Balaam and The BBC

January 21, 2024


I knew the BBC was going to do a poor job of slandering the victim they chose to spit on recently in the name of doing a special report

Don’t get me wrong, the subject they chose to do their expose on was a sorcerer

I had written about him and had several confrontations and arguments on social media about him while he was alive

I only stopped talking about him after he died because I know that like many other cultists before him, his legacy will continue until whatever he started becomes acceptable the same way some so-called Christian sects have survived having scandalous pioneers

Till tomorrow, I cannot be convinced that any garment-wearing church truly belongs to the body of Christ

They may belong to a body, and that body may be big and thriving but I am very sure that body has nothing to do with Christ

The reason I said this is simple; the process through which they dispense the verities of the supernatural is flawed and inconsistent with the instructions of Christ

What they call “spiritual work” which they do with all sorts of material mediums from candles to coconuts, to palm fronds, to stinking perfumes, incense, strange water prepared for people to drink, soaps for people to bathe, strange prophesies that compel so-called Christians to engage in diabolic activities akin to making pagan sacrifices and placing such at T-junctions in the name of getting a healing, a breakthrough and so on have nothing to do with the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus

Sometimes they go to the extent of killing animals, wrapping banana trees with white cloth, and burying them alive to save someone they believe would die from the jaws of death

These pagan practices are backed by the use of the name of Jesus, strange demons and strange manifestations which ought not to be but have become accepted by those who don’t know the word of God

They have seen these practices as a practical means of combating life issues over time but the gospel has nothing to do with their reality

These gatherings consist of ignorant people, acting as led by a few who know the truth but have come to accept the demonic practices and doctrines as a way of life

Internet fraudsters, drug barons, human traffickers, and other criminals flock to their pastors for spiritual work from all over the world, this is a known fact

How then can they be members of the body of Christ? 2 Corinthians 6: 15 “What harmony is there between Christ and Belial?”

They cannot preach the gospel of salvation to their members and get them filled with the Holy Spirit

The sermons preached are empty words lacking transformative abilities and values If you decide to research them, you will conclude that they do not practice the same doctrine that Jesus established in the Bible but you cannot call them frauds or scams or fakes in the light of staging miracles and lying about the impact their practices have on people

If you will do a thorough and acceptable investigation, you have to do so by first acknowledging that they had access to powers that are not natural

This is the dilemma of the BBC They didn’t want to acknowledge that there is a God or that there is an entity called the devil

They didn’t want to acknowledge that there were powers at work in that cult that could not be explained in a laboratory or by any natural means

If they did that, they would have to admit that there is something called witchcraft, dark arts, sorcery, magic, malevolent force, demonic power, and evil spirits

If they acknowledge this, they will be forced to acknowledge that there is a Holy Spirit, benevolent Spirit, miracle-working power, anointing, the supernatural, the anointing, divine power, heaven, and God

It will be like reporting on Superman but refusing to acknowledge he is from Krypton, refusing to acknowledge the source of his ability to fly, have laser eyes, and extraordinary strength

Any right-thinking reporter or journalist (I am a well-trained one with certificates and years of experience on the job) would have to ask the five fundamental questions when it comes to any topic: Who did what? To Whom was it done? What was done? Why was it done? (Motive) Where was it done? How was it done?

The BBC failed woefully to explain the How?

How was Jim IYKE made to say the things he said on camera in a church full of people even though he didn’t believe or want to go to the church but because of the desperation that came upon the family when his mother was sick?

How was another woman made to say she was Lucifer and she had come to confront the sorcerer because he scattered her kingdom?

How come that British lady kept saying, “I kept saying that is not me but it was?” How was he able to cover the consciousness and will of many under a shroud to the point that they lose their abilities to do their will and act according to the dictates of their own minds while in that space he called church?

Jim Iyke in his interview said something like, “I do not claim to know everything, I acknowledge that there are powers in this world that are beyond the natural”

Why didn’t the BBC talk about the “How” behind the atrocities of this modern-day Balaam?

I met a family; at a hospital when my first son was sick in 2012

They brought in a daughter who was ill with dysentery

Their daughter was sharing the same ward with my son

We got talking as parents and this woman told me she attended that church and after that, she lost her ability to think right for nine years

She talked about the zombie-like cloud that came upon her even while she was asleep in her house that dragged her to see this Balaam and have sexual intercourse with him over and over again

I was a young Pastor at the time but I didn’t find that story to be strange

When as a teenager I attended a white garment church because I wanted to date a girl who was attending the church and I refused to heed the warnings of my mother, I saw strange things in that cult

I saw a pretty lady who came to the church in the morning for prayers and by the evening of that day had become the wife of the prophet of the parish

The lady’s husband heard she was in this church and came running like a prince to rescue his damsel in distress

When he saw the lady, the lady didn’t recognize him

She was talking normally, and interacting with those around her normally but her mind had become blank when it came to her ability to make the right decisions for herself This lady came to herself nine years later after she had given birth to four children for this prophet

Members of garment-wearing churches cannot deny that they have seen this play out several times in their churches

The Balaam that was investigated in death was a prophet among them for several years I have written before about the activities of strange spirits, contracted to a human master who had come into covenant with them in exchange for fame and wealth and how such spirits would be deployed to put the ignorant, the prayerless, those not filled with the Holy Spirit under subjection to the extent of making them do whatever the one they serve wanted at will

There was another lady whose story I had written some years ago

She was the PA to a prominent female preacher of the gospel before she met her husband who is from Delta State in Nigeria

When the preacher died suddenly, this lady needed a job desperately and she got one with a Korean company as a marketer of their electronic and medical products in West Africa

The job was a good one and she made a lot of money

Her husband however was struggling financially and was supporting the lady by caring for the children and acting more or less like a house husband

The husband’s mother came to the house to visit them and saw how their home was set up

She convinced her son that his wife must be using his glory or destiny for her wealth and fame because according to the order of God, the man ought to be the head of the woman

This woman was illiterate, she didn’t think that her son didn’t really go to school while this woman had a Master’s degree

All she saw was that the traditional roles had been reversed in that family and to her that meant someone had done something evil

The woman told her son that he should change churches from the church where he met this lady to Balaam’s church

Reluctantly the lady followed this man to this strange church

As soon as she stepped into that church, right in front of the camera during Balaam’s ministration she stood up and began to “confess” that she was a Queen of the coast, an evil Spirit that rules over every man that comes into her sphere of influence

She said she slept around and was the reason her husband had never prospered

She said a lot of things, with her own mouth and on camera!

People love drama, Balaam gave them Drama!

Jesus never took away the dignity of any man or woman, he restored them to the fullness of their glory which God gave them from the beginning

We were not given the Holy Spirit for us to label others and condemn them as witches, demon-possessed, and evil

If anyone was possessed, like Mary Magdalene, a Christian will set such free, minister the gospel to him or her, get him or her filled with the Holy Spirit, and convert such into an asset for the Kingdom of God, just as Jesus did for Mary of Magdala

The Bible says we are to reconcile all men to God as ambassadors of Christ

This lady did not even know what she did in church

When they got home her husband started acting strangely toward her

He was convinced she was a witch and if he should do anything to provoke her, she would kill him!

So, he played along and pretended to love and respect her for a year

That year, he had published her obituary in a newspaper he knew she would never read and he had gone to the embassy to apply for a visa for himself and his daughters One day she got home from work and he was gone with the children

She simply met an empty house She almost ran mad

When her case was brought to me in 2016 and I heard her story, we prayed

Someone saw her husband in Canada and told someone else

The news got to her

She got his phone number and wrote to him that she was going to the embassy with lawyers to report the issue and have him deported

He replied by telling her, he would be long gone with the children to another country by the time she did that

I spoke to him and asked him what can be done to remedy the situation so that he can take his wife back and reconcile the children with their mother

He said she must go back to the Balaam’s church, go through their deliverance session on TV, and get a clean bill of spiritual health from Balaam

Out of desperation the lady went to the church and volunteered to be a worker

All she wanted out of it was to get her family back

She developed a mental illness, lost her job, and became very unstable for a while

We dealt with that and she was healed by the power of the Holy Spirit

After that, she let go of the whole issue and began to pick up the pieces of her life Balaam ruined too many lives

He did this through sorcery and dark arts

We must learn to call things what they are and not secularize things that are beyond the secular

The BBC could have interviewed men of God with a proven understanding of what was happening to give them some insight

I know Pastor Chris Okotie spoke and wrote about it and so did some other knowledgeable ministers of the gospel

The reason BBC didn’t do this was because they didn’t want to acknowledge that there is a God

They could have spoken to Pastor Kumuyi or Pastor Adeboye

I know for sure Pastor Adeboye warned us not to associate with Balaam and he gave us reasons that I do not want to state here because it is not my story to tell

They didn’t speak with Pastor Adeboye because they would consider that an endorsement of what he stands for and who he represents

They did a very bad job because they were not open-minded in their investigation

You cannot investigate a spiritual mishap with a secular scope

The approach they chose left too many people aware of what they already know or suspect but without any knowledge of what really happened and how it happened so that they can learn from it and not fall for it in the future

PS: When a sorcerer casts a spell over an environment, he creates a parallel reality that enables him to control all the elements in that reality and subject those caught in his or her web to the dictates of his or her will

A prophet can also do this too

In 2 Kings 6:8-23, a group of soldiers were sent to arrest Elisha He asked God to strike them with blindness

When you read it you will see that the soldiers saw him, spoke to him, and even went with him of their own accord to the King’s palace

They were not struck with physical blindness

Their ability to understand reality was taken away from them

They could have been killed and they would have died without a fight

The King came to Elisha with this proposal in 2 Kings 6:21 but Elisha rejected it

This spell was one of the dark arts deployed by Balaam through evil spirits to bewitch people and make them do whatever he wanted for the world to see and believe he had supernatural powers

It is nothing new, he learned it from the church where he was a prophet for many years and deployed it at the maximum capacity



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