Act Like It

February 16, 2022


If you’re a believer,
certain things will naturally never
appeal to you. You simply cannot
have a taste for them. One of
them is mocking or denigrating a
human being regardless of your take
on him. I know Americans do
politics in a dirty and morbid way
but they can never be the
standard by which believers behave.

Decency is a norm for us,
we are the ones who cover
the nakedness of others regardless of
their conduct, religion, or affiliation.
I saw a video a few days ago,
of a man whose clothes were
soaked and I saw the comments
posted by many.
For what?
For retweets and likes?
Oh, it is “politics”,
That is not a good excuse.

Learn from the scriptures how
a man of honor and dignity conducts
himself even in the face of
persecution and danger.
Look at a man like David,
a man who was not filled
with the Holy Spirit as you are.

Look at his conduct towards Saul?
You think he set the bar
too high?
I can never subject the glory
of God in my life to such
talks and ponderings.

When I saw the video,
my first reaction was that of
concern for the man and I
began to pray for him.
For me this is natural,
I will do the same thing
for anyone under the circumstances.

I am a Prince of God,
a restorer of the ways of
my King. I conduct myself like
one in whom his spirit dwells.
I do not sit with the
scornful or dine with mockers.
No wonder I am like a
plant planted by the riverside.
I am flourishing every day.
It doesn’t matter what unbelievers do.
Abraham never became like the citizens
of Sodom and Gomorrah and Jesus
never became like the Pharisees and
religious leaders.

We are led from the inside.
When the young mock the elderly,
he opens the door to be
mocked when he grows old or
to untimely death.

We came into Christ’s inheritance
which he obtained through humility.
We should not become like the
children of this world in the name
of politics, opposition, and power.
The king who set the precedence
of killing princes in the Bible
practically opened the door for the
king coming after him to kill
all his children.

We must all learn the significance
of how we speak, think, behave
and conduct ourselves at this time.
Again, anyone on my timeline who
posts denigrating stuff will be blocked.
I am not a fan of indecency
and I do not keep the
company of fools.

We can disagree decently.
I had a brother once who
went about saying all sorts of
things about me.Things that
were not true in any way.
People expected me to call him
to order and I tried.
Whenever he sees me, he would say
“No sir, I didn’t say anything
negative sir, I love you, sir, etc,
but right after he would send
all sorts of messages and say
all sorts of things about me
that is untrue and whatever.

I asked the Lord what to do
one day, The Lord said
“Honor him”
So I started disregarding his talks
I didn’t know what he
desired of me and I stopped
bothering myself about it.

He told somebody he wouldn’t worship
in the same church with me.
So I kept away from that
church and allowed brotherly love
to continue.
It took nothing away from me.
It made me a better person!

I am challenging us to be
better believers, not pretenders.
You shouldn’t use the same mouth
you use to worship God to
denigrate, mock and ridicule others.
You were deliberately crafted to bear
fruits of righteousness.
You have resident in you the
“HOLY” spirit.
Please act like it.

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