A Psalm Of Olamide

January 16, 2024


A Psalm of Olamide


My own Abba

My safe place

My comfort

My sure reward

My solid rock

My deliverer

My confident trust

My encourager

My lenses corrector

My sleep and rest giver

My waked upper

My provider

My mindset reset

My stability

My calm when all others are losing their heads

My head lifter

My provider

My healer

My love meter

My hiding place

I love you for all the above and so much more

I saw some notes today

Death is the absence of breath to us

However, the dead in Christ have the breath of life

This life in this world is not the most important

Eternal life is the most important

This is hard though for those left behind

We want to live on this earth and want our loved ones to do the same

I know I know to be absent here is to be present with you

But I am present here and present with you also not so

I miss my Mum

Wish she was here

I had a brother who passed many years ago

What would life have been if he were alive

What is life now right

It is good and I should not wonder what life would have been

I am never going to get an accurate picture

In fact, because all things work together for my good

I am living my very best life

With those in it right now

Those who are gone are with you

All these relationships do not even exist when we are with you.

We will all be friends up there

I hold dear what I have now

Now is every day and every year

I let go of the people but hold on to the memories

This cannot be taken from me except the horrible memories and I give those up right now

I actually live in Utopia

All things are being shifted, pulled tugged for my good

I love you now and always

The breath of life is life

Physical breath is transient

I rejoice in every day

Knowing it is the best

Thank you, Abba

My understanderer

Always making things clear and putting them in perspective

Much love

More love

Live always


Olamide Balogun

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