And Now I can See

August 3, 2021


I had been blind in one eye since i was a child and my peripheral vision in the healthy eye started failing
I went to the doctors to complain, they did their tests and told me to start preparing myself for the worst
They said the illness was a strange virus called eye herpes and that it might go or i might go blind suddenly
I had been consistently losing my sight for four years
To the point where i don’t go out by myself any longer once the sun goes down
Yesternight, just as you were praying with us on Berachah service
The one that i didnt grow up seeing with suddenly began to itch me
It was terrible
If felt as if fire was in it and it was tingling and burning and i was very uncomfortable
After the service, i used an eye drop and some sleeping pills and slept off
I woke up at six am with my two eyes seeing
Brother Gbenga, my two eyes are seeing clearly
My wife had left me for over five years because of it
I live with my daughter
Whe my dughter saw it, she called my two other children and my wife
They came to the house to see the miracle
My wife begged me, she said she was sorry
Brother Gbenga, my whole family is back together
My wife’s parents came and so did some of my relatives
They raised some money for us to start afresh because my
business had been affected by the disease
I dont know what to say sir
Today is the best day of my life
This is a perfect miracle
Brother Gbenga, I will come and see you when you are free
I want you to bless my family
Thank you sir

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