Backlash 2

February 11, 2021


Starting all over with four children was
She was resigned to a life in which
she would raise her children alone
But she couldn’t do that on the
meagre sales she was making at her
The shop was not small by any standard
She made sure it was well stocked but
she couldn’t raise four children with
all their needs on the proceeds from
the shop without bankrupting the
She continued to date available men
with loose change who could help
her meet her immediate needs so
that she wouldn’t deplete her savings
She engaged the services of many
spiritualists and herbalists in the
That was how the game was played
Their charms lure men into her
life and keeps them for several seasons
while she milks them of whatever she
could get out of the affair
This was her lifestyle, her fate
Her children grew fast
She had rented a three-bedroom
apartment in a decent neighbourhood
where she raised her children
She also entertained her men at the
apartment whenever they were not
meeting at the hotel
Her children went to the best schools
She ensured that they went to church
every Sunday
She was not a model but she wanted
them to make better choices than
she did
They grew up around her dates and
she made them address the men as
either Uncle or Daddy
She never sat them down to explain
her life choices and decisions
She however mentioned it to them
at one time or the other
“Do you think i want to be here,
doing these things I am doing?
If it is to meet my own needs, I have
everything I need but i have to
fend for you.
I am making these sacrifices for
Her children heard her, she was
sure they did because they loved
and accepted her for who she was
They were not ashamed of her
before their friends who came from
traditional backgrounds and made
sure they didn’t bring her much
By the time she clocked 55, her
first three children had graduated
from the University and they were
all gainfully employed while the last
one was an undergraduate
She had done it
The education of the last child was
sponsored by the older ones
She was well taken care of by her
They all gave her monthly stipends
and her business was still doing well
She gave her life to Christ
She put in her all at her local church
By the time she was 60, she was
ordained as a deaconess
Old things had sincerely passed away
for her and all things had become
She waited to see her children
settle down into their marriages and
bring grandchildren to her
It didn’t happen
The ones that got into relationships
couldn’t stay in one for up to two
Her first daughter got married early
and migrated to the USA with her
husband but the marriage was a
very troubled one
So troubled that both the husband
and the wife lived in two different
cities due to a restraining order
her daughter got against her husband
Her son was a serial monogamist
He slept with everything he could
sleep with without committing to
anything serious
Her other two daughters had man
The first was obese and continued
to eat like a glutton instead of getting
back in shape
The second was dating only married
men because they give her less stress
It wasn’t the reality she desired
She believed her children were
bearing the consequences of her
past life
She prayed and fasted
She made vows and pledges
She went for several counseling
sessions and special prayer
The scripture said “The saying
that the fathers ate sour grapes
and the children’s teeth are set
on edge” was no longer valid
She was determined to bear the
consequences of her own actions
but it seemed God wanted to
punish her through her children
One evening, after another
series of fasting and prayer
She got a notification on Facebook
A familiar name posted a declaration
that seemed tailored to her needs
It was a declaration of forgiveness
and restoration
She checked out the name of the
It sounded familiar
She clicked on his profile and saw
to her shock that the person was
one of the children of her next door
neighbour in the estate where she
raised her children
Her children and the children of
this particular neighbour were
good friends in their teens
Was God sending her a message?
She reached out to him on Facebook
messenger at 12:30AM
He responded immediately
She called him and unburdened
her heart in deep sorrow
She said she wanted a miraculous
restoration of her first daughter’s
marriage and divine intervention
in the affairs of the other children
He listened to her
There was nothing she was saying
that he didn’t have an idea of
They were neighbours from 1988
till 1996
Her first son was two years older
than him but they were friends
When she was done, he prayed
with her
He gave her the word of God from
the prophet Jeremiah 32
15 For thus saith the Lord of hosts,
the God of Israel;
Houses and fields and vineyards shall
be possessed again in this land.
17 Ah Lord God! behold, thou hast
made the heaven and the earth by
thy great power and stretched out
arm, and there is nothing too hard
for thee:
18 Thou shewest lovingkindness unto
thousands, and recompensest the
iniquity of the fathers into the bosom
of their children after them:
the Great, the Mighty God, the Lord
of hosts, is his name,
19 Great in counsel, and mighty in
work: for thine eyes are open upon all
the ways of the sons of men: to give
every one according to his ways, and
according to the fruit of his doings:
27 Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all
flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?
42 For thus saith the Lord; Like as I
have brought all this great evil upon this
people, so will I bring upon them all
the good that I have promised them.

They spoke for over an hour
She received the instructions with
Two days later, her daughter and her
husband who had previously been
living in New York and New Jersey
due to a restraining order reconciled
They called her to share the news
cried for joy
On the 10th of February, they called
her to share the good news
At the age of 46, the daughter got
pregnant for the first time!
And that’s not all. She said she
has also seen great improvements
in the life of the other children
She was sure by the word of the
Lord that this year is her year
of total turnaround

PS: When you give your life to
Christ, you have a lot to do
Not to secure your eternity but
to help your friends, relatives and
neighbours in resetting their
If you had been a very influential
person in a negative way, you
have to make your new life reality
as loud and as pronounced as
Especially to your children and
close relatives
Parents are role models and most
children model themselves after
their parents in a weird way
When you meet the Lord, you have
a responsibility to play a part in
the remodelling process especially
for the ones who were set to live
after the pattern of your old life
Thank God for His sure word,
thank you Jesus for your supernatural
power that is at work in us.

GSW’s notes: I will be at the Lekki
Conservation Centre on Sunday the
14th of February with my wife to
mingle with my brothers and
Sisters at the GSWMI singles
All Covid-19 protocols will be
strictly observed and we will
still spend the day celebrating
Jesus in us.
The event is free of charge for
all participants.Time: 11-4pm
Thank you

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