Angels, You and His church

June 17, 2021



Jacob was the first character to witness angels ascending and descending upon himself in the book of Genesis.
He didn’t understand what it meant, but he had a vague idea and he quickly built an altar at that spot and named the place Bethel, meaning, “The House of God”. Later in His journey, he returned to this same spot and yes, he still encountered divine presence!
That day his name was changed from Jacob to Israel and he was pronounced the winner of a battle he lost because he was for the first time able to transcend the carnal reality for which he Was renowned and nicknamed the usurper for the spiritual reality that birthed in him his life purpose as the Prince of God.
Jesus later addressed Nathaniel in the synoptic gospels and assured him that he would see angels ascending and descending upon the son of man! All the Disciples witnessed this after the resurrection!
Angels were everywhere Jesus showed up at and were with Jesus even as he ascended into heaven!
The church of Jesus Christ is a supernatural church, angels work with the heirs of salvation everyday to accomplish the desires and Mandate of God per season in the world of men.
Angels ascend and descend upon me too, they ascend and descend upon the church of Jesus Christ too. In the book of Revelations, we were all brought to an understanding that churches have their own angels and not only that, believers are not alone in the work of the gospel. Even though angels cannot preach the gospel to anybody (they don’t understand it) but they work as instructed by the Holy Spirit to lead believers to willing hearts and also assist us in the working of miracles, signs and wonders.
Churches Are very important in the propagation of the gospel. Some are religious and some are not. The religious ones may need to get a dose or two of revival but churches are very key in training and developing kingdom mindset and character in human communities. More than that, they are Landing pads and take off points for angels on assignment and they are administrative centers for administrative angels. Most people won’t understand this, they simply cannot because their understanding is darkened, but believers should know this and pay attention to it too! I have come to know the Lord and do his work since I was 27 years old, I am a dispenser of eternal, supernatural and natural resources. I am a blessing to the world of men and my meat is to do the work of my father and complete it
The Lord will build his church and He will use me Wherever the gospel of the Lord Jesus shall be preached all over the world, my resources shall be invested and the sons of the day shall call me blessed! I am the prolongment of the days of Jesus, i and my Father are one!


The Bible says there is no beauty in Jesus that we should desire him, there was nothing striking about the physical man of galilee. At his arrest, he was with eleven other men and somebody had to come and tell him apart from the rest because there was nothing striking about his body, when he ministered the impact was not as striking as many ministers assumed, When somebody says, “Can I be like Jesus, my first question in answering him is “Who is Jesus!”, because they usually have an assumption of who Jesus was. God doesn’t want you to be like that man, the one who walked upon the earth! That was as he was. We are as He is, not as he was! We are as Jesus is now. Jesus in the flesh operated before the dispensation of the Holy Spirit or the church began, If you were like that Jesus, you will not be effective, because that Jesus came to make us sons of God, don’t look at the rabbi of Nazareth, the teacher from Israel, look at the risen christ! That risen Christ has a different image, from what you read in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John! That Son who died came to make us sons like the risen, enthroned, perfected Christ. Don’t ever look at yourself and say “I wish I could become like Jesus, when you say that you will be referring to the Jesus who walked upon the earth in the synoptic gospels! No. You cannot be looking for a man among children. You don’t grow to become more human in the flesh. You are 100% human as a day old baby as you will be as a 100 years old man. The same applies to you when you give your life to Jesus, you are not becoming like him, you ARE LIKE HIM ALREADY. But as we also grow in knowledge in our human nature, we also grow in knowledge in our spiritual nature. You have the Holy Spirit and yet you run after pastors and prophets to help you with spiritual realities because you have not mastered your spiritual nature yet. When you mature in spiritual things, you will be like Paul saying “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me” Look at St, John, he knew Jesus the man and yet later affirmed that the same Jesus was the son of God after he met the resurrected one. in 1 John 4:4, He said You are of God little children and have overcome them because greater is that is in you than He that is in the world. You have the life of God in you now! The mentality of the disciples changed after they met the glorified Christ, when you see the glorified Christ you will walk in and live the glorified life. And that is when you will become the church that is going in the rapture, a church that has come to know the fullness of the power and the reality of the risen Christ. Now that you are a Christian you have another life inside you, you are a new creature!


After our meeting in Kajola today with the building committee, it became clear that we can begin to build the Pneuma Cathedral from the first week of July! We have patiently waited to dot our i’s and cross our T’s in this one. We have spent a total of 13 million Naira on the site so far. 7.6 million to procure the land (5 plots) and 6.4 million Naira to fence and gate it, do the survey, agreement, clearing, bore hole, tanks and so on) I announced on Twitter today that we are about to embark on the project, two people sent in 50K each. This is the first 100K we have that is committed towards building the church itself. We have all given so much and this is a dream come true even as it is. One plot of land has become 5, all fenced and gated with all dues paid without owing anyone a penny) Glory be to God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will ask that you include the project in your daily confession, as I will! Our confessions made the first phase a success! I will also endeavour to write all our projects into our declarations as a ministry from today! We will break every record breakable and do much more for God out of abundance! It is time to raise billions to develop this project, let it rain!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glory be to God! Hallelujah.
GSWMI Account no 1223897578 Access Bank, 1396286452 (Dollar Account) Access Bank, 0147873287 GT Bank. Building Project Account 1435168295 Access bank

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