Addressing Mindsets

December 3, 2021


In the book of Judges, a certain woman
was on the farm one morning when an
angel appeared to her
The angel told her she was going to have
a child and that child will be a powerful
deliverer to the nation of Israel.
This woman couldn’t accept this blessing
by faith, she begged the angel to please
come back and speak to her husband too
The angel obliged her
He returned to the family a few days
later and delivered the same message to
both the husband and the wife
The husband offered a sacrifice to God
for the good news
The angel touched it and the smoke
went up to the heavens.
That was the story of the conception of
Samson, God didn’t see gender or roles
He actually sent an angel to the wife first,
but human relationships are imperfect
and the woman quickly urged the angel
to share the same with her husband
In Genesis 15, God told Abraham he
would give him a son but God didn’t
speak to Sarah
The couple waited a while until Genesis 18
before God told Sarah the same thing
face to face
Please look at my reference points in this
(Genesis and Judges)
Long before Jesus and the Holy Spirit
came to this world
That was what nature was, the Adamic
nature which was ruled by the senses
Moses actually made a law stating that
without the consent of a husband or her
father, a woman’s decisions in business
and in life are invalid
He gave a period of time after which
such a decision could be
considered valid if the lady’s husband or
father does not protest.
Look at the reference again…
When Jesus met the woman by the well
in John 4:16-42, he said to her
(following the same sentiment)
“Go and get your husband”
To which the woman replied that
“She had none”
Jesus proceeded to minister to the
woman anyway despite the fact that
she was under the roof of a man
and had been with other men who
could be called her Husband.
She took salvation to her town, and
Jesus stayed there with his disciples
for three days
How Jesus settled this
Woman’s personal issues after getting
to her town is anybody’s guess but I
know He didn’t leave her the same way
When the angel appeared to Mary the
mother of Jesus, he knew she was
engaged to be married and yet he
didn’t say a word to the husband to be
He delivered the message
to Mary and she was immediately
moved into her period of conception
Of course Joseph had an issue with it
(He was an unregenerated man) and
he was not filled with the Holy Spirit
He couldn’t take her word for it
He had started planning to put her
away “discreetly” when the angel
returned with a dream that helped in
changing his decision.
The New Testament was a bit different
however if we would remove the bias
of our carnal life and consider the
ways of Christ
From the moment Jesus resurrected,
the name and activities of women
became prominent through the Holy Spirit
We all know the role of a woman like
Mary Magdalene, a poor witness in
the court of law but a solid witness to
the resurrection of Jesus in the church
Being filled with the Holy Spirit was
enough of a witness within the early church
Christians were absolutely spirit-led.
On the road to Emmaus, Cleopas and
his wife were witnesses of the visitation
of Jesus
The Bible mentioned the name of Cleopas
the man but because of tradition didn’t
mention the name of his wife (Luke 24:13-35)
The world and the church are two different
One is Darkness and the other is marvelous
I don’t care how the world think or make
their decisions, I left that country and
never looked back since September 17, 2007.
I however encourage believers to shed
the weight of that reality in their walk
with the Holy Spirit in this new life
It helps to depend on the Holy Spirit in
all things, not tradition, sentiment, ego,
distrust or the carnal nature.
Especially as a couple, your walk with
God must be so good that issues that
plague the unsaved do not plague you
If you and the men of the world are
affected by the same sensual issues,
then what difference does the Holy Spirit
I have sat across the table from men who
feel threatened by the success of their
wives or would hinder their wives from
certain blessings because it will make
her higher than them financially or in other
I know a man who insisted his wife shouldn’t
do international MBA because it will make
her have more honors than him
Such thinking is worldly and unworthy of a
Christian that is spirit led
I know many of us are not ready for that
conversation but we won’t grow without it!
I am happily married and in the course of
my marriage many great opportunities had
come the way of my wife
I made sure she took all!
Not missing one!
This has nothing to do with ego, I am
When I was going to get married, a lot of
people came up with “She is richer than you”
I ignored them
I am not a gold digger, I am a dispenser of
What is money anyway? but an idea that
exists only in the mind of the poor!
My true value was in my walk in God and
over the years this has proven to be very
Ego is not a fruit of the spirit, Faithfulness is!
We must do better as couples.
We must find our Center and allow the
blessings to flow in as led by the Holy Spirit
I drove my wife’s car for many years and
lived in the apartment she paid rent for
My wife’s brother gave her a car and her
father (God bless his memory) gave me
a car too when things were tight
My wife’s ex is married.
I know him and his wife and we all talk on
the phone sometimes
I know the world has redefined everything
but in my own time, relationships are
platonic until you marry.
Maybe we all should consider that as a
way of life again!

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