March 15, 2022


Yesterday, the DG of the Nigerian
Books of Record, Dr. David David
informed me that I had been
nominated for induction into the
organization’s Hall of Fame in the
religious category for being an
exemplary Nigerian.
The induction will take place
on the 30th of March 2022.
I must say categorically that I
feel very honored by the gesture.
I deliberated with the GSWMI team
from the moment they made the
Initial contact till we arrived at a
date for the induction.

I might be the one being
inducted but the induction is only
symbolic as it is a recognition of
what the gospel of the Lord
Jesus Christ can do to a man’s
life if He yields to Christ wholeheartedly.
Dr. David David said he was
contacted by some people here on
Twitter and told to run a background
check on me and see if
I qualify for the induction. I don’t
know those who did this and
I must say thank you to them
for recommending me.

Even though I didn’t come into
this reality of Christ for accolades
and awards, I recognize the importance
of such a gesture even in the
teachings and life of Jesus …”That
men may see your good works and
glorify your Father in heaven”
said the Lord himself.

Previous inductees into this Books of
Record include Daddy E. A. Adeboye,
Daddy Kumuyi, Apostle Suleiman, and
other glories of Zion. I protested
at first, because I felt I was quite
young and the honors should go
to those who are older and had
left indelible footprints in the sands
of time but I was calmly informed
that after the background checks were
concluded. I shouldn’t say I am
young or undeserving because l
have overqualified.
I am in awe.

Like other awards that I know
Nigerians do, I expected that I
would be told to pay some money
towards the event, but this was
not so.
The organization wrote my citation
and sent it to me for approval.
They also asked me to pick
a convenient date for the event
and promised to be at the venue
I chose for the induction without
demanding a penny from me.

This gladdened my heart!
We are working on the venue
and trying to sort out other details
of the induction at this time but
I am glad to write this today
so that other believers can take
a cue and do the work of the
kingdom as unto the Lord.

I will by the grace of God
hold a special miracle crusade on
the 30th of this month in order
to bless all those who attend the
induction. The GSWMI team are
preparing and glory shall be made
in the life of all those
who will be at the event.
Please watch out for subsequent
announcements on this.

I pray that the Lord will bless
the world of your hand and
bring you honor from corridors
of influence and power to the
the glory of his name.
God bless you.


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