A Friend In Need

October 25, 2021


I was asleep around 1 am earlier today when I received a phone call from an old friend
This friend was my bunkmate in 1996 when I was thrown into the boarding school
We became fast friends then and over the years we have kept in touch
He said he needed help urgently and he was
sure God directed him to me
I laughed
Last week Sunday, he sent me a message while I was on my way to Lagos from Ondo State and I knew immediately that he would reach out soon and I would help him in whatever capacity was within my powers
Even my younger brother said so to me in
the car
He said “You have to help that brother, he needs help now more than ever”
I made a mental note of that
This brother had been thrown own of his marital home by his wife’s family because they perceive him to be a leech trying to feed off their daughter
They didn’t know that a
bad season in the life of a man could change his story from glory to shame
I know him quite well, he is honest and hard-working but when he lost his job due to Covid-19, his story turned awry.
He got a job recently, but he had nowhere to sleep
His wife and family were in Lagos
His new job was on the mainland
He needed help to get back on his feet
He said he was sure that if he could keep his job, get an apartment and a car to do Uber as a side hustle, he would be able to win his wife back and silence the mockers
Yesterday he found a car that he
could use for Uber
The cost was 2 million naira at Higher purchase but he had to pay 200,000 Naira initial deposit but if he paid for the car outrightly, he could pick it up for 1 million Naira
He wanted me to borrow him 200,000 so that he could pick the car up at higher purchase
I told him I wanted to see the car
He made some calls and the seller brought the car to my location at about 1:30am in the night
We took a drive and the car was worth it so I paid for it and handed my brother the keys.
My brother couldn’t believe it.
He didn’t see it coming.
but I did
I didn’t buy him the car to show off, I bought it because I had to
I bought it because we all deserve a break in life and it doesn’t matter how it comes or when
What matters is that help comes when we need it
Hope deferred makes the heart sick!
May help come for you at
the right time in the name of Jesus.
If the Holy Spirit has been nudging you to help a fellow, please do so
His or her character notwithstanding, just do it because like Jesus you have been anointed with the Holy Spirit and with power and you have no option but to go about doing good and healing all who are oppressed by the devil because God is with you
Always remember that Jesus died for the whole world even when he was not sure we will believe in Him.
Our nature is such that we only do as led by the spirit at all times
God bless you

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