talk about it again
I would beam with joy and rub their heads
I’d say “You have the Holy Spirit in you, you were born to reign”
So i do the same whenever I achieve something i believe the Lord is joyful about
I will take the trophy to Him and hand it over
Joab conquered Jerusalem and handed the city to David
Cyrus conquered Babylon and handed it to Darius his Father
Jesus conquered the world and handed it to God (Revelations 5)
Philip the evangelist converted Azotus to Christ and handed the city to Peter
I hand over all he has ever empowered me to do back to Him
Every ministry, every miracle, every service, every ministration, every testimony
They belong to Him
That night, after my class, I went to sit by the poolside of the hotel to make a video call with my wife and children
We were still on the call when a group of sailors from Turkey had an emergency
One of them was allergic to mushroom and ate one by mistake
He was dying and there was commotion everywhere
I went over and to get some quiet said “shhhhhhhhhhhhh”
to everybody
Death and disease also heard the hush and obeyed
Even though i was not addressing the attack yet
The swollen and protruding tongue shushed back into the mouth and the man recovered after a simple prayer and the laying on of hands
It was a miracle
These guys were non-Christians
They had never seen such a thing before
They invited me to their home to pray for the wife’s mother
That was for Sunday 25th April
I told them I dont stay in Lagos and would have to check out of the hotel by Saturday afternoon after the wedding
They booked me into another hotel
The next day, i prayed for their mother and she got healed
They offered me money and all
I said no
I returned home and got a call from the hotel that I have been offered a loyalty membership and heavy discount for staying in their hotel for life, not only that, the family had instructed the hotel that anytime i stay there they would pay my bills
Imagine that!
I had been paying for my own hotel with thanksgiving
I never saw it as a sap or drain on my resources and yet I got this
glorious offer
I am a child of God
My resources are infinite
I refuse to live with a consciousness of lack or a mindset of “I am carrying a burden or I have to manage reosurces”
I kid you not
I remember having a conversation with a family friend recently
I was trying to make her see things as I see them
I said, “Do you think you can fund your home for a month on your salary?”
She had been saying some things up to that point
When i said that, she took a pause and shook her head
So i told her to relax and enjoy being a child of God
I am fully loaded with benefits and anyone that is with me has the benefit of enjoying all the goodness of God without struggle
She did, a few days later she was offered a great job with wonderful benefits
She had the interview online and it was wrapped up in a few minutes
She said “I used to want this job for the better pay and visibility. I had prayed and fasted about it without any result. When you spoke to me about relaxing and enjoying last week, I started going to your website to look for new stories to record. I am on my tenth story and this job came to me just like this without any struggle!!”
I laughed and congratulated her
Learning to be a child is not so hard, all we have to do is look at our own children and hoe easy it is for them to sleep and eat without any worry whatsoever
Unless you deliberately introduce worry to a child, he or she does not understand the concept
They learn such things from adults
Adults call it growing up
The Kingdom requires that you grow in the opposite direction
Jesus himself said the Kingdom belong to those who are like children
Work so hard to make what Jesus already did happen in your life and ministry.
Your life does not consist in the abundance of the things you have
but in doing the will of the Father
Many move from job to job and business to business in the name of trying to make money
Once that bug bites, restlessness and a whole bag of trouble follows
Before long the hair is white and the body is weary from toil
Don’t be like this
Many of us do not want to put anything in our walk with the Lord and yet we desire to take everything out of it
There is a hymn that I love so much, it reminds me that whenever i hold on to anything, i diminish in my appreciation of his selflessness
1 I gave My life for thee,
My precious blood I shed,
That thou mightst ransomed be,
And quickened from the dead;
I gave, I gave My life for thee,
What hast thou done for Me?
I gave, I gave My life for thee,
What hast thou done for Me?
2 My Father’s house of light,
My glory-circled throne
I left for earthly night,
For wanderings sad and lone;
I left, I left it all for thee,
Hast thou left aught for Me?
I left, I left it all for thee,
Hast thou left aught for Me?
3 I suffered much for thee,
More than thy tongue can tell,
Of bitterest agony,
To rescue thee from hell;
I’ve borne, I’ve borne it all for thee,
What hast thou borne for Me?
I’ve borne, I’ve borne it all for thee,
What hast thou borne for Me?
4 And I have brought to thee,
Down from My home above,
Salvation full and free,
My pardon and My love;
I bring, I bring rich gifts to thee,
What hast thou brought to Me?
I bring, I bring rich gifts to thee,
What hast thou brought to Me?

He requires that we give to Him, bring to him, give to him, bless him
His love and example demands it
His nature and Kingdom thrives on it
His word and spirit expresses it
I do it like a child at all times and I am blessed
I drive a car i didnt buy, live in a house that i didn’t struggle to build,
stay in a hotel i didn’t pay for, all because I have come to trust and
depend on him as a child depends on his or her parent
When people join PSSBC i always gauge their motive because this
determines what they gain or come out with
Some come in looking for a miracle, so they are not really students and most of them left disappointed
I didn’t advertise a miracle grabbing school
PSSBC is a school where you learn to sort out your walk and thrive in living in the supernatural reality
The school is for children of the spirit, not adults of the world
The proceeds of PSSBC, however small goes into Kingdom projects
and we are all aware of this
One would expect many to give knowing they are getting knowledge and at the same time putting their resources in the Kingdom
Most dont and yet, they want all the blessings
Maybe it works that way in other kingdoms but not in the Kingdom of His own dear Son
I am a blessing because I give
I have never been a taker
The reason I share the receipts of bank transactions and all on our welfare page is to give us all a culture of being generous towards the Lord and His projects
Children would but adults won’t!
Adults make things their value and driving force.
It will make them to keep moving from pillar to post chasing better offers.
You’re a child of God.
Think differently.
Try what I’m sharing with you for three to five months.
Let it stick.
You will be amazed.
Don’t drown in the water”.

Practical Tips
Please support our church building project. We have built churches and have been funding missionaries, widows and students without asking for major contributions or donations from those who had been benefiting from the ministry, but we have a huge project ahead of us and we will like it to be a blessing to the whole world. our account numbers are 0147873287 GTbank, 1223897578 Access Bank, 1396286452 (Dollar Account) Access Bank, 1435168295 Access Bank, the project is a 150 million Naira edifice including a nursery and primary school, a health centre, an audio studio and other blessings for the community we had decided to site it which is Kajola community along the Lagos Ibadan Expressway. This community is unchurched and rapidly developing, the Lord has placed this in our heart and we shall accomplish it by the power of the Holy Spirit.
The Lord told me once and I shared with us all at the time that I should encourage PSSBC folks to give to PSSBC projects. He said “If outsiders give to you, outsiders shall be blessed and the glories I have surrounded you with will struggle. Make this their river, let them drink and be satisfied.
I am happy to teach all day for free and I think you all know this. If i have to I will build the cathedral alone. I dont want to. David turned debtors and desperate men to Mighty men, Jesus turned Fishermen to Apostles, He has called you glories. You have the mandate to shine as bright as you desire by the power of the Holy Spirit
It only makes a lot of sense that there is a steady income coming into the project apart from seeds.
Your financial freedom is not in that next job, don’t say, “If only I got that job, I will have financial freedom!!”, it is the Lord your God who gives you the power to make wealth. Like David, it is time to trust in him and not lean on your own understanding
If you don’t need it, you dont have to have it. (I live by this principle. I was offered a Benz recently and I told the person with apologies that I dont need such an expensive car at the moment. I didn’t take it to sell it. I don’t do things like that. All i do, i do with a desire to please the Holy Spirit. If He is happy with me, I am fine
Don’t aim for the least when you can have the best. Keep your eyes on the goal and rest in Him
You owe it to yourself to be an heir of the Kingdom and not an adult of the Kingdom. Being an heir, you have a right to exercise and appropriate resources boldly and with confidence when you make your declarations while all adults do is toss and turn in bed and worry
You will not spend supernatural resources in heaven, they are to be spent here and now. Amen

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