A True Icon

March 15, 2022


The first time I saw Daddy
G.O up close was in a vision.
This happened in October 2008.
I had just graduated from the
University and needed to find
a local church to attend.
I was raised as a Baptist but
the nearest Baptist church to
me was at Mile 12. I was
living in Ikosi-Ketu at the time.

A friend invited me to her
Daddy’s church. She was still
a student at Bowen University
and we met accidentally one
afternoon. I asked her to point
me to a good church and
she said “My Daddy is a pastor,
you should come to our church”.
I didn’t like “My Daddy’s churches”
so I told her I would think
about it but I really didn’t want
to attend the church. Then my
younger brother came home
from NYSC camp that evening
and told me he was going
to see a babe.

He said they were both
serving in Lagos and met at
Iyana-Ipaja. For lack of a
better thing to do, I went
with him to see this babe.
We ended up in a church.
The lady emerged.
She resembled the lady that
invited me to her daddy’s church.
So I asked her if she knew
the lady and she said the
lady is her younger sister
I said “okay”.

We became friends and I changed
my mind about attending the church.
The following Sunday, I got to
this church early. I was used
to campus fellowship and expected
more than I got. The man
that preached spoke very poor
English. He led a prayer point
“Father, turn my scarcity to surplusity”
I got irritated and left the
church after the service.

I was young and naive!
I went to a church in Oshodi,
I had met another lady during
the week and she invited me
to this church. When I got there,
She wasn’t in church. I settled
down for the service, it was
good. There were lots of young
people and fine babes.
I decided I would be attending
this church from that day on.
I got home, had lunch, and slept.

Next thing I saw, I was
in Brothers Hall (A classroom
in Bowen University). The class
was full and we were waiting
for the lecturer. I stood in
front of the class and began
to cause commotion.
(That was so unlike Me)
I was so engrossed in my
clownish acts that I didn’t know
when the lecturer walked in.
I heard his voice.

It was Daddy E.A.Adeboye
He said “Wemimo, sit down
and learn or you will carry
this course over”
I woke up sober.
The next Sunday I was
the first person in the first church.

I couldn’t afford to play with
my future. Carrying that course
over could mean anything in real
life. I didn’t want to find out.
This was how I joined the
church and eventually became
a pastor. I am celebrating this
glorious son of destiny this day.
Many happy returns Sir!

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