A counsel and two Tales

January 7, 2022


Body count.
Abortion (s)
Hoe phase
Group sex and orgy phase
If you’re uncomfortable discussing these
with a man you intend to marry, please
remain single
If you hide it and he later finds out for one
reason or the other, your marriage will be
as hot as hell!
You can also become a nun and love Jesus only
Marriage is meant to be the coming together
of two mature people who agree to marry
each other based on many factors
Deception is not a proven foundation for
marriage, I have counselled and sat through
hours of tears from husbands and wives
whose spouse wanted to play a fast one
and things went awry!
If you slept with his uncle or his daddy, you
have to tell him or walk away if it will make
you feel too slutty
Since we have decided to disregard decency
and morality and chosen to live like animals
we must say this one to another, animals
don’t have to be responsible for their past
actions and inactions but humans do!
If a man is impotent and he keeps quiet
about it, you will cry foul.
He has a right to know when he is dining
with the enemy especially if he will come
into your world and meet the people you
might have known or be with before.
A lady took her fiancé to her father’s house
the Sallah festival. She knew the entire family
would be there and wanted to use the
opportunity to introduce him to family but she
had been intimate with her older brother’s
friend for many years secretly and didn’t
say a word to anyone
When they got to her father’s house and
she introduced her guy, her brother’s friend
was there
Later that day, the brother’s friend invited
the guy for a drink downstairs and
poisoned him!
This guy could have been saved if he was
told the truth!
Please if you have slept with the mad man
next door, yes your neighbour, let your guy
know so that he will not be caught unawares
when the mad man comes for him.
If you lack self-control, and you are uncouth,
don’t come and use your madness to ruin
the life of someone who made the mistake of
seeing something good in you.
You can remain single though and keep the
streets alive, you will have customers till
your late forties… Why give that up?
Have some more fun, you hear?
Just don’t die, I will be here to lead you
to Christ when you’re tired of wandering

See you soon


In 2019, I got a strange message from Abuja.
A lady had just gotten married and during her
honeymoon discovered her husband and his
best man having sex!
He was “gay”
The lady almost ran mad
Her husband responded by eloping to an
African country with the other guy for
I had to fly to Abuja to access the situation
and help out as much as I could.
Why would this guy get married seeing that
he would just plunge this lady into misery?
I spoke to him on the phone and we had a
candid discussion, he returned three
weeks later to meet me in Lagos
That marriage was a farce!
Fortunately or unfortunately the lady was
pregnant and now they have a baby I
After the child, they went their separate ways.
Would you like this to happen to you as a
Full disclosure is necessary for partners
before marriage!
If you’re gay and you want to pretend to
be normal, please find a lesbian to marry!
Full disclosure must be the bedrock of a
If you intend to get married, it doesn’t
matter your gender, pls live a life that will
be worth getting married to or remain single.

Marriage is not for everybody!


In 2018, a young
man whose marriage was well celebrated in
Magodo Lagos, got to the United Kingdom
for his honeymoon and discovered that
his wife does not have a vagina
(Don’t look at me that way please, it was
the first time i heard of such too)
This lady knew and so did her parents
and yet they allowed her to get married
The lady said she was told she would need
surgery but she had been fasting and
praying that God would do a miracle!
That was so unfair!
Why didn’t she just remain single until
she had sorted herself out?
We have to consider the other party as
we prepare to get married
That is, if you want to get married
The option of remaining single is always
better, you can adopt a child or two as
you grow older or just travel the world!
If coming together will slow one party
down, there is no point!
The Bible says two shall have better gains
for their labour
It also says they shall chase ten thousand
If you’re a liability, please dont get married


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