A song of Shira

August 2, 2021


Not a Psalm nor a Poem but a Song from my heart

On a sunny in October, my Lover came for me
I have waited years to be held in His arms
I have waited many seasons to lean on His shoulder
I did not know He was all I needed
Until I discovered His embrace was home

Years before that historic day
He had tried to get my devotion
But I wanted another
He had given His all to have my existence
But the strings of my heart was being pulled by a charlatan

Like the script of a stage play
My heart’s King entered the scene on cue
In time, not a moment later
To take me with Him on the wings of the wind
To His abode made of gold and Lapis lazuli

No tears shed for the seasons lost
No sorrows for the times gone
Only an endless flow of love awakened
An eternity of purging and merging
Spent in the crevice of His heart

The past was erased, the whole lot faded into the mist
The Savior gave me the present and the future
Sealed with not a promise nor a portion
But the whole of Him living in and with me
An assurance that I am the King’s and the King is mine

By Shira, the Song of God

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