June 9, 2021


The plan of God for my life was laid
bare to me on the 30th of September
2007. I was in 300 level.
One of the chronic poor students in a
school designed to accommodate the
children of the rich and highly influential.
The school was officially on break
at the time but I was on Campus as a
fellowship leader to help lead devotion
and hold weekly fellowship meetings
for the students on campus.
The chaplaincy paid those of us who
volunteered a stipend for this assignment
It was summer school
I was the only student in an 8 man room
It happened right in the
Middle of the night
What many would call “receiving the call”
I couldn’t call it that because for me it
was more like a continuous wave of
supernatural experiences since I gave
my life to Christ on the 17th of September
of the same month.
The supernatural just flowed on and on
I didn’t eat for many days and I was
not hungry
It was as if I was cocooned or caught
up in a glorious atmosphere of wonders
and glory.
The joy in my heart was stupendous, I
had changed in such a way that cannot
be described
I would know things ahead of time,
like I’d know the phone was about to
ring before it rang and who was on the
other end of the line and sometimes
I’d also know the conversation!
My girlfriend who was in the University
of Ibadan at the time was sleeping
with another guy
One of such nights, in that season
I saw myself in Awo hall, walking up
to a particular room
She was buck naked, the room
smelled of sex, she was seated on
the bed with her legs on a chair
She was reading a book titled
“Kummersdorf Connection” a red
Her “smash partner” was lying down
with his head on her laps, fast asleep.
I knew his full name instantly.
It was so real, like I was right in the room!
Then I came out of the vision and called
her line
She picked
I said you’re in room so and so, with
this guy called Tunde whom you have
been sleeping with for over 6 months.
She screamed and said “So you have
people spying on me”
I didn’t even reply
It was so spot-on that she couldn’t
deny it
That was the dimension I was walking
in at the time
Most people can’t understand it!
(So if you don’t, just shrug and read on)
My mother had been sick for a while
at that time, most people were
expecting the worse
She had high blood pressure, heart
palpitations (she had been using a
drug daily for this for many
Years) and arthritis
She was often being rushed in and
out of the hospital
I had been very worried about her
That was one of the reason I didn’t go
home for the summer break, I knew
she worried a lot about me and how
I’d pay my fees and graduate
The out of sight thing usually worked
wonders because she wouldn’t
see how bony I had become due to
hunger and fasting!
I could pretend all was well on the
phone and tell her stories of my
academic exploits
The Holy Spirit opened my eyes to
see her that night
She was the first sight I saw, walking
with one of her grandchildren in a park
in the USA.
It was the future, her future!
She didn’t die as feared by many
and she was not walking with a
any aid
She was happy, hale and hearty
Then the Holy Spirit said to me
I have raised you as a teacher of
teachers in this generation
To solve deep puzzles and mysteries
and help the feeble knee gain strength
I will cause the rivers to bend to
you and many shall drink of me
through you and become enlightened!
He said so much more!
My mother traveled to the USA
exactly a year later
All my siblings too apart from my
younger brother
They all kept urging me to come over
“Let me file for you” said my mother
when she became a citizen through
a fast track system
Let me file for you said my sisters!
My oldest sister went as far as to
get an immigration lawyer to see to it
I turned all of them down.
Things were pretty difficult at the time,
I was earning so little and traveling
abroad seemed like the only way to
start over and thrive!
But I refused to stand in dispute to
the heavenly vision
I know what I am and what I had
been called to do
I didn’t know when and the how
I know the why
I prepared for my season of unveiling
with great joy and expectation
Sure enough it happened at the
right time.
When I see folks who face some
frustration in life writing here
On Twitter that people should find
the first bus to Niger, or Ghana, or
Lome, or Benin, or Gambia or abroad
(anywhere but Nigeria) I laugh
How is that ever the solution to life’s
I have friends located in countries all
over the world!
I know the tears and the sorrows!
There is nothing like living your life to
fulfill the purpose of God!
Many do not know the purpose of God
for their lives, so they are tossed here
and there by the elements of this world
Today-this job,
tomorrow-that business,
next tomorrow -they want to travel.
They just try things out!
A life of trial and error
That life is not for the believer
We live a life that had been clearly spelled
out by the Holy Spirit!
Your path and curves had been written in
the volume of the work!
A believer is not just a number or statistics!
Your life is divine and ordained
Imagine the meticulous plan of Jesus
for Saul of Tarsus.
Ananias was in Damascus and the Holy
Spirit gave him the name and address
of Saul (How meticulous)
Paul was told clearly what his mission
was from day one and the words of
Jesus was fulfilled in his life till the
very end
Cornelius was given the location of
Peter by the Angel.
We were placed where we are by
the Spirit!
Moved to do His will at all times.
Do not live your life like a sheep without
a shepherd
Many do this and their lives end up
broken and shattered
You belong to a flock, you have a
shepherd, be mindful of this.
If he bids you to travel, please do
and if he bids you stay in Nigeria,
please do!
Don’t allow the gale and the wind of
time and chance to take you to a
place where you will become irrelevant
to the plan of God for your life.
Always remember that you didn’t join
a religion when you gave your life to
You received a life that is guided daily
from glory to glory by the Holy Spirit.
Let the Holy Spirit lead you from today,
yield to Him in all things.
Learn from Him and please follow
his voice!
A young prophet was once deceived
by an older one and he lost his life for it
Don’t be lured away from your destiny
by fear mongers!

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