A Special Invitation

May 5, 2023



Sometimes the Lord establishes a pattern for you as a minister when it comes to taking territories and establishing His will

You must be sensitive to this pattern

It is not always that we are led by a voice or vision, sometimes being moved by the Spirit we can be led to replicate a pattern over and over again

My first invitation to minister at a church outside of the one where I used to fellowship was in 2014

At that time, I had little or no experience as to how God leads a minister to establish His will and purpose

I just went to the church and preached!

It was a good sermon but it had little or no measurable impact

I still remember the church as I type this

It is located in Mowe, Ogun State.

Weeks after that ministration, I felt something was missing

I went to the Lord in prayer and asked for another chance to do better

The Lord asked me to study and take to heart the things that I must learn in order to grow

I did

In 2019, five years later, I got another invitation to minister at a youth convention in another state

This time, I went prepared

The glory of Zion showed forth in that ministration.

The demonstration of the power of God was so real that all the pastors and deacons of the church who were not filled with the Holy Spirit began to pray in tongues

I immediately instructed them on how to heal the sick and walk in the supernatural

They practiced and saw the result

The General Overseer of the church took me as a son from that moment

A lot of lives were transformed

My result in my walk with Christ became very evident

I noted the change in approach as it became a pattern

I had swapped “Preaching” for “Teaching”

And turned Nepios to Teknons

It was very satisfying

This became a pattern I replicated in my ministrations as led by the Holy Spirit

The churches I went to for ministrations were not only blessed by my walk, they also became equipped to do greater works

I ask ministers to please note this

Equip the saints!

The news of the acts of His power spread rapidly

Other invitations followed

I stuck with the same pattern, even when the minister that invited me felt the approach would make people stop coming to them for prayers

I “set aside” their concerns by reminding them that healing the sick and demonstrating the power of God through miracles, signs, and wonders is for all believers and not only the ministers

The second pattern is in taking territories

People ask me how GSWMI grew to become a global ministry in four years

Yes, it is by the power of the Holy Spirit

It is also by paying attention to the little details

One day, the Lord said to me

Go to Abuja and start a fellowship

I had been to Abuja at the invitation of individuals before then and I would usually use the opportunity to have a “hang out” at my hotel reception

This hang out would usually be announced on Social media, some followers would come around and I would pray with them one by one

It was unstructured and it was not a service.

I had no idea how to start a fellowship in Abuja

I had never been invited to minister at a church service in Abuja

And I didn’t have any affiliations with any ministry there

A day after this instruction, I saw on Facebook, a Christian brother who announced that he had been invited to minister in Abuja at the program of one of his friends

I reached out to this brother

I said, “Can I tag along?

The brother said, “I can’t ask this person to pay for your accommodation, feeding, transportation, welfare and honorarium”

I said, “I don’t do honorariums and I prefer to take care of my own welfare and transportation for ministrations”

He said he would talk to his friend and he did

I was granted permission to tag along

We got to Abuja, and my friend asked me what I would be speaking on (I was given 15 minutes to minister)

I smiled and said, “Don’t worry sir, I came to dispense the power of the Holy Spirit” and that was all I did

I sang in the spirit throughout

That fifteen minutes “GSW in Abuja” is still blessing people on YouTube till tomorrow

The demonstration of the power of God in that meeting was amazing and I didn’t preach at all or even minister through the laying on of hands

The fifteen minutes changed a lot of things

Within a week, the Abuja fellowship took off

Then I was invited to Ughelli, in Delta state

Again, I paid my way

It was a students fellowship

This time I preached and ministered

The ministration birthed a ministry that is still thriving in the Lord (Flaming Network International)

It was effortless

I was invited to Ghana to minister at an event organized by the Hospital Ministry

Again I paid my way and the ministration at various hospitals was powerful

GSWMI Ghana took off

Can you see the pattern now?

This same pattern was replicated in Port Harcourt, Benin, Enugu, Ibadan, Kajede, Sokoto, and now it has gone international to the United Kingdom, The United States, Australia, South Africa, etcetera

Instead of waiting for a special invitation to minister or recognition to minister

I simply go where the Lord says to go

I invite myself if need be and I pay my way

The territories automatically become subdued


The third pattern I noticed started as a result of the testimonies from the first two patterns

We get invited to minister in rural communities

“It IS Urgent Reconciliation Ministry”, invited us for their first outing at Alata Village, Ibadan in October 2020

We went and the Glory of God blew the village away

Since then we have been invited to minister in rural communities consistently

Places like Iba, Ishara, Itaogbolu, Lekki, etcetera

The ministry suddenly had missionary outposts all over as a result of this

Again, note the pattern

Obedience bears the fruit of increase

Didn’t Jesus say if we abide in Him he will cause us to bear fruit?

Abiding in Him means staying and doing as He says

Pay attention to how He leads you and be wise to establish that order by His Spirit.

This weekend we will be ministering in Jos for the first time

I am so looking forward to it

If you are in Jos make room to worship with us on Saturday

Our worship experience is unique and the fruits are ever increasing

God bless you


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